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In New England, sports are a way of life. And that makes NESN – New England's regional sports network – one of the most essential channels on TV. So when the time comes to consider cutting the cord, the Boston faithful and the rest of the New England sports crowd have to pause: can they really give up their Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and Bruins? Fortunately, there's a way around having to ask that question. All you have to do is learn how to watch NESN without cable!

Here is our favorite way to stream NESN Regional:

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See, channels like NESN may be cable and satellite staples, but they don't‚ only exist in cable and satellite services. There are other pay TV services that make cord cutting easy and cost-effective, and they'll give you a NESN live stream for all of your Red Sox-watching needs. Sound good? Then let's learn how to watch NESN online, no cable required.

How to Watch NESN Online Without Cable

You need NESN, but you don't need cable. Here's why: there is another type of pay TV service that offers a ton of the same great stuff that cable does – plus more – while charging a whole lot less for it. This type of pay TV service is called a “skinny bundle.” Having a skinny bundle is essential for getting your hands on a NESN live stream and watching the Red Sox online (or the Bruins, or whichever team you love), so let's take a quick moment to establish what the heck a skinny bundle actually is.

A skinny bundle is a pay TV service: you pay each month, and you get a bunch of live channels. Sounds like cable, right? Except skinny bundles stream their content over the internet. That means no regional monopolies, which means more competition, which in turn means lots of good stuff for consumers: lower prices, better services, and the option to buy “skinny” channel bundles that aren't all bloated with channels you don't want. Unlike cable, skinny bundles aren't here to force you to subscribe to an extra hundred channels.

Plus, skinny bundles allow you to stream your live TV from almost anywhere and on almost any device. That means you can watch you NESN live stream on your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, Roku… we could go on.

Skinny bundles these days have pretty impressive channel lineups. Those lineups even include live local feeds of major networks like CBS and NBC, as well as regional sports networks. NESN is a regional sports network, so the exciting world of modern skinny bundles is a very friendly one for New England sports fans.

There's just one catch: since it's a regional sports network, NESN is available on skinny bundles‚ only in areas where it would be available through cable packages. So if you're sick of paying cable for NESN in Boston, you can easily jump ship to a skinny bundle. But if you can't get NESN through cable because you live in Arizona, skinny bundles won't help you. There is a spot of good news to note here, though: NESN has a national channel called (appropriately enough) NESN National. We will cover the skinny bundles that include that channel, too.

Below, we'll list all of the skinny bundle services that you can use to watch NESN in its select markets, and we'll also tell you how to get NESN National anywhere in the country. A bonus: all of the bundles that we'll list have free trial offers, so you can watch NESN online free until the trial period is up. Just click the links to snag the free trials – you'll be able to watch the Red Sox free online while weighing your options for a cost-saving skinny bundle subscription. Talk about win-win! Let's meet the best candidates and learn how to watch NESN without cable.

Stream NESN for free with fuboTV

Free Trial

Originally founded as a soccer-focused skinny bundle, fuboTV has long since re-launched as a broader skinny bundle service. But it still brags that it treats sports fans best, and New Englanders may find that hard to argue. fuboTV offers a NESN live stream to subscribers in markets served by the channel. fuboTV offers a week-long free trial that you can take advantage of by clicking the link in this section. It's a free NESN live stream (at least for a little while) — how can you say no?

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is Google's take on the live TV streaming service. It offers a NESN live stream to customers in select markets. For those who can get NESN, YouTube TV offers an awesome way to watch the Red Sox online (not to mention the Bruins and the rest of the gang!). And, of course, you can watch NESN free online using YouTube TV by grabbing its free trial offer. Don't be surprised if you end up keeping your subscription, though.

Can I Watch NESN on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

NESN was born on cable TV. It doesn't belong on cable anymore, but it still belongs on your TV, so let's talk streaming platforms – starting with those all-important streaming box, streaming stick, and smart TV platforms that will help you put your NESN live stream up on your TV screen.

fuboTV and YouTube TV have apps that work on or with Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Android TV devices.

Want to watch your NESN live stream on the go? As long as you're in NESN's market, you can do that on your smartphone or tablet using the iOS and Android apps offered by fuboTV and YouTube TV.

Thanks to in-browser apps, you can also watch NESN without cable on your desktop or laptop computer using fuboTV and YouTube TV.

Video games systems are an option here, too. Xbox One owners can opt for YouTube TV, which has an app for that video game console.

All of these make great ways to watch NESN without cable. So what are you waiting for? Grab a free trial and stream NESN free while you make up your mind between the many ways to watch NESN online, no cable required.

7 thoughts on “How to Watch NESN Without Cable

  1. Avatar Lonny says:

    YouTube TV Is now $49.99/Month. They added a bunch but also took away a lot.

  2. Avatar Nancy says:

    YouTube TV is now $64.99 a month….they added 8 channels none of which we watch…I don’t know what or if they took any channels away…

    1. Avatar Anonymous says:

      Now they dropped NESN. Good bye YouTube TV

  3. Avatar Rick says:

    YouTube TV is dropping NESN effective 10/31/20

  4. Avatar Rick says:

    YouTube TV is dropping NESN starting 10/31/20

  5. Avatar Anonymous says:

    also will be dropping YouTube tv since they have dropped NESN.

  6. Avatar Elaine Rutter says:

    live in florida, want to see nesn live, pay for boston red sox and boston bruins games, want to see boston sport news, charlie moore, and other shows on nesn other than games
    bought it from cable tv, but do not have it anymore….

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