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What’s more HBO than HBO? HBO Max! HBO Max is a service that cranks up that HBO goodness to the “Max” — whatever that means. If you’re trying to decide whether to subscribe to HBO Max, or if you’re confused about the difference between HBO Max and all of those other HBOs, then you have come to the right place. We’ve spent years using HBO services and months using HBO Max itself, and now we’re here to break down all of the details to the Max. Read on for all the information you need on HBO Max, including what shows and movies are on HBO Max, how much HBO Max costs, how to cancel your HBO Max contract, and what makes HBO Max different from the rest of the HBO family.

What Is HBO Max? How Is It Different From Those Other HBOs?

HBO Max is the top-of-the-line streaming service from AT&T’s HBO brand. It’s designed to compete with streaming heavyweights like Netflix, and it works in pretty much all the same ways. Just like Netflix, HBO Max charges a monthly subscription fee and offers on-demand content (that means you select your show or movie and play it on your schedule, instead of tuning in and watching it “live” on TV). You can subscribe to HBO Max directly or through other services and devices.

But wait: Wasn’t the “old” HBO already like this? Well, sort of. HBO started as a premium TV network. To sign up for the old-school HBO, you would have had to go through your pay TV provider. But it’s also true that HBO eventually came out with other versions of its popular channel, including HBO Now, which worked a lot like Netflix. So it’s true that HBO already had a pretty Netflix-like service. You can think of HBO Max as a souped-up version of HBO Now. It’s a bigger and badder “Netflix killer.” HBO wishes its HBO Now customers would upgrade to HBO Max, and there are some pretty good reasons to do that, as we’ll talk about below and in our HBO Max review.

What Shows and Movies are on HBO Max?

Game of Thrones is on HBO Max

HBO Max is in a pretty competitive market. We already get a lot of great shows from Netflix, Hulu, and the rest. So what can HBO Max offer us? For starters, HBO Max includes everything that’s on regular old HBO. HBO Max is really building its brand on the existing HBO content, so you can expect to see lots of familiar titles like The Sopranos and Game of Thrones. But there are also some brand-new HBO Max exclusives, plus licensed content like Friends. In other words, all HBO content is HBO Max content, but not all HBO Max content is on HBO!

HBO Max shows

  • Band of Brothers
  • Deadwood
  • Friends
  • Game of Thrones
  • Sex and the City
  • The Sopranos
  • Veep
  • Watchmen
  • The Wire
  • ….and many more

HBO Max movies

  • The Inventor
  • Joker
  • The Lord of the Rings trilogy
  • The Witches
  • …and many more

What Devices can I Use to Watch HBO Max?

HBO is a channel that you can watch on your TV set, but what about HBO Max? It’s not quite the same thing. Remember, this is a streaming service. You can watch it on a computer or a smartphone, but those aren’t your only options. It’s also easy to watch HBO Max on other devices, including your favorite TV screen. HBO Max has apps for major streaming platforms, devices, and smart TVs.

Streaming platforms and devices

Video game consoles

  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One

Mobile devices

  • Android (phones and tablets)
  • iOS (iPhones and iPads)


  • PC
  • Mac
  • Chromebook

How Much Does HBO Max Cost?

HBO Max costs $14.99 per month. That’s a pretty good price, especially considering that regular old HBO costs the same amount. There’s really no reason to pay for regular HBO or HBO Now when you can spend the same amount and get HBO Max instead.

HBO Max is priced similarly to Netflix’s most popular plan, and it’s significantly more expensive than Disney+ and Hulu. But comparisons here can be a little trickier. HBO Max has a pretty large catalog of movies and TV shows, including some very popular (and big-budget) original series. HBO Max also tends to have more new releases and critically acclaimed films than some of its streaming competitors. How expensive HBO Max seems depends a lot on how much you like what it’s offering.

Deals on HBO Max

HBO Max’s price isn’t half bad, but can we do better? Sometimes, we can. We’re always on the lookout for the best HBO Max discounts and deals.

So what kind of deals can you get on HBO Max right now? As of this writing, there are a few things going on. For one thing, you may have already gotten a free upgrade! HBO is pushing its new service by replacing existing HBO subscriptions and offering free upgrades to customers. If you already had HBO through your pay TV provider, you may already have HBO Max. And if you have HBO Now, you may have been offered a free upgrade to HBO Max. Check your app or your email to see if you’ve got good news.

If you’re not getting HBO Max already, don’t worry. HBO is reportedly working on expanding its free upgrade offers to more types of HBO subscriptions, including ones from cable and satellite providers that aren’t up on the free upgrade deal yet.

We’ll keep our eye out for the latest and greatest deals on HBO Max. But you can pretty much always count on one great option: the HBO Max free trial.

Getting an HBO Max Free Trial

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to HBO Max? We get it. Happily, you can test things out risk-free by taking advantage of the HBO Max free trial offer.

The HBO Max free trial offer will give you seven days of free access. After the free access, you’ll be billed at the regular price of $14.99 per month of service. If you cancel your HBO Max free trial before your week is up, you’ll walk away without having to pay anything. But you may want to keep it, because HBO Max is a great service — HBO is our favorite source of original shows.

If you’re ready to get started right now, you can sign up for a risk-free HBO Max free trial here!

HBO Max Contracts

We’ve never been huge on commitment here at, so we’re happy that HBO Max is as easygoing about contracts as most streaming services are. Just like Netflix, Hulu, and many other competitors, HBO Max bills us by the month and lets us cancel at any time.

Keep in mind, though, that you don’t necessarily have to go directly to HBO to get HBO Max. You can sign up directly if you want to, but you could also get HBO Max in other ways: For example, you might have HBO through your cable provider, which could mean that you get HBO Max included at no extra charge. That’s good news, but you should remember that HBO Max may not be the only contract involved here. If you sign up for HBO Max directly, you can cancel at any time; but if you sign up for HBO through Comcast or Spectrum, then you’re going to have a separate contract involved.

How to Cancel HBO Max

Want to cancel HBO Max? Good news: It’s probably really easy.

Why “probably?” Well, it’s not quite a sure thing, because there are multiple ways to sign up for HBO Max.

If you signed up for HBO Max directly, then you can cancel very easily. Just head right back to HBO Max’s website and log in. Hit “Profile” and head to “Billing Information” to find the option to cancel your subscription. You can also use the mobile app by tapping the gear icon to reach the Settings menu and then heading to “Billing Information” from there.

If you signed up for HBO max in a different way, though, things can get slightly more complicated. Don’t panic, though: You just need to remember where you signed up for HBO Max, then get to that device or service (or that company’s customer service department, if you’re at your wit’s end).

It may seem a bit confusing. HBO Max is a service, but you can’t always call HBO to cancel it. Just like you can get Apple products from the Apple Store or Best Buy, you can get HBO Max directly from HBO or from another company. If you signed up for HBO Max through your favorite streaming device, then that’s where you’ll need to cancel it. If you got access to HBO Max for free because you already have HBO through a pay TV provider like Comcast or Spectrum, then Comcast or Spectrum is who you’ll have to get in touch with to cancel HBO. Makes sense, right? And if you’re having trouble remembering how you got HBO Max in the first place, your app can help. Just head to that “Billing Information” page in the same way we talked about above. You should see the name of the company that you’re actually paying for HBO Max. Click on the button on that screen, and HBO Max will helpfully direct you to that company’s website.

All About HBO Max

We’ve covered a lot of important information here in our HBO Max guide. But there’s always more to learn about HBO Max and all of the other services and apps in the HBO family, so don’t stop here. Read on to check out our other important HBO coverage, including our HBO Max review, our HBO Now page, and more. And, while we have your attention, why not follow up on Twitter or like us on Facebook and Instagram? Keeping in touch on social media will keep you on top of all the things you need to know about HBO Max and the rest of the streaming world.