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Showtime occupies an odd spot on the TV landscape. As a premium channel, it doesn’t quite have the prestige of HBO, but there are still notable shows associated with the Showtime brand. We’re thinking of shows like Dexter, Homeland, The L Word, and Shameless. Showtime’s streaming service is also known as Showtime (no plusses or maxes here), and it lets you watch shows either live at the same time they’re airing on the cable channel or on-demand anytime you want.

If that piques your interest, you may be wondering how to get Showtime for free. Sure, you know that you can’t get it free permanently, but what about a free trial? We’ve got answers, so keep reading to find out everything we know about the Showtime free trial.

A sampling of Showtime's original content, as seen in the web app

Does Showtime Have a Free Trial?

Yes, Showtime offers a free trial through its website. When you sign up, you’ll get the chance to sample Showtime’s wares without paying for said wares. Free trials are a key part of bringing in new customers, so it makes sense that Showtime both has a free trial and aggressively promotes it. It gives you an “opt out” period where you can figure out if you want to continue the relationship or move on to something else. It’s a bit like a first date, albeit one where you don’t have to ask, “Who’s paying for this?” That’s because in this case, the answer is “not you.”

You can also sign up through Hulu for a free trial of Showtime, but that trial offer isn’t as good a deal. We’ll explain why in the next section.

How Long is the Showtime Free Trial?

Showtime gives you a 30-day free trial. That’s a whole month! A seven-day free trial is the most common length, but Showtime is going all out to try and convince viewers to become paying customers. The people behind Showtime are betting that the more you can watch Showtime, the more you’ll come to depend on it as an option when you’re looking for a streaming movie or TV show.

That’s not a bad bet. Giving 30 days instead of a week no doubt costs a little more for Showtime, but it shows they’re serious about attracting new eyeballs.

However, the 30-day free trial only applies if you sign up directly on Showtime’s website. If you get the free trial by going through Hulu and selecting it as a premium ad-on, you’ll only get seven days to decide how much you do or don’t like streaming Showtime.


Does Showtime Bill You Automatically After the Free Trial?

Yes, Showtime does bill you automatically after the free trial. The service asks for your credit card information when you sign up for the free trial. It also notes that “all subscriptions automatically renew.” So you shouldn’t be surprised if, after a month of free Showtime, you wake up to find a new charge on your credit card.

If you end up liking Showtime, you don’t have to do anything but keep watching their programming. If you don’t like it, make sure to set a reminder to cancel before you get charged. This is easy to do; Showtime tells you a “cancel before” date when you sign up. As long as you pay attention to that date, you won’t get charged, and your Showtime free trial will never convert to a paid membership.

What Does Showtime Cost After the Free Trial?

You’ll pay $10.99 a month for Showtime after the free trial concludes. That’s less than the cost of HBO Max, and a little more than the Basic Netflix plan. Some services will slash the monthly cost further if you sign up for a year at once, and Showtime is no exception. Paying for 12 months up front costs $99 a year, a savings of more than $30 compared to the monthly plan.

How Do I Cancel Showtime?

You can cancel Showtime by logging in on Showtime’s website and clicking on Your Account. Then you’ll see an option to cancel quickly and easily online. There’s no need to talk to either a person or robot on the phone.

That cancellation method only applies if you signed up directly through Showtime, of course. If you went through another service like Hulu or Amazon, you’ll also need to use that service to cancel your Showtime subscription.

What Else Should I Know About Showtime?

Showtime’s got variety. You can watch dramas, comedies, and even boxing when you sign up for a Showtime free trial. If you’d like to learn more about the service before giving them your credit card information, we can help there as well. We’ve got the lowdown on the user experience, streaming quality, and much more. Just click your way over to our Showtime review to get informed.

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