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Stars On Mars

A shocking elimination on “Stars on Mars” has turned the power rankings upside down in week three. Read on to see whose stock is rising and whose is falling.

Past power rankings:

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1. Tinashe

Last week: 8 “Stars on Mars” favorite Tinashe is moving in the power rankings again this week. This time, though, it’s a huge move up the ladder. Tinashe had a standout performance in Episode Three, outmaneuvering team Ariel for the commandership and running the most competent challenge effort we’ve seen so far. Meanwhile, she’s building alliances with Lance Armstrong and other key players — including rival commander candidate Ariel, who Tinashe tapped as mission specialist. Keep your friends close…

2. Lance Armstrong

Last week: 3

Lance has been a consistent performer since week one, and it’s starting to pay off. Key players are trying to cozy up to him, even as he insists that he doesn’t want to be base commander. Look for him to reverse that position later in the game, as elimination prospects thin out and immunity becomes more important.

3. Porsha Williams Guobadia

Last week: 2

After getting plenty of screen time in the first two episodes, Porsha took on a more average role this week. She still appears to be the savviest of the reality TV veterans in the hab.

4. Ronda Rousey

Last week: 4

Ronda has played the game well and has been proactive about building alliances. The problem? Her closest friendships were with Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman. Ronda attempted to save Marshawn Lynch from elimination, arguing that he should be a package deal with the more useful Richard Sherman. However, Sherman used the time allotted for his own defense to effectively resign from the game. Now the Seahawks caucus is cut in half, and Ronda is left with the more unpredictable of her two allies.

5. Tom Schwartz

Last week: 10

Tom finally broke out of the bottom three in this week’s episode, and he seems to be charming at least some of his fellow competitors. He still has some climbing to do, though.

6. Adam Rippon

Last week: 9

Rippon spent Episode Three making moves and playing politics, but his attempt to play base-commander kingmaker failed when his chosen candidate, Ariel Winter, lost the election to Tinashe.

7. Marshawn Lynch

Last week: 5

Marshawn amped up the antics even further in Episode Three, and appeared to be all but purposely trying to get himself eliminated. He seemed likely to be booted this episode, but was saved by his old teammate, Richard Sherman. Despite his big drop, Marshawn remains popular and talented. Whether he shoots back up the rankings or falls off of them entirely will depend on whether he chooses to start caring about the game.

8. Ariel Winter

Last week: 7

It was a rough episode for Ariel. She was nominated to run for base commander and promptly lost. Then she was tapped as mission specialist and immediately began to annoy the teammates who were actually doing the work. She ended the episode by starting a whisper campaign against Marshawn Lynch. Lynch’s position has weakened considerably since his standout performance in week one, but he remains popular in spite of (or perhaps because of) his unserious work in Episodes Two and Three. Ariel would be wise to pick a more vulnerable target.

9. Natasha Leggero

Last week: 6

After not being particularly useful in any episodes so far, Natasha was fully useless in Episode Three. Tasked with working with fertilizer in the elimination challenge, she spent her time gagging on the smell. At least she wasn’t actively sabotaging things like Marshawn Lynch.

Eliminated: Richard Sherman

Last week: 1

In easily the most shocking moment of the show so far, Richard Sherman effectively quit during the elimination phase of Episode Three. Technically in the bottom three but in no real danger of elimination, thanks to Marshawn’s antics and Natasha’s incompetence, Sherman declined to mount a defense. Instead he gave a short speech volunteering to be sent home. Base commander Tinashe obliged.

Eliminated: Tallulah Willis

Last week: 7

Tallulah managed to win the base commander job in Episode Two, only to meet with failure in the emergency challenge. The team’s flop made Tallulah eligible for elimination, and mission specialist Natasha Leggero sent Willis packing.

Eliminated: Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Last week: N/A

Poor McLovin was booted in the series premiere. Things move fast on Mars, and Mintz-Plasse just couldn't get out of the gate cleanly.

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