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Do you know the best way to determine whether you like a streaming service or not? Taking advantage of their free trial, if they have one. Here are a few things to consider before subscribing to the Philo streaming service.

Does Philo Have a Free Trial?

Yes, Philo does have a free trial offer. Additionally, you can cancel anytime during the trial offer without being charged. Philo also requires you to provide them with your name, mobile phone number, and email address, but all that depends on how you access the offer.

How Long Is the Philo Free Trial?

Philo offers a 7-day free trial period that gives you access to Philo's 58 channel package. Then, after the first two days of the trial, Philo gives you the option of extending your free trial to an entire week, but at that point, you will have to enter your payment information, if you want to continue.

Does the Philo Free Trial Automatically Renew?

The Philo free trial will automatically renew once your trial period has ended if you have not canceled your service before the expiration date. Additionally, your monthly subscription will also automatically renew if you don't cancel before the next month of service begins. Also, Philo doesn't make it clear whether they will remind you that your trial period is ending or when you are about to be charged. However, for the monthly subscription service, Philo does not notify you each month before charging you for the service. So you will have to stay on top of those dates yourself. You can review your subscription renewal dates from the Account Settings area of your subscription.

What Does Philo Cost After the Free Trial?

With Philo, you get 58 channels for $20 per month. They are an entertainment only live streaming service. However, their channel lineup does include many of the most popular channels available.

Do I Have to Sign a Contract with Philo?

No, fortunately, Philo does not require you to sign a contract when you subscribe to their services.

How Do I Cancel Philo Subscription?

You can cancel your Philo subscription by going to your Account page. Then all you have to do is follow the cancellation instructions provided. You can cancel at any time. Your cancellation will then take place at the end of that month.

Where Can I Get a Philo Free Trial?

You can get a Philo free trial online. However, the easiest way to receive a Philo free trial is right here on our website. Just click the link below and you will be immediately taken to the Philo free trial sign up page.

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  1. Avatar shuronda yarbough says:

    free trail

    1. Avatar shuronda yarbough says:

      I don,t see the link for the free trail

      1. Avatar donna johnson says:

        my daughter wants to sign up for the free trail but it keeps coming up to my info

  2. Avatar James White says:

    I see the link at the top of this page to start the free trial but nothing seems to happen. What am I not doing correctly?

  3. Avatar Vernalee says:

    Do i have to cancel free trial if i don’t have a payment account?

  4. Avatar Anonymous says:

    well i see im not the onlyone that cant get the free trail without a credit card.

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