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FuboTV and cable offer similar program options but differ in the fact that fuboTV is streamed live across an internet connection and can be watched from almost any device that will allow you to download the fubo app. Unlike cable services that require you to sign a long-term contract, you start fuboTV with a 7-day free trial and can start or stop your service whenever you want. There are no hidden activation, installation, or disconnect fees that sneak up on you. FuboTV does not require you to lease equipment or install a cable box or modem.


One of the biggest similarities between fuboTV and cable services is their tier type packaging and the range of their prices. Both fuboTV and cable services offer many of the same channels, both cable and local networks. They also offer premium sports packages for multiple sporting events for an extra monthly charge. Premium movie channels are also considered an add-on feature and can be included for an extra monthly fee. Both fuboTV and cable offer DVR capabilities as well as free cloud storage space.


The main difference between fuboTV as a live streaming service compared to cable services is the fact that it can be watched on a variety of electronic devices and smart TVs. The portability of fuboTV means that it can be watched on most devices in any location that offers an internet connection. FuboTV does not require any type of equipment that would confine it to one location. It also offers the freedom of maintaining your service without the restrictions of a long-term contract. You do not have to pay hidden fees or activation/installation fees in order to start your service. Professional installation is not required.

Monthly Costs & Contracts

FuboTV packages start at $54.99 a month for fubo Standard, $59.99 for Family, $74.99 a month for the Ultra package and $19.99 a month (billed every three months) for Latin TV. There is also a $5 per month if you want to upgrade your number of streams from 2 to 3. The Ultra package includes Showtime and Sports Plus package add-ons. There are no contracts or lease agreements.

Cable services offer their packages in tiers that range in price starting at around $45 a month and increasing to around $105 a month. Premium movies, news, sports, and kids programming packages can be added for an extra fee each month. Most cable companies require you to lease their equipment for a monthly fee. Activation and installation fees are sometimes hidden costs, but they can be waived under certain circumstances. In most cases, this is an option if you choose to bundle your phone, cable, and internet. In order to start your service, you will need to sign a contract.

Equipment Required

FuboTV does not require any equipment to stream their service. All you need is an internet connection and a device to view it on.

Cable services require that you lease a cable box. If you are going to bundle your services, you will also receive a modem that must be leased as well.

DVR & Storage

FuboTV offers DVR and cloud storage with all of their packages. The storage you receive will depend on the viewing package you choose. The Standard and Latin packages give you 30 hours of storage each, while the Family and Ultra packages offer 500 hours of storage space.

Cable services also offer DVR and cloud storage. The amount of storage space you receive will depend on the company and the viewing package you sign up for.

Original Series

FuboTV and cable services do not offer original programming of any kind at this time.

Live TV

Both FuboTV and the many cable services that are available offer live TV to their subscribers. They also offer on-demand options. Both offer many of the most popular cable options, including Premium and local channels from the traditional networks. The primary difference with this is that fuboTV is limited to around 200 + channels while cable offers several hundred.

Summary: FuboTV vs Cable

FuboTV is the best choice if you want the choices and package options that cable has to offer without the restrictions of a contract and the additional hidden fees. It's also a great choice if you want to take your subscription with you when you travel.

Cable service is a good choice if you want the maximum number of channels and aren't worried about a contract or additional fees.


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