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This week's Watch THIS Wednesday pick from Media Melanie is “Life & Beth” on Hulu. Check out the summary, video, and Reddit discussion below:

I'm leading off with a strong statement which may seem ironic given the star of the series. I wasn't a big Amy Schumer fan before watching “Life & Beth.” I am now though! Not only does she star in the comedy-drama, but she's also the creator, a writer, and producer. The series is loosely autobiographical, partially inspired by Schumer's life.

Michael Cera initially drew me in but I quickly fell in love with the entire quirky cast (including Schumer) which includes Michael RapaportSusannah FloodYamaneika Saunders, and a fun Season 2 guest appearance by Jennifer Coolidge.

Now in its second season, “Life & Beth” on Hulu centers on Beth, a middle-aged woman who has an incident that forces her to look inward and live life more intentionally. She meets John (Cera), a peculiar but sweet farmer who does not seems like Beth's type, at all, yet they connect.

The series is full of love, friendship, personal introspection, and finding our own path on life's interesting journey. I find myself laughing out loud and I love that. I needed a little lighter of a show with the last couple of weeks I've had. Give it a try if you need some fresh perspective and a good laugh!

Watch the video:

Don't forget to join the discussion by checking out the Yellowjackets Hive subreddit:

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