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UniMás offers even more of the great Univision content you crave. That means more of the best Spanish-language content on TV: more telenovelas, more live soccer broadcasts, more everything! And the best thing about UniMás is that, just like its parent channel, it doesn't ask you to subscribe to a cable or satellite service in order to watch it. See, UniMás is available online as well as via free over-the-air TV, so you have a lot of options for watching UniMás live, no cable required. Below, we'll lay out all of the methods you need to know about as we explain how to watch UniMás without cable. We'll explain how an exciting new type of streaming service can help you watch UniMás online, and we'll make sure that you know how to use an antenna and free over the air to watch UniMás without cable for free. Let's get started!

Here is our favorite way to stream UniMás:

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How to Watch UniMás Online and Over the Air Without Cable

As is the case with its big brother, Univision, there are two basic ways to watch UniMás online: skinny bundles and free over-the-air TV.

Free over-the-air TV is something we talk a lot about here on, and we'll cover it in a bit more depth later on in this article. But our list doesn't just include one skinny bundle – we'll talk about a few of them here. So let's save some time by answering a basic question ahead of time: what is a skinny bundle?

We've answered that question before on this site, but let's recap. A skinny bundle is a “pay TV” service, which means that – like cable and satellite – it will charge you in exchange for the TV it provides. It's also a “multichannel” service, which means that – again like cable and satellite – it offers live feeds of multiple network television stations at once.

But this is pretty much where the similarities between skinny bundles and their “legacy” (that means old and outdated) competition ends. Unlike cable and satellite providers, skinny bundle companies let subscribers grab smaller channel packages that trim the fat for a more cost-effective live TV bundle. And, again unlike cable and satellite providers, skinny bundles deliver their content online. They're streaming services, just like Netflix (only for live TV, of course)!

Since skinny bundles are delivered over the internet (“over the top,” in industry lingo), they can be viewed almost anywhere and on almost any device. They're convenient, affordable, and versatile services that are just plain better than cable.

Not every skinny bundle has UniMás, so not all of them can show you how to watch UniMás without cable. But some are good fits for our subject. We'll list those below, and when we're done with the skinny bundles, we'll move on to talk about free over-the-air TV. Ready? Here's how to watch UniMás without cable.

Stream UniMás for free with fuboTV

Free Trial

fuboTV is a popular live TV streaming service that includes UniMás and other great Spanish-language channels in its channel selection. fuboTV makes an affordable way to watch UniMás, and you can try out the service for free for a week by clicking on the link below.


AT&T TV Now is a skinny bundle that is backed by a legacy pay TV company: AT&T, which owns DirecTV. Despite its affiliations, this is a great modern skinny bundle. It includes a ton of channels, and UniMás is among them.

Free Over-the-Air TV

Like its big brother Univision, UniMás is a “broadcast” television channel. That means that it is broadcast from big transmitter towers scattered around the country, so that viewers can pick up the channel on their over-the-air TV antennas. In other words, it's possible to watch UniMás for free without cable!

To watch UniMás without cable for free, you'll just need an antenna that's large enough to pick up the signal. If luck is with you and your local UniMás station is relatively close to you, you might be able to pick it up with a simple and affordable indoor TV antenna. For more on free over-the-air TV, check out our extensive guides to antennas and OTA right here on

Can I Watch UniMás on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

If you use an over-the-air antenna to watch UniMás without cable, then you'll be watching on your TV screen. But what if you decide to watch UniMás online? Can you still watch on your big-screen TV?

Of course you can! Let's talk about how to watch UniMás without cable on whatever device you choose. It's an easy subject to cover, because we've already introduced you to the services you'll use: they're those same skinny bundles we listed above.

fuboTV and AT&T TV Now both work great on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast devices.

fuboTV has an app for Android TV.

Want to watch on the go? Skinny bundles can handle that. fuboTV and AT&T TV Now have apps for both Android and iOS mobile devices, making it easy for you to watch UniMás without cable on your smartphone or tablet.

Computers are covered, too, of course. Using desktop and/or in-browser apps, you can watch fuboTV and AT&T TV Now on your desktop or laptop computer.

And don't even get us started on the many ways you can use hardware to enhance your free over-the-air TV experience. If you don't already know how to record, rewind, and replay antenna broadcasts, check out our coverage.

In short, you can watch UniMás without cable on a wide range of devices by grabbing your choice of skinny bundle and/or using free over-the-air TV. So grab a free trial and get your UniMás live stream!

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