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Looking to jump ship from cable to try Netflix? If so, you’re probably looking for a hot deal on Netflix, the most popular streaming service available. With 128 million subscribers and counting, Netflix certainly has the lion’s share of the streaming market. Netflix is an internet streaming service for all the hottest TV shows, documentaries, movies, and more. And the $122 billion dollar company continues to invest in their own productions, releasing critically acclaimed series like House of Cards, Jessica Jones, and let’s not forget Stranger Things. So what are the best Netflix deals?

Before we jump in, we’re going to quickly discuss the normal cost of a Netflix subscription, which isn’t exactly cheap. What’s more is that Netflix continues to hike their prices every couple of years. It’s now become one of those monthly costs that makes you take pause and ask if it’s really necessary (pssst… it is). That’s why finding a great ongoing Netflix deal is now more important than ever.

How Much Does Netflix Cost?

New customers can choose between three Netflix streaming plans. The plans range in price between $8.99 monthly for the Basic plan, to $12.99 for the Standard plan (HD quality), to $15.99 for the Premium plan which includes 4K Ultra HD and simultaneous viewing on multiple screens. Sure, Netflix is a bit pricey. But when you consider the treasure-trove of media and entertainment at your fingertips, the $15.99/mo. suddenly seems reasonable.

The content is the same across the different plans. That is to say, on the basic plan you can watch all the same television series, movies, documentaries, etc. as you can on the premium plan. It’s the image quality and multiple screens that changes (this can be incredibly beneficial for savings, as we’ll discuss). So let’s jump right into the Netflix deals and discounts.

What Are the Best Netflix Deals?

We searched the web high and low for ongoing Netflix deals. There are a number of ways that cable cutters can cut costs (say that 5 times fast). Here are the best Netflix deals, discounts, and savings opportunities that we found:

  • Netflix 30-day free trial. If you’re a brand new customer, you can test-drive Netflix for a full month before committing with your credit card.
  • Pay for Netflix with discounted gift-cards. Purchase discounted Netflix gift cards from various marketplaces, and use them to pay your monthly bill. While not exactly a “deal,” this is a nice (and totally legal) loophole to save a couple bucks on Netflix.
  • Split your Netflix subscription and save. Again, not a true “deal,” but this will help you to save money on Netflix. The premium plan gives you up to 4 screens to watch Netflix on. So you can split the cost between three friends and only pay $4/mo. apiece. The CEO has openly stated that Netflix is OK with account sharing. The best part, you’ll all get 4K Ultra HD!
  • Unfortunately, Netflix does not offer a student discount, military discount, or senior discount. Nor do they offer savings when you purchase an annual plan.

What Are Netflix Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals?

Looking for a great Netflix deal on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? If so, you’ll likely be in for a nice treat. The streaming service has offered low prices in the past, especially for new customers. We’re not sure what the holiday savings will be, but look for percentage-off and dollar-off discounts from Netflix.

Cord cutters everywhere know that Cyber Monday is hands down the best day of the year to save money on digital products and services. It’s the biggest online shopping day, and companies like Netflix are not blind to this. They know it’s a huge opportunity to scoop up new subscribers by the truck loads. So if you’re willing to wait for a Netflix deal, the holidays will probably not disappoint. But remember, Netflix offers ongoing deals all year long. So you don’t have to wait until the holidays to get started with the hottest streaming service around.

What Are Netflix Discount Codes and Coupons?

Shoppers should also keep an eye out for ongoing promo codes and discount codes released throughout the year. Streaming services like Netflix are known to dole out cost savings to incentivize folks to sign-up with their service. Many of these are short-term and limited, but others may be long-term and valid all year long. These deals will be especially helpful if you’re considering Netflix’s premium plan that retails for $15.99/mo.        

How to Stay Up to Date on Netflix Deals?

Netflix has been around since 1997, which practically makes it a dinosaur as far as streaming services go. But with age comes experience and a legacy of innovation. That’s why more people recognize Netflix (and sign-up with Netflix) than any other service. If you wish to count yourself among the millions with a Netflix subscription, then we suggest you check back here frequently for the best deals and discounts. We’ll continue to search the web for great ways to save on Netflix. And we’ll be sure to update this page throughout the year with our findings.

How to Save Money on Netflix Today?

Are you shopping around for a quality internet streaming subscription, and don’t want to wait? If that’s you, then remember to review the bulleted list above. We outline and highlight the best Netflix deals and cost-savings opportunities. It’s nice to know that budget-conscious shoppers have options to get Netflix for cheap. We won’t say that Netflix is the best service (that’s debatable), but we will say that it’s the most popular with the biggest influence in a sea of great options and alternatives. Companies don’t grow into multi-billion dollar brands by happenstance. Netflix must be doing something right.