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It's that day of the week already: Wednesday! Media Melanie from Yellowjackets Hive presented by returns for another Watch THIS Wednesday pick. This week, it's “The Curse” on Paramount+. Here's what she said about the new TV series:

Emma Stone plays Whitney Siegel, married to Fielder's character Asher. They're a Newlywed couple trying to do what many couples do, conceive a baby. The Siegels are also making their own HGTV show, ‘Flipanthropy' focusing on their passive living concept in a small New Mexico town. Asher and his douchebaggery gets them cursed by a young girl, plus they're getting compared to someone else's work. Things aren't going well. The couple is like Chip and Joanna Gaines crossed with a dark Paul and Jamie from ‘Mad About You.' Then there's the antics of their fictional show producer Dougie, played by ‘The Curse' co-writer/creator, Benny Safdie. He's a trip. Mix in some themes of gentrification, race, and relationship issues and there seems to be a lot to unpack.

Emma Stone is absolutely fantastic, her pouty face and micro-expressions are works of art. I feel indifferent towards Fielder's character but I think that's the point. Having worked in TV production for years and typically enjoy shows with a show within it and that meta vibe. That angle is enjoyable in ‘The Curse,' especially with the heavy satire. What I don't love is the constant uneasiness and the mostly unfulfilled but constant feeling like something is about to happen.”

Check out Melanie's summary in the video below:


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Watch THIS Wednesday Presented by | November 22, 2023 | “The Curse” on Paramount+
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