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A teenage couple stands in front of the Vincent van Gogh painting “Starry Night” in this image from Touchstone Television.
Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) are one of the quintessential couples from ‘90s TV. (Image: Touchstone Television)

Ask any millennial what their favorite teen relationship is from '90s TV, and they’ll likely name Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) and Topanga Lawrence (Danielle Fishel) from “Boy Meets World.” Long before the term “shipping” was widely used or monikers were merged for couple names, there was this iconic ‘90s couple that had tweens and teens watching TGIF every week and believing in true love. While they may have given us unrealistic expectations of romance, we can’t help but swoon over our favorite Cory and Topanga moments.

The First Kiss

Two middle-school-aged kids share a kiss in the hallway of a school in this image from Touchstone Television.
Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) were destined from the start, and it was clear when she shocked him with their first kiss. (Image: Touchstone Television)

Despite not being a consistent part of “Boy Meets World” until Season 3, Topanga’s first appearance in Season 1, Episode 4 is not to be forgotten. In “Cory’s Alternative Friends,” Cory is faced with a hair mishap that leaves him looking a bit weirder than, well, normal. Feeling cast away by his friends, he finds himself spending time with other “odd” kids in his grade, one of whom is Topanga.

Incredibly self-conscious throughout the majority of the episode, Cory struggles, but Topanga is there to show him that beauty is only skin-deep. In the final scene, she boldly pushes him against the lockers of their middle school to deliver his first kiss.

Before kissing Cory, Topanga delivers a beautiful line: “It would be interesting if all your life you remember that your first kiss happened when you thought you looked weird. Then you’d know, it’s not what you look like on the outside that matters. It’s what kind of person you are.” This scene sets up the beginning of their relationship in such an adorable and earnest way.

Finally a Couple

A teenage girl gazes into the eyes of a teenage boy as their friends look on approvingly in this image from Touchstone Pictures.
In Season 3, Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) finally become a couple. (Image: Touchstone Pictures)

Cory and Topanga may share their first kiss in the early episodes of Season 1, but it isn’t until the premiere episode of Season 3 that the two finally make their relationship official. After quite a bit of back and forth in Season 2, with Cory dating various girls and Topanga holding steady in the friend zone, the couple finds each other in the right way, at the right time.

The episode starts with Cory nervous about seeing Topanga after she was away all summer. He’s eager to reunite and determined to become her boyfriend, but his nerves get the best of him, and he can’t work up the courage to ask her to the school’s movie night. Ultimately, he’s too late — by the time he asks her, she already has a date.

Cory ends up going to the event with Topanga’s best friend, Trini (played by memorable guest star Brittany Murphy), and audiences wonder if the charade will continue or if he’ll confess his true feelings for Topanga. In a heated moment, Cory’s nerves bubble over, and he finally admits his feelings to Topanga, which she reciprocates. After a lot of “will they, won't they,” the two are finally in a relationship.

The Epcot Kiss

A couple kisses with Epcot’s Spaceship Earth at Disney World in the background in this image from Touchstone Pictures
The kiss in front of Epcot’s Spaceship Earth after Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) get back together in Season 3 is pure magic. (Image: Touchstone Pictures)

Season 3 of “Boy Meets World” is a roller coaster for Cory and Topanga because, while this is the season they begin dating, it’s also the season where they briefly break up. Questioning whether their relationship is in a rut, the two decide to split with hopes of maintaining their close friendship, something they cherish. They stay broken up for nearly half the season, with Cory wondering if they did the right thing.

By episode 21 of the season, Cory has decided to win Topanga back. However, to do so, he must travel to the happiest place on Earth: Disney World. During the hilarious episode, Cory is met with challenge after challenge trying to communicate with Topanga while on the trip, and she’s having none of it as she questions his sincerity.

Finally, at the end of the episode, Topanga realizes how much Cory must love her to go to such great lengths to win her back, and they both accept they love each other too much to be apart. Then, they share one of the most iconic kisses of the series in front of the Epcot sphere (officially called Spaceship Earth) as the fountain behind them shoots water into the air.

Post-Pittsburgh Reunion

A teenage girl stands in an open doorway in the rain in front of a teenage boy in this image from Touchstone Pictures.
Topanga (Danielle Fishel) unexpectedly showing up on Cory’s (Ben Savage) doorstep after traveling by herself in the rain from Pittsburgh was a truly iconic TV moment. (Image: Touchstone Pictures)

Toward the end of Season 4, Cory and Topanga are thrown into a Romeo-and-Juliet-type scenario, as Topanga’s family is moving from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. Living 5 – 6 hours away in the ‘90s didn’t make for a doable long-distance relationship, and the couple is tragically forced apart (albeit not as tragically as Romeo and Juliet).

Viewers feel for Cory as he struggles to live life without Topanga, no matter how much he tries to move on. In easily the most iconic scene from the entire show, Cory opens the backdoor of his home one rainy evening to discover Topanga on his doorstep. Just seeing the image of Topanga standing there, soaking wet after traveling hours alone to see her true love is enough to make even the most jaded heart melt.

The storyline has a happy ending, as Topanga, Cory, and his family convince Topanga’s Aunt Prudence (Olivia Hussey) to allow her to live with her to continue the remainder of her high school education in Philly. And, of course, that means she and Cory can continue their romance in person.

Reuniting After the Ski Lodge Indiscretion

A teenage couple sits together on the monkey bars in a park in this image from Touchstone Pictures.
Another iconic moment occurred when Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) got back together on the monkey bars after the ski lodge incident. (Image: Touchstone Pictures)

“Boy Meets World” wouldn’t have lasted for seven seasons without a little bit of drama. The biggest drama to plague Cory and Topanga’s relationship is the ill-fated ski trip in Season 5 that results in Cory kissing another girl: Lauren (Linda Cardellini). Naturally, Cory’s indiscretion causes the couple to break up, and they explore what it would be like to date other people.

Cory tries dating Lauren, only to discover that he could live without Lauren, but he could never live without Topanga. A few episodes later, Topanga dates someone named Ricky (Jonathan Jackson), and while they have a fun time together exploring art, they share a kiss that causes Topanga to realize she feels nothing for him. She knows she wants to be with Cory, and is willing to forgive him.

The couple meet at the monkey bars, which is a nod to their back story of when they were children. They have an honest discussion with each other about their experiences and how it’s led them to one another. Then, they go to the art museum Topanga went to with Ricky and appreciate the painting “Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh. They kiss and officially get back together, making for a truly beautiful reunion after a harrowing few episodes for fans of the couple.

The Wedding

A groom and bride lovingly look at each other during their wedding in this image from Touchstone Pictures.
The wedding of Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) was a pivotal moment fans had long awaited. (Image: Touchstone Pictures)

For any fan-favorite couple, seeing them tie the knot is an unspeakably exciting moment. Such was the case with Cory and Topanga’s nuptials. In true sitcom form, the wedding festivities include a few disasters, from Cory fighting with his best friend Shawn (Rider Strong) to Cory’s brother Eric (Will Friedle) suspiciously finagling a fancy venue for the big event.

As the dust settles after all the chaos, Cory and Topanga finally say their vows. The series led up to this moment through many seasons, plenty of frustrating breakups, and tons of loving memories, and it was clear the whole time that the couple was destined to be together. The moment always elicits a tear or two from devoted fans like me as they become husband and wife.

What’s YOUR favorite Cory and Topanga moment? Tell us in the comments below!

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