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The NFL season took off in September with exciting games, wins, and defeats.

The NFL season is one of the biggest live TV events, and it has gotten off to an explosive start. Even teams with less-than-stellar records have managed to show spectacular displays of athleticism and sportsmanship. Take a trip down memory lane (or catch up on the games you missed) by following our commentary on some of September’s most exciting NFL moments.

Browns vs. Panthers: Cade York Kicks It and Wins It, Sept. 11

Cleveland Browns and Carolina Panthers logos
The Browns and Panthers faced off during Week 1.

Even though the Carolina Panthers had a massive 17-point fourth quarter (which, to be fair, matched the Cleveland Browns’ own huge second quarter), they still lost to the Browns 24-26 in, arguably, the worst way possible. Browns kicker Cade York sank a 58-yard field goal attempt with only eight seconds left in the fourth quarter when the Panthers led by one. York split the uprights, winning the game for the Browns and credibility for kickers everywhere.

Broncos vs. Seahawks: Jerry Jeudy Taking It to the End Zone, Sept. 12

During the second quarter of this “Monday Night Football” game, Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson floated a seemingly miles-long pass to wide receiver Jerry Jeudy, who let Seattle Seahawks cornerback Coby Bryant bounce off him before sliding past Josh Jones and continuing into the end zone. No, the Broncos didn’t win this one, but they lost by only a single point and traded blows with the Seahawks throughout the game. Nevertheless, this play by Wilson and Jeudy cemented the Broncos as a contender on the field and signaled to the Seahawks that they weren’t going down without a fight.

Chiefs vs. Chargers: Jaylen Watson’s 99-Yard Interception, Sept. 15

During Week 2 of “Thursday Night Football,” these two teams were tied in the fourth quarter. During a Los Angeles Chargers possession, Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Jaylen Watson did what many could only dream about: He snagged an interception at the 1-yard line, dodged a tackle attempt by the quarterback who threw it, and ran the last 80 yards by himself like he “just felt like runnin’,” à la Forrest Gump. The final score was 27-24, with the Chiefs taking home the victory on a fourth-quarter scoring streak kick-started by Watson’s interception.

Ravens vs. Dolphins: Starting With a Bang, Sept. 18

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Devin Duvernay had an opportunity to do something most players only lie or dream about — professional or otherwise. Duvernay caught the kickoff inside the Miami Dolphins’ end zone and ran 103 yards to score a touchdown in the first 15 seconds of the game. Despite the stellar opening effort by the Ravens, the Dolphins managed a 28-point comeback in the fourth quarter and won, 42-38.

Steelers vs. Browns: The Matrix, Sept. 22

Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns logos
The Browns took the win against the Steelers during Week 3.

All completed passes are good, but some are better than others — and this particular pass was better than most. Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver George Pickens showed football fans why the old cliché about football players taking ballet classes exists. He caught a tight sideline pass by quarterback Mitchell Trubisky by lunging and reaching up over his head, rolling backward as his body hit the ground, and planting his feet in-bounds when he came to rest. Move over, Keanu Reeves.

Raiders vs. Titans: Mack Hollins’s Corner Touchdown, Sept. 25

Las Vegas Raiders and Tennessee Titans logos
Week 3 saw a win from the Titans.

Even though this “Sunday Night Football” game still saw the Las Vegas Raiders lose to the Tennessee Titans, 22-24, wide receiver Mack Hollins saw a magnificent catch that helped close the score gap. Facing fourth and goal with just over a minute left on the clock, quarterback Derek Carr dropped a pass in the far-right corner of the end zone, where Hollins was able to pop up and snatch it while dealing with tight defensive coverage. The Raiders weren’t able to secure the win against the Titans, but this fourth-quarter play is one to remember next time the Raiders are in dire straits.

Raiders vs. Titans: Kevin Byard’s End Zone Interception, Sept. 25

Titans safety Kevin Byard intercepted a pass from the Raiders’ Carr in the end zone in the fourth quarter, halting all hope of a Raiders comeback. Byard outran Raiders tight end Foster Moreau on the return, and Byard kept running even after the Raiders’ Josh Jacobs slammed into him. Both teams were 0-2 at the start of the game, but the Titans made sure they didn’t walk away 0-3.

Jaguars vs. Chargers: James Robinson’s 50-Yard Run to the End Zone, Sept. 25

This game saw the Los Angeles Chargers absolutely crumble under the Jacksonville Jaguars. In the third quarter, Jaguars running back James Robinson took a handoff from quarterback Trevor Lawrence and ran 50 yards into the end zone, starting the Jaguars’ third-quarter scoring extravaganza. The real hero of this play was offensive lineman Brandon Scherff, who kept Robinson clean and clear while he broke free of the pack. The Jaguars beat the Chargers, 38-10, and this play was only one of the several offensive masterpieces the Jaguars managed to pull off.

Colts vs. Chiefs: Jelani Woods Holds It Down When It Counts, Sept. 25

Despite an early lead by the Kansas City Chiefs, fans saw the Indianapolis Colts take the win, 20-17. With less than 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Colts quarterback Matt Ryan shot a laser-like pass to rookie tight end Jelani Woods. Woods completed the pass in the end zone with the Chiefs’ Juan Thornhill hanging around his ankles, and the Colts took the lead they would keep for the rest of the game. The last-second win showed us the Colts have what it takes to perform admirably in tight situations, despite what their record may suggest.

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