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“Yellowstone” is a neo-Western drama — the characters live very much in the present. They’re probably even more modern than a handful of us because they cut their cable cords a long time ago. But how would they manage to watch their favorite shows? The answer is skinny bundles, and we’re here to tell you all about them.

Skinny bundles are online streaming services that offer live TV shows at the click or tap of a button. Think of them as Netflix or Hulu, except you can watch your favorite TV content right as it airs. Unlike cable providers, skinny bundles give you more discretion when it comes to choosing a channel lineup, putting an end to the days of paying for channels you don’t actually watch. The list of skinny bundles where you can watch “Yellowstone” includes Hulu + Live TV, DIRECTV STREAM, Philo, fuboTV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Peacock.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to stream ‘Yellowstone':

  Price Channels Free Trial  
$69.99 75+ none

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$25 60+ 7 days

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$64.99 – $79.99 220+ 7 days

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$35 – $50 30+ – 130+ 3 days

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How to Watch ‘Yellowstone’ Without Cable

“Yellowstone” airs on Paramount Network, a prestige channel that’s now available without cable. To watch new episodes of “Yellowstone,” you’ll need a way to watch Paramount Network. It’s not the most well-known network, but it’s available on several live TV streaming services, which we list below.

Stream “Yellowstone” with Hulu + Live TV

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Hulu + Live TV carries Paramount Network as part of its base package. That’s great news for people who want to watch all the drama of “Yellowstone” unfold without worrying about drama from a cable company. Check out our Hulu + Live TV review to get our full opinion on this service.

Stream “Yellowstone” with Philo

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Philo is known for offering content around sports and local programming, but it also offers “Yellowstone” and its parent channel, Paramount Network. Check out the complete Philo channel list for more information on what you can watch, and don’t forget you can always sign up for its free seven-day trial.

Stream “Yellowstone” with fuboTV

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fuboTV started as an online streaming service exclusively providing soccer content, but that’s not really relevant to “Yellowstone” viewers. What they really want to hear is that fuboTV carries Paramount Network, allowing you to catch the latest “Yellowstone” episodes. To top things off, fuboTV offers beneficial features such as free cloud DVR and no annual contracts. Check out our fuboTV review for more details.

Stream “Yellowstone” with Sling TV

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Sling TV also lets you watch “Yellowstone,” but not with either of its base packages. Instead you’ll have to add Paramount Network as an add-on via Sling TV’s “Comedy Extra” package. Cable providers are notorious for charging high fees for add-on subscriptions, but skinny bundles charge significantly less. You can add Paramount Network to your Sling TV subscription for a few extra bucks.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV has a channel list that’s almost as vast as the Montana landscape, which means you can watch “Yellowstone” if you subscribe to YouTube TV, YouTube’s version of a skinny bundle. Visit our YouTube TV review to find out more about the service’s pros and cons.


If you’re new to “Yellowstone,” Peacock offers a good way to catch up. That’s because you can only watch the first three seasons of “Yellowstone” on Peacock, a streaming service that brings everyone’s favorite TV shows right to your home. Peacock offers both a paid and free tier, and you’ll need to spring for the paid tier to watch most episodes of “Yellowstone.” Read our Peacock review for the latest information.

Can I Watch ‘Yellowstone’ on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

The ranch in “Yellowstone” is huge, but that doesn’t mean viewers need a lot of real estate to watch the show. Of course, you can watch it on the biggest TV screen in your house, but you can watch it in a lot of other ways as well. The chart below has all the specifics.

Roku Fire TV Apple TV Android TV Chromecast iOS Android Web/
Hulu + Live TV Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Philo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
fuboTV Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sling TV Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
YouTube TV Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

More to Watch for ‘Yellowstone’ Fans

Now you know how to watch “Yellowstone” without cable. Once you’re all caught up with everything John, Beth, and the rest of the characters get up to, you’ll need other things to watch. Here’s what we recommend.

If you enjoy serious adult dramas like “Yellowstone,” you’ll probably want to check out AMC, a channel known for producing ageless hits. It made its reputation off shows like “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad,” and it now offers high-quality shows like “Better Call Saul.” You can find out how to watch it on our How to Watch AMC Without Cable page.

You also have to check out Cinemax for more Westerns. The channel is particularly known for its selection of movies, many of which are set in the Wild West. It’s also known for action thrillers such as “Hunter Killer” and other programming that will have you gripping your seat. One thing you won’t have to touch? Cable cords — Cinemax is available without cable.