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A man leans over an eccentrically dressed woman in this image from 20th Century Fox.
“The Parent Trap” inspired musical comedy, “Dicks: The Musical,” makes its streaming debut this month. (Image: 20th Century Fox)

It finally feels like we’re into the swing of 2024 now that February is here, with major streaming services offering more exciting new premieres than we saw all of last year. Max has been growing ever since its rebrand and has done a great job of gearing itself toward family households. It offers a great selection of shows and movies for adults (including all of the HBO content we love), as well as an extensive library for kids and teens.

This month you can expect to see variety in the new releases on Max, from fascinating documentaries and food journeys to the streaming release of “Dicks: The Musical.” There are some great new debuts from around the world including Taiwanese comedy “The Accidental Influencer” and anime series “Ninja Kamui,” as well as some animated series premieres kids will love. Here’s everything new that’s coming to Max this February.

New Max Originals

‘Chasing Flavor’ — Feb. 1

Three people preparing to cook a very large fish in this image from Fremantle.
Celebrity chef Carla Hall tracks down the origins of America’s favorite dishes. (Image: Fremantle)

Celebrity chef and bestselling author Carla Hall takes off on a culinary adventure across the globe to discover the origins and evolution of American cuisine. From the original chicken pot pie in Ghana to the roots of our favorite pizza and pasta in Italy, she explores our heritage and identity through food. Connecting with local chefs, food historians, and cooking enthusiasts, she learns about the history and traditional preparation of America’s all-time favorite foods. Along the way, she shows how our cuisine, like us, is a tapestry of diverse cultural traditions from all over the world, giving us a greater appreciation for everything that went into making us what we are today.

Watch “Chasing Flavor” on Max.

‘Dicks: The Musical’ — Feb. 2

 A dance recital with women walking men on leashes in this image from 20th Century Fox.
Business rivals pull a “Parent Trap” in the wacky musical comedy “Dicks: the Musical.” (Image: 20th Century Fox)

Misogynistic, self-absorbed businessmen Craig (Josh Sharp) and Trevor (Aaron Jackson), brought together by a company merger, discover they’re identical twins separated at birth by their eccentric, divorced parents. In a harebrained scheme to bring their family back together, they impersonate each other and swap lives, manipulating their parents to rekindle their romance with an elaborate strategy involving disguises, a lot of mishaps, and catchy musical numbers. As ridiculous as their plan is, it starts to make them better people, and may even have a chance of working.

Based on the off-Broadway musical “F**king Identical Twins,” “Dicks: The Musical” is created by the producer of “The Greatest Showman” and the director of “Borat.” Featuring “Will and Grace” star Megan Mullally alongside Megan Thee Stallion, it’s guaranteed to be as hilarious as it is irreverent.

Watch “Dicks: The Musical” on Max.

‘They Called Him Mostly Harmless’ — Feb. 8

An old photograph of a hiker on the side of the road in this image from Anchor Entertainment.
The identity of a dead hiker sparks a riveting mystery in this new documentary. (Image: Anchor Entertainment)

The discovery of an unidentified hiker found dead in the Florida wilderness, dubbed “Mostly Harmless” by the internet, sparks a nationwide search for his identity. Lots of calls come in from people who have encountered him during their outdoor adventures, but the hiker never shared his name, determined to remain anonymous. Internet sleuths pore over online forums, social media platforms, and the limited information available. Mostly Harmless is finally identified by a revolutionary DNA technique, which unearths secrets about his dark past.

“They Called Him Mostly Harmless” combines true crime and social commentary to ask interesting questions about identity and collective pursuit.

Watch “They Called Him Mostly Harmless” on Max.

‘The Accidental Influencer’ — Feb. 10

A woman sits on a bed playing with keys in this image from HBO Asia.
A young woman’s frustration with her ex lands her a career she never expected in this Taiwanese comedy. (Image: HBO Asia)

Thirty-year-old Red Ho (Shu-Yao Kuo) dreams of owning an apartment and marrying her boyfriend, but these fantasies are dashed when she gets dumped on her birthday. Posting unfiltered rants about her ex on social media, she begins to attract a following. Her friends and colleagues encourage her to take the opportunity to become an influencer. She uses her platform to share her personal experiences and inspire others to embrace their individuality. Red soon realizes, however, that the world of social media is not without its challenges.

Watch “The Accidental Influencer” on Max.

‘God Save Texas’ — Feb. 27

A couple in the background of a wood-paneled living room with crosses in this image from HBO Documentary Films.
Three filmmakers talk of the Lone Star State’s past, present, and future. (Image: HBO Documentary Films)

The documentary miniseries “God Save Texas” uses three episodes to chronicle the past, present, and future of Texas through the eyes of three directors. In “Hometown Prison,” Richard Linklater takes us to Huntsville, the site of the state’s largest prison complex, where he speaks with inmates and analyzes the Texas penal system. Alex Stapleton looks at “The Price of Oil” and the impact of boom and bust cycles, as well as the environmental impact of oil, on Texas’ economy and society. In “The El Paso Shooting,” Iliana Sosa examines the aftermath of a community shocked by a mass shooting tragedy and how people are coming together to prevent future violence.

Watch “God Save Texas” on Max.

New Season Premieres

‘Clone High’ Season 2 — Feb. 1

Cleopatra is surrounded by other animated historical likenesses in this image from Atomic Cartoons.
Historical figures are back to battle the ups and downs of high school when “Clone High” returns this month. (Image: Atomic Cartoons)

After being unfrozen by the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures as part of Operation Spread Eagle, our favorite clones of Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and John F. Kennedy reawaken 20 years after Season 1. Abe, Joan, JFK, Cleo, and the rest of the 2002 clones (minus Gandhi, who remains frozen) head back to Clone High and meet newer clones that were secretly created during the time that they were frozen. It’s not easy, especially with cancel culture, identity politics, and social media, but there are new friendships and adventures to be had with clones like Frida Kahlo and Harriet Tubman.

Watch Season 2 of “Clone High” on Max.

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Season 12 — Feb. 4

Two men sit on a garden patio in this image from HBO.
There’s plenty to annoy Larry David in the new season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” (Image: HBO)

Neurotic, socially awkward Larry David has entertained us with his anti-humor for over two decades, and he’s not done yet. This season, after accidentally drowning a burglar in his pool, he’s blackmailed into giving the thief’s talentless daughter a part in his new show, and that’s just the beginning. He finds himself feuding with vegan restaurant owners, clashing with self-righteous cyclists, and offending basically everyone with his cringeworthy antics.

Watch “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on Max.

‘Tokyo Vice’ Season 2 — Feb. 8

Two suited men stand next to a police car and bus in this image from Boku Films.
An American journalist in Tokyo digs into the city’s criminal underworld in “Tokyo Vice.” (Image: Boku Films)

“Tokyo Vice” follows American journalist Jake Adelstein (Ansel Elgort) as he attempts to infiltrate the Yakuza and go head-to-head with the most dangerous people in Japan. When we begin Season 2, Jake’s life is in turmoil as the consequences of the increasing danger he’s in start to play out. He digs deeper into his investigation, ending up in surprising places that harbor the dark underbelly of Tokyo’s elite. Meanwhile, his relationship with American high-class hostess Samantha (Rinko Kikuchi) is held in the balance, with the threat getting ever closer to the people he cares about. Does he expose the truth and risk everything, or allow injustice to prevail?

Watch the second season of “Tokyo Vice” on Max.

‘Ninja Kamui’ — Feb. 11

Closeup of an animated man’s bearded face in this image from E&H Productions.
A former ninja goes into hiding in America in this Adult Swim anime. (Image: E&H Productions)

In a dystopian future where ninjas are hunted to extinction by a ruthless government agency, ninja Joe Higan escapes his clan and settles in rural America with his family to escape his violent past. His peaceful life doesn’t last, however, when assassins from his former clan track him down and murder his family. Consumed by vengeance, Joe once again becomes the masked assassin “Ninja Kamui” to hunt down his former comrades and expose the truth about the government’s wicked conspiracy. 

Watch “Ninja Kamui” on Max.

‘Bea’s Block’ — Feb. 15

Animated block characters in front of a forest with a bird in this image from Sesame Workshop.
Young kids will have a new favorite animated series when “Bea’s Block” premieres. (Image: Sesame Workshop)

A new generation of preschoolers will find their favorite animated show when “Bea’s Block” comes to Max. With lessons about friendship and community similar to “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood,” adventures like those of “Dora the Explorer,” and catchy songs and stories reminiscent of “Barney,” “Bea's Block” is sure to be an instant hit. Learn about kindness and empathy with curious 4-year-old Bea, who, like her friends, is made of blocks.

Watch “Bea’s Block” on Max.

‘Jellystone’ Season 3A — Feb. 22

Animated animals in a town square in this image from Animasia Studio.
The Hanna-Barbera characters living in Jellystone are off on a new season of misadventures. (Image: Animasia Studio)

Since 2021, beloved Hanna-Barbera characters like Yogi Bear, Top Cat, and Magilla Gorilla have been living together in (almost) harmony in Jellystone Park. In seasons 1 and 2, we saw them experience several food-related mishaps, interpersonal rivalries, and general everyday chaos. Season 3 will feature crossover episodes, and we’ll see Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. gang, the Flintstones, Pink Panther, and the Jetsons all converge on the town. From globe-trotting adventures to local mysteries and inter-character rivalries, we can expect the new season of “Jellystone” to be as wild as seasons past.

Watch the new season of “Jellystone” on Max.

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