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Another week, another Watch THIS Wednesday series by Media Melanie from the Yellowjackets Hive podcast! And it's another, you guessed it, dark thriller mystery drama: “The Woman in the Wall” on Paramount+. See what Melanie has to say about the show below:

I'm keeping it dark once again this week with “The Woman in the Wall” on Paramount+ with Showtime. It's a 6-part BBC One original now streaming in the US. Familiar faces Ruth Wilson (“Luther” and “His Dark Materials”) and Daryl McCormack (“Peaky Blinders”, “Bad Sisters”) co-star in the dark thriller drama mystery.

Despite the Irish town setting being fictional, the story reflects true elements from the real-life horrors called the Magdalene Laundries. Catholic nuns who were charged with the care of babies delivered by unwed mothers in Ireland committed heinous and disturbing acts.

Backing up a step, the overall plot of the show centers on Lorna Brady (Wilson), a woman who wakes up in an unexpected location, later discovering a corpse in her home. She's clearly been afflicted with sleepwalking issues and trauma from the loss of her baby years ago and can't remember what happened. Did she kill this person? Is she being framed? It seems Detective Akande (McCormack) will help her find out amidst her spiraling behavior. He's simultaneously investigating the death of a Catholic priest he was acquainted with as a child. Coincidence? I think not!

Watch the video below for more details on the show:

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