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The definitive podcast for fans of Showtime's “Yellowjackets” is now a part of the family! Tune in for Yellowjackets recaps, analysis, interviews, and more. We have tons of off-season content planned, too, so bookmark this page!

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The “Yellowjackets Hive” Podcast is Now a Part of the Family!

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PODCAST: Yellowjackets Recap Episode 208 – “It Chooses” with guests Nia Sondaya and Kelly McClure

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PODCAST: Hive After Dark – Episode 207 – “Burial”

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VIDEO: Yellowjackets fan Vine eulogizes Crystal the Pistol as Misty Quigley

About Yellowjackets Hive

Buzz into the “Yellowjackets Hive” as Emily Ahmed and Media Melanie discuss all things related to Showtime's Emmy-nominated TV series, “Yellowjackets.” On the “Yellowjackets Hive” podcast, presented by CordCutting, Emily and Melanie theorize, speculate and spill on everything “Yellowjackets” — you might even say they're Citizen Detectives with an EAR to the ground.

During the “Yellowjackets” season, Emily and Melanie host “Hive After Dark,” a live after-show following each new episode. Throughout the off-season, you can expect cast interviews, deep dives into storylines and themes, interactive fan events and more. And is your home for it all, a one-stop multimedia shop for “Yellowjackets Hive” content, links and promotions.

Yellowjackets Hive Archive: All Pods and Posts

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