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A woman grimaces in this image from Warner Bros. Studios
The always-funny Summer (Rachel Bilson) is elevated in Season Three of “The O.C.” (Image: Warner Bros. Studios)

Season Three of “The O.C.” is the season of women. As I rewatched the show, I noticed this season had a lot of notable female character changes. Case in point: Julie (Melinda Clarke) has become the new Seth (Adam Brody), more than making up for his lack of humor in these episodes. But the metamorphosis I really want to talk about here is Summer (Rachel Bilson).

During the series' third season, Summer becomes far more dynamic as our view of her world expands to include her father (even though he may have been introduced more as a love interest for Julie, but whatever). We also see her intellectual and academic abilities emerge. I think new character Taylor (Autumn Reeser) helped a lot in bringing out new sides to Summer this season.

Maybe what struck me most, though, was Summer's incredible, well-timed use of “Ew,” her catchphrase of sorts dating all the way back to “The O.C.” Season One. Upon learning where stranger Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie) is from, she pricelessly declares, “Chino? Ew!”

Now for Season Three, I just can't resist highlighting all the fantastic ways Summer used “Ew!” and stole my heart.

Newport’s Den of Sin

A man rests his head on a woman’s shoulder in this image from Warner Bros. Studios
Summer (Rachel Bilson) and Seth (Adam Brody) start Season Three strong, unlike the beginning of Season Two. (Image: Warner Bros. Studios)

In “The Perfect Storm,” Summer and Seth are constructing a fake apology text to Taylor as part of a plot to get Marissa (Mischa Barton) back into Harbor. In the message, they suggest a meeting at The Mermaid Inn. Summer asks, “You mean the place where Ryan may or may not have conceived Theresa’s baby and where Marissa’s mom and Luke got it on?”

Seth confirms, “Newport’s very own den of sin.” Summer seals the conversation: “Ew. But I like it.”

Touch My Pooper

A man and woman dance in this image from Warner Bros. Studios
Both Seth (Adam Brody) and Summer (Rachel Bilson) get the “ew”s in one episode. (Image: Warner Bros. Studios)

Seth and Summer have similar reactions when they catch Marissa (Mischa Barton) getting very physical with Volchok (Cam Gigandet). Their disgust is so shared that they’re able to finish each other’s sentences, complete with the requisite “ew”s.

Summer: Oh, my God.
Seth: So if the body doesn’t lie…
Summer: …then it’s saying, “Ew.”
Seth: “Ew” or “touch my pooper.”

Ew indeed.

The Wheelbarrow Position

A woman looks displeased in this image from Warner Bros. Studios
Summer (Rachel Bilson) and Seth’s (Adam Brody) love life takes a dive as Season Three continues. (Image: Warner Bros. Studios)

In what is a somewhat cringey scene already, in part due to the very un-sexy tone he's using, Seth suggests to Summer that they spice up their love life by consulting the Sting-approved “Kama Sutra,” and instructs, “Now if you’ll be so kind as to disrobe, we will begin with the wheelbarrow position.”

Thank goodness, Summer responds, “Oh my God, ew!”

The Wrong Thong

A woman licks an envelope in this image from Warner Bros. Studios
Will Summer (Rachel Bilson) spill the beans about Seth’s (Adam Brody) bad behavior? (Image: Warner Bros. Studios)

In “The Heavy Lifting,” Seth mistakenly gives Summer a lingerie gift meant for his mother from his father, and later, intentionally gives her a letter listing all the bad things he's done — with permission to give it to his parents if he ever steps out of line again.

An impressed Summer says, “That’s pretty smart. You may just have rocked my world. I’m wearing the thong.”

Seth confesses, “Yeah, that’s…that’s my mom’s.” Summer responds (say it with me!), “Ew!”

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