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Football and football helmet on a green field
The 2022 NFL season continues to produce memorable games. (Image: Shutterstock)

With the 2022 NFL season in full swing, football fans worldwide have had the privilege of witnessing some stellar professional football action. Every week is jam-packed with games where top-performing teams and players duke it out via Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, and Sunday Night Football. Take a trip through memory lane below as we recap some of October’s best NFL moments.

Chiefs vs. Buccaneers – Patrick Mahomes’ Twinkle-Toes Touchdown Pass – Oct. 2

There’s some credence to the idea that football players can develop their skills through ballet. This time around, it was the Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes who dodged a sack attempt from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Tristan Wirfs, ran back up to the line of scrimmage, spun around another sack attempt from Devin White, and launched a short touchdown pass to running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire. This play made the score 20-3, with the Chiefs in the lead. The Chiefs eventually won the game 41-31.

Eagles vs. Cardinals – Marquise Brown Dances Around the Defense – Oct. 9

Once again, we had a display of incredible footwork from one of our NFL heavies. Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Marquise Brown evaded not one, not two, but four Philadelphia Eagles hot on his heels on the way to the end zone. Through a series of ballerina-esque spins and fancy footwork, Brown managed to score Arizona’s first touchdown of the game. However, the Cardinals went on to lose to the Eagles 20-17.

Cowboys vs. Rams – The Rams Forgot to Stop Tony Pollard – Oct. 9

Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams logos
The Dallas Cowboys won their matchup against the Los Angeles Rams. (Image: NFL)

It’s always exciting to watch someone run straight through the defense and into the end zone. It’s even more fun watching them run through the entire defense, like Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Pollard did. The Cowboys were down by one point before Pollard’s incredible run up the middle, and they ended up beating the Los Angeles Rams 22-10.

Steelers vs. Bills – Gabe Davis’ 98-Yard Touchdown – Oct. 9

Nobody expects anything good to happen when it’s third-and-10 and your team is practically sitting in their own end zone. The Buffalo Bills’ Gabe Davis, however, ran what you might consider the route of his life, reaching up to grab a 60-ish-yard pass from quarterback Josh Allen and running the remainder of the 98 yards to the opposite end zone. This was the first touchdown of many for the Bills, who walked away with a 38-3 win against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bills vs. Chiefs – Josh Allen Takes Flight – Oct. 16

We’ve never seen a quarterback who can fly. Thanks to the Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen, we can finally stop our search for the Orville Wright of the NFL. The Bills were down by three points with two minutes left in the fourth quarter when Allen ran deep down the right side of the field after faking a handoff. Allen leaped over Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Dicaprio Bootle and secured a first down for the Bills, who went on to score one last touchdown and secure a 24-20 win over the Chiefs.

Seahawks vs. Chargers – Kenneth Walker III Races Down the Sideline for 74 Yards – Oct. 23

It was first-and-10 in the fourth quarter, and the Seattle Seahawks already had a definitive lead over the Los Angeles Chargers. That wasn’t going to stop running back Kenneth Walker III from grabbing the ball and running it 74 yards up the sideline to score another touchdown. The Seahawks won 37-23. He really Walker-ed away from Michael Davis and the San Diego defense, didn’t he?

Texans vs. Raiders – Duron Harmon Snags an Interception – Oct. 23

Houston Texans and Las Vegas Raiders logos
The Las Vegas Raiders widened the gap between them and the Houston Texans and walked off victorious. (Image: NFL)

The Houston Texans were already down 31-20 in the fourth quarter, but Las Vegas Raiders safety Duron Harmon decided that he needed to shut down any hope of a comeback for Houston. Texans quarterback Davis Mills fired off a pass that he hoped would land in the hands of one of his teammates, but Harmon was in the right place at the right time and snagged an interception for Las Vegas. Harmon ran it all the way up the sideline to the end zone, extending the Raiders’ lead.

Bears vs. Cowboys – Micah Parsons’ Recovery and Touchdown – Oct. 30

The Chicago Bears were already losing badly at the start of the third quarter, but this play dashed any hope of a Chicago comeback. The Dallas Cowboys managed to put the pressure on Bears quarterback Justin Fields, who had to whip off a quick sidearm pass to running back David Montgomery. Montgomery, however, couldn’t hold on to the ball and let it slip from his grasp as he hit the turf. Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons quickly scooped up Montgomery’s fumble and ran it straight to the end zone. This put the Cowboys up 41-23, on their way to a 49-29 victory.

49ers vs. Rams – Brandon Aiyuk Makes It Look Easy – Oct. 30

The San Francisco 49ers were down by seven points at the start of the second quarter, and wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk took that personally. When 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo whipped the ball to running back Christian McCaffrey, McCaffrey lobbed a pass to Aiyuk, who had to take only a couple of leisurely steps into the end zone to start the 49ers' comeback. San Francisco walked away with a 31-14 victory against Los Angeles that day, leaving the Rams 0-2 against the Niners this season.

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