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CBS knows sports. The CBS family of channels plays host to everything from March Madness to the Super Bowl, and their broadcast teams, in-game graphics, and camera work rank with the best of them. So it's no surprise that CBS Sports Network — the CBS channel that is dedicated to sports and nothing but sports — is a must-have channel for sports fans. There's just one problem: that pesky bill that comes each month, charging you through the nose for your cable or satellite subscription. You don't want to keep overpaying, but you don't want to lose the crucial sports coverage you get from CBS Sports Network. So what do you do? Simple: you learn how to watch CBS Sports Network without cable.

And that's why we're here. We're going to show you how to get your hands on a CBS Sports Network livestream and watch all of the CBS Sports action you want to, live, from just about anywhere and using just about any device. We’ll also talk about other CBS Sports content, including the “CBS Sports HQ” livestream that you can get on Paramount Plus. Let's get started!

Here are a few of our favorite ways to stream CBS Sports Network:

  Price Channels Free Trial  
$69.99 – $139.99 65+ None

See Offer

$5.99 – $85.96 68 – 88 7 or 30 days

See Offer

$64.99 – $33.00 220+ 7 days

See Offer

$4.99 – $99.99 N/A 7 days

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Stream CBS Sports with DIRECTV Stream

Try DIRECTV Stream

A CBS Sports Network livestream is available through DIRECTV Stream with either the Ultimate or Premier bundles. You can also read our DIRECTV Stream review if you’re not quite ready to sign up yet.

Stream CBS Sports for free with Hulu

Free Trial

Hulu + Live TV is the skinny bundle arm of Hulu, and we’re happy to say it includes Hulu's on-demand content as well as livestreaming television channels. And, as you might have guessed by now, Hulu + Live TV's live channels include CBS Sports Network. Like many of its competitors, Hulu + Live TV offers a great free trial — just click the link to sign up! If you’d prefer to get more info first, feel free to read our Hulu + Live TV review.

Stream CBS Sports for free with fuboTV

Free Trial

fuboTV has had a soft spot for sports fans since its inception, so it's no surprise to see a CBS Sports Network livestream among its offerings. Using fuboTV, you can watch CBS Sports Network without cable. Plus, you can test-drive things for a whole week without paying. To do that, just click the link above and sign up for fuboTV's free trial offer. You can also take a look at our fuboTV review if you’d like to learn more about the service first.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is Google's skinny bundle offering, and it's a great solution to the problem of how to watch CBS Sports Network without cable. YouTube TV offers CBS Sports Network for a relatively reasonable price, so you shouldn't have too much trouble saving money by cutting the cord without losing CBS Sports Network. You'll only pay after you enjoy your weeklong free trial, of course, so what have you got to lose? If you need some help deciding if YouTube TV is right for your viewing habits, click on our YouTube TV review.

Stream CBS sports for free with Paramount Plus

Free Trial

Paramount Plus is a live and on-demand streaming service from CBS Sports Network’s parent company, ViacomCBS. Paramount Plus does not include a 24/7 livestream of CBS Sports Network, but it does offer around-the-clock sports coverage from a spinoff channel called “CBS Sports HQ.” Paramount Plus also delivers livestreams of big sporting events, including PGA Tour events, college basketball, and more. For more on Paramount Plus, read our Paramount Plus review.

Can I Watch CBS Sports Network on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

You can watch CBS Sports Network on a variety of streaming devices and platforms. Sports aren’t always played when you’re at home, after all, so there will be times when you’ll need to take the action with you. But if you prefer to watch it on your big-screen 4K TV at home, we don’t blame you! Either way, take a look at the chart to find out more about every single one of your options for watching CBS Sports Network without cable.

Roku Fire TV Apple TV Android TV Chromecast iOS Android Web browser
DIRECTV Stream Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hulu + Live TV Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
fuboTV Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
YouTube TV Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

More to Watch for CBS Sports Network Fans

So you’ve read this far and are ready to get your CBS Sports Network fix. But before you go, there are a couple more options worth streaming as well. We’ll start with the most obvious. If you know about CBS Sports Network, then the existence of CBS isn’t exactly a surprise to you. But do you know how to watch CBS without cable? Our aptly titled How to Watch CBS Without Cable can fill you in on all the specifics.

What else is out there for sports fans? Well, any list of sports-centric channels has to include ESPN, home of both SportsCenter and many hilarious ads that remind viewers “This is SportsCenter.” But if highlight reels aren’t your thing, ESPN has tons of live sports action as well, both on the main ESPN stations and ESPN Plus, its standalone streaming service. You used to need a cable subscription if you wanted to access ESPN, but luckily, those days are gone now. Our How to Watch ESPN Without Cable page will get you up to date in less time than it takes NFL referees to figure out if a catch is really a catch.

6 thoughts on “How to Watch CBS Sports Without Cable

  1. Bryan McGibbon says:

    Can someone watch whatever hockey team you want on espn+.

  2. Linda says:

    I still have a directv subscription, but I also have a Roku tv, how can I watch live NCAAM BB on CBSSN? I also have a CBS All Access Subscription.

    1. Stephen Lovely says:

      If you’re already paying for CBS Sports through DirecTV, I’d recommend using DirecTV’s own apps or trying the CBS Sports website/apps and then logging in with your DirecTV account credentials. Hope that helps!

  3. Jude says:

    After reading this article, I’m cancelling hulu.

  4. David says:

    I want to stream the Braves on BSSO and BSSE. Are those channels available through any of the skinny services?

    1. Stephen Lovely says:

      I think AT&T TV is the only one with those Bally Sports networks

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