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The definitive podcast for fans of Showtime's “Yellowjackets” is now a part of the family! Tune in for Yellowjackets recaps, analysis, interviews, and more. We have tons of off-season content planned, too, so bookmark this page!

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About Yellowjackets Hive

Buzz into the “Yellowjackets Hive” as Emily Ahmed and Media Melanie discuss all things related to Showtime's Emmy-nominated TV series, “Yellowjackets.” On the “Yellowjackets Hive” podcast, presented by CordCutting, Emily and Melanie theorize, speculate and spill on everything “Yellowjackets” — you might even say they're Citizen Detectives with an EAR to the ground.

During the “Yellowjackets” season, Emily and Melanie host “Hive After Dark,” a live after-show following each new episode. Throughout the off-season, you can expect cast interviews, deep dives into storylines and themes, interactive fan events and more. And is your home for it all, a one-stop multimedia shop for “Yellowjackets Hive” content, links and promotions.

Yellowjackets Hive Archive: All Pods and Posts

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The “Yellowjackets Hive” Podcast is Now a Part of the Family!

PODCAST: Yellowjackets Recap Episode 208 – “It Chooses” with guests Nia Sondaya and Kelly McClure

PODCAST: Hive After Dark – Interview with Jenna Burgess and Mya Low

PODCAST: Yellowjackets Episode 207 Recap – “Burial”

PODCAST: Hive After Dark – Episode 207 – “Burial”

PODCAST: Episode 206 Recap – “Qui”

VIDEO: Yellowjackets fan Vine eulogizes Crystal the Pistol as Misty Quigley

PODCAST: Hive After Dark – Episode 206

PODCAST: Yellowjackets Cast Interview with Jeff Holman (“Randy Walsh”)

PODCAST: Episode 205 Recap/Speculation – “Two Truths and a Lie”

VIDEO: Yellowjackets fan Vine meets Nuha Jes Izman

PODCAST: Hive After Dark – Interview with Nuha Jes Izman (“Crystal the Pistol”) – Episode 205

PODCAST: Yellowjackets Episode 204 Recap – “Old Wounds”

PODCAST: Hive After Dark – Interview with “Javi” (Luciano Leroux) – Episode 204

PODCAST: Episode 203 Recap – “Digestif”

PODCAST: Hive After Dark – Episode 203

PODCAST: Yellowjackets Episode 202 Recap – “Edible Complex”

PODCAST: Hive After Dark – Episode 202

PODCAST: Yellowjackets Episode 201 Recap & Speculation

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VIDEO: Kevin Alves on Yellowjackets Season 2

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PODCAST: Yellowjackets Review with Bored Now – S1 x E03 “The Dollhouse”

VIDEO: Misty as the Witch | Yellowjackets Characters as Fairy Tale Archetypes

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VIDEO: A Little Spillage from our #Yellowjackets Teaser Trailer…

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PODCAST: Yellowjackets Costume Design with Marie Schley

PODCAST: The Yellowjackets Cannibal Council

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PODCAST: Yellowjackets Season 2 Teaser Trailer Dissection

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VIDEO: Welcome to our Yellowjackets Hive

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