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Another Wednesday, another weekly watch pick from Media Melanie from Yellowjackets Hive Presented by! This time, her choice is Apple TV+'s “Lessons in Chemistry.” Here's what she said about series:

“I wasn't expecting to love this watch as much as I did but I should have known, that Apple TV+ typically delivers top-notch content. ‘Lessons in Chemistry‘ was first recommended to me by one of my colleagues, we have similar taste in shows (we're both fans of ‘Yellowjackets,' of course). At first, I wasn't sold so I stepped away, came back to it for another taste, and was then all in on Brie Larson‘s portrayal of Elizabeth Zott.

Based on the novel of the same name by Bonnie Garmus, ‘Lessons in Chemistry' hits on so many TV taste buds and is adapted very closely from the book. The story centers on Zott and her dream to become a scientist despite being a woman in the early 1950s. She loses her laboratory job due to a set of unfortunate circumstances but bounces back into the unexpected role of TV cooking show host, all while raising a daughter on her own.

The raw emotion and authenticity, well-executed storytelling, and patriarchal overtones felt impactful. The cast really meshed, especially Aja Naomi King as neighbor Harriet and Lewis Pullman as Zott's love interest and scientist, Calvin Evans. I also appreciated Rainn Wilson playing a corporate asshole boss. The story was inspirational, filled with emotional moments and heartbreak, and even elicited a few drops of moisture from my eyes.”

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