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Brooke Davis in this image from Tollin/Robbins Productions
Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) (Image: Tollin/Robbins Productions)

“One Tree Hill” continues to be a cult classic, and a huge reason for that is the incredible cast of characters throughout the nine-season series. Choosing a single favorite character is nearly impossible, but there's likely one character you've really resonated with. Learn what your favorite character says about you.

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Lucas Scott

Lucas Scott in this image from Tollin/Robbins Productions
Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) (Image: Tollin/Robbins Productions)

It's crystal clear throughout the series that Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) is a literature junkie. From his poignant voice-overs featuring lines from classic novels, to his pursuit of his own writing career, Lucas is bound to resonate with someone who also has a visceral love for literature. You may consider yourself a bit of an intellectual and enjoy finding deeper meanings, not only in the stories you read, but also in your life.

Nathan Scott

Nathan Scott in this image from Tollin/Robbins Productions
Nathan Scott (James Lafferty) (Image: Tollin/Robbins Productions)

Throughout the series, Nathan Scott (James Lafferty) has one of the best character arcs. The person he is at the start of the show is a far cry from who he ends up being (in the best way possible). If you found yourself drawn to Nathan, you've made mistakes and have had to learn from your experiences. You welcomed those mistakes, however, and you know that they helped you grow into the person you are now.

Peyton Sawyer

Peyton Sawyer in this image from Tollin/Robbins Productions
Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton) (Image: Tollin/Robbins Productions)

There are two primary reasons Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton) resonated with you: music or trauma. Partially inspired by the real-life actress, Peyton has a huge love for music that spans across genres. It's a core part of her being and if you were always looking to listen to the songs and artists she gushed over, you shared that same passion.

On the other hand, Peyton dealt with some pretty heavy trauma in the series, from dealing with a stalker, to facing the death of a parent. You likely found solace in Peyton's story as a mirror to reflect that you weren't alone. She feels like more than just a character to you and rather like a close friend.

Haley James Scott

Haley James Scott in this image from Tollin/Robbins Productions
Haley James Scott (Bethany Joy Lenz) (Image: Tollin/Robbins Productions)

A multifaceted character, Haley James Scott (Bethany Joy Lenz) featured many core parts of her personality. She was a musician, a teacher, a mother, a wife, and an incredible friend. If you relate to Haley, you don't consider yourself to be just one thing. You have many things you're passionate about, and watching Haley take on every one of her passions in a way that doesn't burn her out is super relatable.

Brooke Davis

Brooke Davis in this image from Tollin/Robbins Productions
Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) (Image: Tollin/Robbins Productions)

Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) was the ultimate girl boss before the phrase was mainstream. It's easy to relate to Brooke because she has a fierce independence that drives her to follow her dreams and push naysayers aside. Whether or not you're interested in fashion like Brooke, you recognize the power it takes to work for something you want.

Dan Scott

Dan Scott in this image from Tollin/Robbins Productions
Dan Scott (Paul Johansson) (Image: Tollin/Robbins Productions)

The ultimate villain and one of the worst parents on “One Tree Hill” is Dan Scott (Paul Johansson), and if you can't help but feel drawn to his character, don't worry. It probably doesn't mean you're also a manipulative psychopath. You might have an intense interest in what makes bad people tick. You're the type of person who listens to true crime podcasts on repeat, eager to learn everything you can about the perpetrator to understand why they are the way that they are. It's why you're so intrigued by Dan's character.

Julian Baker

Julian Baker in this image from Tollin/Robbins Productions
Julian Baker (Austin Nichols) (Image: Tollin/Robbins Productions)

Being nostalgic is woven into your personality if you feel most connected to Julian Baker (Austin Nichols). His character has a fantastical quality that yearns to find pivotal moments from classic cinema in everyday life. Much like Julian, you've been inspired by movies from your youth and continue to watch them on repeat. You're nostalgic for the past and try to recreate those feelings of bliss in your adult life.

Clay Evans

Clay Evans in this image from Tollin/Robbins Productions
Clay Evans (Robert Buckley) (Image: Tollin/Robbins Productions)

While Clay Evans (Robert Buckley) certainly had serious storylines on the show, the character had a fun-loving quality to him that you couldn't help but adore. You enjoy surrounding yourself with people who are humorous and spontaneous, and that's likely the type of person you are as well. You strive to be a person that brings joy to others, and you look forward to engaging in exciting activities with your loved ones.

Quinn James

Quinn James in this image from Tollin/Robbins Productions
Quinn James (Shantel Van Santen) (Image: Tollin/Robbins Productions)

The older sister of Haley James Scott, Quinn James (Shantel Van Santen) is the type of woman you can depend on. If you related to her, it's because that's the type of person you are for others. You're not one to allow people to walk all over you, but you’ll support those close to you. You're the first one to jump in if a friend or family member needs help. You've been known to drop what you're doing for the sake of someone else.

2 thoughts on “What Your Favorite ‘One Tree Hill’ Character Says About You

  1. Sequoia Bryant says:

    I am a curse of four different people Lucas Nathan Haley and Peyton Scott I’m more like them and each and every different way I had tragedy I had pain but I want to be there for everybody I want to be the better me I won’t think my way but I like literally you know I like this man down there getting into things reading stuff like that so I kind of get what the four characters are you don’t ultimate my favorite characters are Lucas and Peyton I like Haley and Nathan but like I said my best are Lucas and Peyton

  2. Savanna Marie Holsted says:

    If I want to be in a romantically relationship with Felix Tagarro I’d obviously would like to be friends with Haley Brooke and Quinn that’s super cool

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