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Watch THIS Wednesday is back with another pick on Amazon Prime Video: “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” Media Melanie shares what she thought of the TV series inspired by the 2005 film. Check out the summary, video, and Reddit discussion below:

I wasn’t sure what to think when the news was revealed that “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” would be adapted/rebooted into a TV show. The 2005 film with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was decent, but not one I've watched multiple times. What I do remember is the buzz it created because of the starring couple's off-screen drama.

Donald Glover is the creator and executive producer of the TV version and also co-stars as John Smith alongside Maya Erskine as Jane Smith. Hats off to Glover (love him, by the way!); his vision works. The spy comedy-drama leans more into the drama than the action. But, there’s plenty of action for the espionage fans out there.

The premise centers on a pair of loners who accept spy jobs from a mysterious agency, thrusting them into forced nuptials and thrilling global adventures. Each episode focuses on a new mission plus the ever-evolving arranged marriage that eventually starts to feel like the real deal. I assume that means once we fall in love with the characters together, they'll end up apart. That's just a suspicion…

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