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fuboTV vs Cable TV

Last updated: January 24, 2023

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Cord cutting is certainly en vogue, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some legitimate reasons to stick with cable. Even at, we can admit that cable still has its merits — though they come along with some notable flaws. Cable isn’t your only path to live TV, though. You also have live TV streaming options, including fuboTV. fuboTV provides lots of channels for a pretty affordable price, and it works on a wide array of devices. Let’s take a closer look at how fuboTV stacks up against cable TV.


A subscription streaming video service with plenty of channels, compatibility with most streaming devices, ample DVR cloud storage, and up to six accounts per membership.


  • Multiple packages, including an Ultra package featuring 200+ channels
  • Lots of channels, including sports channels and cable news networks
  • Add-on bundles make it easy to customize channel selection
  • No contracts or cancellation fees


  • Pricier than some streaming competitors
  • Missing some familiar channels
  • Resolution for most content maxes out at 720p


A wide array of entertaining and informative channels provided through various packages and prices.


  • Huge bundles with lots of channels
  • Typically offers all familiar and popular channels, including news networks, sports channels, and local and regional networks
  • Can be bundled with internet and phone service
  • Typically includes 1080p and 4K UHD content


  • Big bundles don’t come cheap and offer little flexibility
  • Often requires a contract
  • Hidden fees and cancellation fees abound
  • Low introductory rates may give way to shocking price hikes

What's the Difference Between fuboTV and Cable TV?

Though fuboTV is a streaming service, it is fairly similar to cable TV. The key difference, of course, is that fuboTV is a streaming service — meaning it comes in over the internet, not over cable infrastructure.

That’s not the only difference. Take a close look at these two entertainment options and you’ll find there are some important differences in terms of content, price, length of commitment, and more. One crucial difference is that many cable providers require customers to sign a contract, whereas fuboTV can be canceled and activated as often as you want without an early termination fee.

The other huge difference between these services is the size of the bundles. fuboTV’s “skinny bundle” is leaner than cables — and cheaper. Cable’s huge bundles are pretty much never short on channels, but they can be inflexible and pricey, which is frustrating if you’re only looking for a few great channels and don’t want to pay for the rest.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the devices involved. fuboTV works within an app, and you can get that app on a wide variety of devices. You can watch fuboTV using Roku, Fire TV, iOS, Android, Windows, Xbox One, and more. Cable TV, on the other hand, is typically viewed through a cable box connected to your TV — though some cable TV providers now offer the option of streaming content through smartphones and streaming devices.

What Can You Watch on fuboTV vs. Cable TV?

Both fuboTV and typical cable bundles include the same basic content offerings — namely, live TV channels ranging from sports channels to local channels, news channels, movie channels, pay-per-view TV, on-demand movies and more.

fuboTV’s main bundle, Fubo Standard, provides more than 100 channels. It includes popular channels like ESPN, ABC, and Fox News, to name just a few.

Cable TV bundles vary, but you can pretty much always expect them to have more channels than fuboTV’s base bundle does. fuboTV’s channel list is impressive, but it’s still lean enough to be relatively affordable. The trade-off here, though, is that it may be missing a channel or two that you love (you can check our fuboTV channel list if you want to make sure).

With that said, fuboTV’s base bundle has a lot for you to watch — and fuboTV doesn’t stop there. The service also offers add-ons, which means that you can add groups of channels for a small increase in your monthly bill.

fuboTV’s channel selection puts a special emphasis on sports, which is great news for cord cutters who like streaming sports online. There’s more than just sports, though: You can watch NFL RedZone or Fubo Cycling, but you can also check out Nickelodeon, CMT, BET, and a host of other non-sports networks.

How Much Will You Spend on fuboTV vs. Cable TV?

The cost of cable TV varies quite widely. Your location, cable provider and choice of bundles will all play a role in the prices available to you. A cable TV package can cost you more than $200 per month. If you want to watch movies on-demand or pay-per-view events, your cable TV bill may be even higher!

fuboTV is comparatively affordable. It has several packages, which range in price from $64.99 per month all the way up to more than $80 per month. That makes fuboTV cheaper than most cable services — though it also makes the service a little pricey by streaming service standards.

There’s one caveat to watch out for here. Cable may be much more expensive than fuboTV, but cable companies are good at doing sneaky math to keep you locked into your contract. Watch out for bundled contracts — if you cancel cable, you may find that the prices of your internet and landline phone service go up. If you’ve bundled just two together, you’ll probably still save — but if it’s all three, removing cable might not save you as much as you’d spend to replace it with fuboTV.

Still, for most people, the math is pretty clear: Cable is pricier. If you’re okay with fuboTV’s leaner bundle, choosing it could save you money each month.

fuboTV vs. Cable TV: Which Should You Choose?

So which is right for you: cable or fuboTV? We’ve given you a lot to consider, from price to device compatibility, channel lineup, contract length, and early termination fees.

If you want the most channels possible and are willing to pay up for the privilege, then we won’t lie to you: Cord cutting might just not be your thing.

But if you don’t want to be locked into a contract and don’t want to pay an early termination fee should you cancel your contract, opt for fuboTV. It’s cheaper and more flexible than cable, and it will let you watch live TV as a cord cutter.

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