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Before signing up for any streaming service, consider trying their free trial first. This will enable you to try it before you buy it, so to speak. Here is some helpful information about Sling TV.

Does Sling TV Have a Free Trial?

Sling TV is part of the DISH network, so yes, they do offer a free trial period. However, it's not clearly advertised like it used to be. Sling TV seems to have made it harder to find their free trial offer option, which you probably wouldn't be able to find it if you either didn't know about it or weren't looking for it. That's because it is now hidden to the point where most people wouldn't see it. But more about that in a moment.

How Long Is the Sling TV Free Trial?

Sling TV offers a 7-day free trial period and it's only available to new customers. Additionally, you are required to sign up for the service, as well as provide your email address and credit card before being granted access to the Sling TV free trial.

Does the Sling TV Free Trial Automatically Renew?

Yes, the Sling TV free trial and subsequent months of service will automatically renew until you cancel your service. Your Sling TV free trial will end on day seven following your initial account activation, unless you cancel your subscription prior to that date.

Sling TV doesn't disclose whether or not they send you a friendly reminder when your free trial is about to end; however, it doesn't appear they do. So you will have to keep up with that yourself. On that note, it is not likely they remind you prior to your card being billed each month either. So, again, that is something you will have to remember on your own.

What Does Sling TV Cost After the Free Trial?

Sling TV offers three packages. The Sling Orange plan is $15 per month and comes with 32 channels. The Sling Blue plan is normally $25 per month, but they frequently run specials so look for that. The Sling Blue plan comes with 44 channels. The Sling Orange & Blue plan is normally $40 per month, but this plan is frequently on sale as well. The Sling Orange & Blue plan has 50 channels.

Sling TV also offers access to local channels for free as well; however, you are required to install an HD antenna to get them. Sling does mention that access to local channels is only available in select cities. Additionally, they don't offer any antenna installation services, you will have to install the antenna yourself. They also state that you might not get all your local channels, what you get will be dependent on what local channels are available in your geographic location.

Do I Have to Sign a Contract with Sling TV?

Sling TV states they don't have any contract requirements, no hidden fees, no useless channels, and you can customize your channel lineup with extras like sports, comedy, kids, and more, but they don't give much more information than that.

How Do I Cancel a Sling TV Subscription?

Sling TV subscriptions are prepaid and are provided on a month to month basis, so you can cancel at any time. If you want to cancel your Sling TV subscription, go to Alternatively, you can call their customer service department at 1-888-309-0838. Sling TV does not accept email cancellation requests. Once you cancel, your subscription services will continue through the end of your current billing period.

Where Can I Get a Sling TV Free Trial?

Here's where things get a little tricky. Sling TV no longer makes it easy to sign up for their free trial option. You have to go to their website and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. Then you need to put your reading glasses on so you can see the teeny-tiny little blue link that says “See our Free Trial Offer Details.” Then, when you click on that, you will see a few short sentences about their free trial. However, that link still doesn't enable you to click on anything to get to their free trial, you have to contact them.

The easiest way to get to the Sling TV free trial offer is right here on our website. Just click on the link below and it will take you to the Sling TV free trial offer option.

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