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Roku devices are among the most popular cord cutting tools around, and that doesn't look like it's changing anytime soon. Roku is a great way to organize on-demand streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, but what about live TV services? Do you know how to watch live TV on Roku?

Here are a few of our favorite ways to stream live TV on a Roku:

  Price Channels Free Trial  
$4.99 8+ 30 days

See Offer

$16 – $20 44 – 57 7 days

See Offer

$5.99 – $85.96 68 – 88 7 or 30 days

See Offer

$54.99 – $86.96 100+ 7 days

See Offer

$30 – $70 50+ 3 days

See Offer

If not, this is the guide you need. With its cable look-alike “skinny bundle” subscription services and many other live TV options, Roku has you covered. Here are a few of our favorite ways to watch live TV on Roku.

How to Watch Live TV on Roku

Your options for live TV on Roku include a few different types of services, including skinny bundles. Skinny bundles are those cable-like services that take live network television and put it online. The idea is that you can do everything you could do with cable, including surf channels, watch live TV, and even (with some services) record things to a DVR. But in the case of skinny bundles, it all happens online, meaning there are no regional monopolies. Combined with the slimmed-down channel packages that skinny bundles offer in place of those bloated cable bundles, this brings subscription prices way down.

Besides skinny bundles, our list includes free live streaming services of all types (including genre- and network-specific solutions) and paid sports league streaming packages. We have, however, left out streaming apps that require you to validate them with a pay TV login. This is a site for cord cutters, after all!

Stream live TV on Roku for free with Philo

Free Trial

Philo is one of the most affordable ways to watch live TV on Roku. The catch,: no local channels, and virtually no sports coverage. If you can live with those drawbacks (or supplement them with free over-the-air TV), Philo's pricing makes it an ideal way to watch live TV on Roku without cable. You can give Philo a test-drive risk-free: Like many of its competitors, Philo offers a free trial. Philo's trial is a week long, and you can sign up for it using the link above. Read our review of Philo to learn more about the service.

Stream live TV on Roku for free with Hulu

Free Trial

Hulu first made a name for itself as a streaming video on demand (SVOD) service along the lines of Netflix. But it has since ventured into the skinny bundle market with Hulu + Live TV. Hulu's take on the skinny bundle is a very strong option for those wanting to watch live TV on Roku devices. For more information, read our review of Hulu + Live TV.

Stream live TV on Roku for free with fuboTV

Free Trial

fuboTV began life as a soccer streaming service, but now it offers live streaming of lots of different channels, not just those that air soccer. That makes it a pretty typical skinny bundle, though it still retains a certain sports-centric feel. You can sign up for fuboTV's free trial offer by clicking on the link above. Read our review of fuboTV to learn more.

Stream live TV on Roku with Sling TV

Try It

Sling TV is a skinny bundle, but it differs slightly from its competitors in that it is slightly more a la carte. Rather than stack bundles in a hierarchy, Sling TV offers subscribers one of two starter packages and then invites them to build out custom packages with “add-on” bundles, which feature small groups of related channels. The idea is that sports fans can get the sports networks without the home improvement networks, and vice versa, saving everyone some money. Here's our review of Sling TV.


Legacy pay TV companies have started to notice that skinny bundles are the future, which is how we got AT&T TV Now, a skinny bundle from AT&T. AT&T TV Now offers tons of great channels. Like most of its competitors, AT&T TV Now offers a week-long free trial. For more on this service, read our review of AT&T TV Now.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is Google's answer to the skinny bundle question. It's a strong service, and it fared well in our YouTube TV review. You can watch YouTube TV for free for a week if you grab the service's free trial offer.

Free over-the-air TV

As you may already know, free over-the-air TV is one of the bet ways to get live TV without cable. But how can you connect an antenna to your Roku?

Well, with a Roku TV, it's easy — just plug it in and scan for channels. Even if you're using a Roku set-top box or stick, though, there are ways to get live OTA content onto your device. One option is to use an OTA DVR like Tablo. Tablo's Roku channel allows Roku users to watch live and recorded OTA TV through their Tablo device and antenna. The app is free, but you'll need the $200 device itself, plus the antenna. Another option is to combine a PC TV tuner and Plex, which now allows for live TV streaming.

Stream live TV on Roku with ESPN+

Try It

ESPN+ is Disney's sports-focused streaming service. It offers a lot of great content, including live feeds of some sporting events. Just be aware that, as of this writing, ESPN+ does not include a live stream of the ESPN cable network. There are live broadcasts to be had here, but not the same ones as you'd see on TV.

CBS News Live 24/7

CBS News Live offers 24/7 streaming of CBSN, the dedicated news network from CBS. You can also stream on-demand content from CBS's news programs, including the CBS Evening News. CBSN isn't the most popular news channel around, but hey, it's free! While other news services (such as Fox News) have Roku channels, few offer the live streaming that the CBS News channel does. Only CBS News Live 24/7 really lets you watch live TV on Roku without a cable login, and for the purposes of this article, that's all we care about.


Livestream is a popular live streaming platform used by companies like Spotify as well as by local news networks, sports broadcasters, and others. Livestream is free, and it's available in Roku's channel store. Its content isn't overwhelming, but it's a solid option and particularly great if your local news station uses the platform. It's worth downloading it and checking for good local and national content.


NewsON is a new service that aims to replace one live TV service that cord cutters previously had little access to: local news. It auto-locates the closest supported local news station and lets you play coverage on your Roku device. It's a free service, so there's no harm in checking it out. You can read our review of NewsON here.

League Sports Packages

MLB.TV, NBA League Pass, and NHL.TV let cord cutters watch live out-of-market MLB, NBA, and NHL games, respectively. The prices vary by league and package, and some leagues offer single-team deals. Despite the blackouts and relatively high price tags, these are a clear choice for fans with a particular passion for one sport or league. We have reviewed NHL.TV (back when it was called NHL GameCenter LIVE) and MLB.TV.

114 thoughts on “How to Watch Live TV on Roku

  1. Avatar Mike says:

    I know a private Roku channel where you get all the live TV channels and more for a small monthly fee. Email me for details

    1. Avatar Kelvin Ball says:

      I would like to get the live TV for Roku.

    2. Avatar BRENDA L says:

      So would I. Please send details.
      Thank you!

    3. Avatar Debbie says:

      I would like more information about the private Roku channel where I can get live TV channels.

      1. Avatar Cheryl Hinton says:

        I would like more information please

    4. Avatar Ted Zaremba says:

      Tell me how to get free local stations from my Roku.

    5. Avatar Diana Ross says:

      Which service?

    6. Avatar Gerry Prince says:

      Hello Mike: I am a senior and due to my financial situation due to the virus. I need to look at saving and thought I would look at getting rid of cable. I have a hulu premiere which I am struggling in trying to figure out how it works.
      I came across your name where you mentioned to contact you to get a private Roku channel where you get all the live TV channels Please can you offer any help
      Thank you

    7. Avatar tom says:

      Hi how do I get live TV on roku

  2. Avatar Shirley says:

    Will I be able to get these channels Own-We-MTV-Bravo???

    1. Avatar Peter says:

      You can get a Bravo addon for Kodi. Not for Roku, yet.

    2. Avatar Jim Jonns says:

      Add private channel XTV with code XTVIPTV to your Roku. Although it lags every once in a while and some channels just don’t work at all, you have a choice of about 20 working cable channels to stream. It’s all completely free. It’s my favorite channel by far. (It also has on demand and 24/7 channels available.)

    3. Avatar Frederick says:

      Can I get OWN.

  3. Avatar Sharon M Tetreau says:

    What I really want to know is can I get the local channels in my area.

    1. Avatar Kevin says:


  4. Avatar Benjamin says:

    Sling TV is great but is very spotty lately. Service reloads a lot. Can’t watch a full program without reloading. Very unhappy. I canceled it after 1 year with them, as it’s gotten worse. Worst part is I turned on family to this service. They need to get it together.

    1. Avatar Jon says:

      I’ve decided, after two trials, that Sling TV isn’t worth it. The delays are ridiculous, especially on live TV, but also for on demand. I’ve just now dropped Sling TV for the second time. It suck via Roku 2 & 3 models, this much I know.

  5. Avatar Jerry says:

    The more that Sling TV improves, the worse the service is. You have to keep raising your internet speeds to keep up. Soon it will be cheaper just to go with satellite or cable because of the added internet charge!

  6. Avatar John says:

    Every one I click is not in Canada.

  7. Avatar Mags says:

    Friend just downloaded PS Vue and seems to love it! Gives you 3 plan options, highest one being $45, and you get 100 channels.

  8. Avatar Claude Cyr says:

    I want TVA channel.

  9. Avatar Dominic Bisesi says:

    PlayStation Vue hands down over Sling TV except for ONE thing. Sling TV is portable, you can take it with you on vacation use on Roku Stick or equivalent in hotel or any TV anywhere with HDMI. Not so with PlayStation Vue. NOT portable and only one change of address and then they drop you. If they ever change that nonsense I’m in for life.

    1. Avatar Jeff says:

      I have PSVue and a Roku Stick and take it with me all over the place, works just fine. The only time I run into problems is if I try to watch something on a computer outside of my home network.

  10. Avatar Jane says:

    I use a Leaf Mohu antenna & get all major network channels & about 30 other useless ones for free. But I am trying to figure out how to get A&E and a couple others with subscribing to anything. Any hints?

    1. Avatar Randy Stevens says:

      Do you really watch “A&E and a couple others” or just a few shows on those networks? It may be cheaper to just buy the seasons of the shows from Vudu rather than subscribe to the mini-bundles. I have 2 shows I watch on BBC America and I just buy the full seasons on Vudu. The shows even come with behind-the-scenes bonus clips that I normally would not see on the network.

  11. Avatar AnnMarie says:

    I would like a add-on or app that would allow me to view Investigative ID.

  12. Avatar Laurie says:

    I love my Roku. For live TV, check out USTVnow and xTV. Free cable and other great channels. I livestream my local news every night.

    1. Avatar Molissia Peterson says:

      How do I download this on Roku 3?

  13. Avatar debbnh says:

    PlayStation Vue is much better than Sling, more premium stations and sports for $40 a month (the top package), it’s well worth it and we are cord cutter oldies. Of all the services we tried it’s the best content, great picture, reliable, has DVR function included, you will not be disappointed. It makes Sling look like a Dollar Store.

  14. Avatar debbnh says:

    Yes DO try XTV which also has some live cable TV, USTVnow is crap compared to even the cheap Vue package, and is based in Pennsylvania where you get all Penn news and broadcasting not to mention USTVnow crashes a lot for days.

  15. Avatar Jessica Hewitt says:

    I just added Nowhere TV, and there was a notice that said it will no longer be carrying local TV. 🙁

    Great article! Thank you so much!

  16. Avatar Harry Goldman says:

    Skitter TV seems to be another option with a lot of live TV channels offered on the Roku. Just thought I’d mention it as you didn’t list it as an option in your article.

  17. Avatar Jenny D says:

    We are paying a fortune for DirecTV! Like, we could get a new car for what we’re paying!!! I can’t take it anymore. We do watch a lot of Live TV and we use our DVR a ton. We have Roku and I really need input. PLEASE HELP!!!

    1. Avatar incenseman says:

      Channel Master offers local TV channels AND it’s a DVR with a 2-week channel guide… add a Roku… or Fire and you will have a complete package for free… add Netflix and Hulu (about $20) and it’s a lot of shows for little $$$.

      1. Avatar Joy Jacobs says:

        How do you get access to Channel Master?

        1. Avatar Kenneth G. Shaw says:

          Joy Jacobs: At

          1. Avatar Joe says:

            What exactly does Channel Master do? The box costs $100.00, but do you get free TV with it?

  18. Avatar Jackie Stewart says:

    I’ve got PS Vue, and it’s great, but it doesn’t have BBC America. Sling has BBCA, but I don’t really want to pay another $20 a month for one channel.

    1. Avatar Kenneth G. Shaw says:

      Try FilmOn TV – you won’t find FilmOn TV in your Roku Channel Store where it’s a hidden channel using a special code.

    2. Avatar Jeff says:

      I ave BBC America in my PSVue offering.

  19. Avatar Tina marie says:

    Been with PlayStation Vue for a while… I really really love it… Stay up to date with today’s TV… It asks your location so you can get local channels… Sling doesn’t do that.

  20. Avatar Betty Ann Burrell says:

    Any service offer Fox News?

    1. Avatar PTTP says:

      PlayStation Vue on a Roku offers Fox – that’s what made my decision to cut the cord. It works out great!

    2. Avatar PTTP says:

      I said Fox and meant Fox News Channel.

      1. Avatar Bill says:

        Fox does not report real news.

      2. Avatar Mark Matthews says:

        Fox News (the only viable news) is available on XTV or Channel Pear.

        1. Avatar FuckTrump says:

          CNN is also a viable news source, highly recommend you check it out.

        2. Avatar Rainstormgal says:

          Fox News is on PlayStation Vue. I’m watching Fox News Channel live right now on my Roku via the free trial. I will more than likely order PlayStation Vue after my trial expires. PS Vue has 90% of the channels my family and I like to watch. Hopefully they’ll add more basic popular channels. If so it would be a winner winner chicken dinner IMHO. My fingers and toes are crossed.

        3. Avatar Frank Sweeney says:

          FOX News is not real news. It’s news “adjusted,” for Republican viewers, who wear “Depends” and are mostly incontinent. These are people who don’t realize TRUMP is a fluffed-up, narcissistic douchebag, who wants to change the USA into a country that worships his way of thinking. Want better content? Get the Disney Channel. It’s more “Mickey Mouse” than even FOX is.

          1. Avatar Mark Matthews says:

            Thanks for your “definition” of FOX News. Can you now supply a definition for MSNBC news?

          2. Avatar Jim says:

            Trust an apparent idiot to inject politics into a simple info request. Your brainwashing is complete.

          3. Avatar Leo Kowalski says:

            It’s getting to be just UNbelievable, seems like no matter what the subject is, even the simplest one like asking for help with a TV channel brings out the moron people haters that are lurking in the woodwork just waiting for a chance to pounce. They have lost at every attempt to discredit a legititmently elected President . So this country will never be able to heal it divisions until they just keep their vicious mouths shut.

        4. Avatar Marilyn says:

          Rupert Murdock put Fox “News” on air solely as a platform of propaganda to appear as real news. It is not. It exists solely to convince people to vote for the party that makes billionaires like him and his multi-millionaire anchors richer, period. The channel claims “fair and balanced news” but it is not even close. For real news, as others said, watch PBS Newshour, NBC or CNN. You will get nothing but a “Right” perspective on Fox which demonizes the Left so as to get you to vote for a party that increases the wealth of plutocrats like Murdock and Fox staff, while decreasing the wealth of the rest of the country. That is the sad truth, Mr. Matthews, and a primary reason our country is so divided–Fox, OAN and “Right” hate radio, all of which push the same BS lies known as “alternative facts”. There is only one set of facts: the truth!

    3. Avatar Kenneth G. Shaw says:

      You can watch the Fox News Channel FREE by the livestream of the Fox News Channel on YouTube & Lou Dobbs by some guys channel also on YouTube…

    4. Avatar Daniel says:

      Friend says YouTube has the Fox News Channel live.

  21. Avatar Patricia says:

    This needs to be updated. TWCTV does NOT work outside of the home where the account resides. I have tried using my parents login at my house and it won’t let me. So password sharing is out on this one.

    1. Avatar says:

      Thanks for pointing out! We updated the article and added a couple of new channels (Livestream and Tablo).

  22. Avatar Jane says:

    New app called View Local just came up on my Roku… What is this?

  23. Avatar Tnisha says:

    PS Vue does have great packages compared to Sling BUT using on Roku is pretty much out of the question. The response time is literally 3-4 minutes, so good luck using it without a PlayStation. I’ve been keeping my eye on when the issue has been addressed because I wouldn’t mind switching Sling TV for PS Vue programming but not at the cost of that response time when I’m watching or want to change channels.

    1. Avatar Sean says:

      Idk what Tnisha is talking about, I have PS Vue on my Roku 4, and I have zero issues with it. Response time is very little, maybe a second after I click a channel the stream starts. Maybe you’re using a Roku 1 or an older stick?

      The only complaint I have about PS Vue on Roku is the fast-forwarding option in the DVR is hard to use because it doesn’t have a preview. Fix that and everything would be golden.

    2. Avatar Rainstormgal says:

      I’ve added PlayStation Vue to my Roku this week. I don’t own a PlayStation. I just have an LG Smart TV and PSVue is working perfectly fine on my TV. The response time is instant (1 second). It’s super fast. Maybe you should test it out on a different TV at your house, or a friends house if you only have one TV set.

  24. Avatar ANN says:


    1. Avatar Lisa says:

      Hallmark and Hallmark movies and mysteries are available with Sling as a $5 add on package called Lifestyle.

    2. Avatar Blanca says:

      I have a Roku TV. It has a lot of free channels, like Hallmark and Pluto, and many more for free MSNBC and CNN. And if you have an Amazon Prime, the movies are free.

  25. Avatar Tim Harris says:

    What about local channels 2,5,11, Hallmark, TBS, etc.? Please let me know.

    1. Avatar Sheila says:

      That what I wanted to know as well.

  26. Avatar PTTP says:

    I have PlayStation Vue on my Roku and use it on 4 TVs – I believe Sling is $20 per TV unless they’ve changed their pricing since I inquired. For travel, you can use your phone or tablet as the 5th allowable device on PSV.

  27. Avatar Leslie says:

    Is Fox News live and offered live streaming?

    1. Avatar Rainstormgal says:

      Yes. I watch Fox News live on Roku via PlayStation Vue. I’m doing the PSVue trial and so far so good. My family and I really like it so we will more than likely keep it.

  28. Avatar Jim says:

    Bought the new Roku Premiere. Can’t screen mirror from Android. Anyone have a fix for this? I understand older model Rokus have this option.

  29. Avatar Terry says:

    You can get Hallmark show on Roku with the Feelin channel. It’s $23.00 a year.

  30. Avatar Cristhian G says:

    Hello, I’d like to know how to get Pi TV on my Roku 4. Thanks!

  31. Avatar Jessendeen says:

    You may try use Allavsoft to download CBS News video to MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV, AVI, etc.

  32. Avatar Lynette says:

    I have cable with my internet service and wondered if I can get all those channels if I hook up Roku. I only want Roku for Netflix.

  33. Avatar Roberta says:

    Can you get Heroes & Icons with Roku? WZME changed to Jimmy Swaggard and Optimum (cable in my area) does not air H&I now…

  34. Avatar Mike says:

    Looking for live TV, email me for details (

  35. Avatar Allen says:

    Looking for free options for live TV channels, not having much success.

  36. Avatar Judy Imler says:

    I have a Roku Premier. How can I get free live and local channels on it? I would really appreciate some assistance.

    1. Avatar Blanca says:

      Look for the Pluto app on your Roku TV.

  37. Avatar Sandy Ketzeback says:

    I would like to get the TLC channel live, any suggestions?

  38. Avatar Karmell Harris says:

    Is it true that you can add (channels) networks (such as VH1, OWN, and Nickelodeon) to a jailbroken Fire Stick?

  39. Avatar Eric Bogan says:

    Channel PEAR, Nowhere TV, and Pluto TV all suck on a Roku. Channel PEAR is almost unwatchable! The other two do not offer anything worth watching (Nowhere has almost no content). I would not recommend any of these!

    1. Avatar Kenneth G. Shaw says:

      What’s The Pear Channel code???

    2. Avatar Blanca says:

      Channel Pear is broken, maybe it’s where you live. I have the Pluto app and I love it.

  40. Avatar Joshi says:

    You can also watch FilmOn on the Roku device, and it’s free to install. Just use these codes to install and add these to the list.

    Channel code: NMEVA
    Channel code with guide: arteseafon

  41. Avatar Sean says:

    Trying to locate the channel PEAR on my Roku but I can NOT find it. Help!

    1. Avatar Kenneth G. Shaw says:

      The Pear Channel is a Roku hidden channel, so ask someone & comment for the code here & then add The Pear Channel at your online Roku account…

      1. Avatar Sherri says:

        I keep hearing everyone talk about Roku hidden channels. How do I find these, and are any of them free?

    2. Avatar Blanca says:

      Channel Pear has been broken for about a year.

  42. Avatar Mike says:

    I know of a private channel where you can get 200+ live USA channel, 80 Spanish channels, popular TV shows, and 800 + movies for a small monthly fee all you need is a Roku and internet connection if your interested email me at I’m not directing anyone to a website so I don’t get kicked off here so of you want to know email me.

    1. Avatar William Roberts says:

      I am interested in this private channel. I know about a (for fee) Roku channel called USTVnow for military and expats.

    2. Avatar Ashok says:

      Can you please send the channel name to my email address

    3. Avatar Randy says:

      Yes please!!!

  43. Avatar Brandon says:

    Mach TV.

  44. Avatar C McSwain says:

    Is it possible to watch live You Tube on Roku?

    1. Avatar Sherri says:

      Yes! I get it on mine. Go to Search on Home menu, enter YouTube, then follow instructions to install.

  45. Avatar Lucretia says:

    Sling TV says it includes FOX & NBC in Sling Blue; but I subscribed & then they told me that FOX & NBC are not available due to my location. However I found a completely free app for Roku for NBC. The only way that I’ve found to get FOX is through Playstation Vue, but it’s too expensive. So what I wound up doing is downgrading to Sling Orange & adding the Hollywood Extras, which are EPIX movie channels. It’s still the $25 a month I was paying for Sling Blue, but it’s more of what I want.

  46. Avatar Sharon says:

    I’m in the Atlanta area. How do I get local channels?

    1. Avatar Blanca says:

      Go to Walmart and get a converter box.

  47. Avatar Sally Robertson says:

    I received this reply about Livestream from Roku: Krista (freeformsupport).

    Jun 24, 9:23 AM PDT

    Hi there!

    Thanks for asking us about this. At this time, Livestream is not available in your geographic area just yet, but we’re always working hard to add more geographic areas in the future!

    Livestream is currently available in the following areas: Chicago, Fresno, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham and San Francisco. You must be located within each available station’s local viewing area and must verify your participating TV provider account for access to the ABC live stream in your area.

  48. Avatar Jamie Tyson says:

    I have the new Roku Express Plus and have added XTv and the Channel Pear. I have the live cable channels but not consistently on a regular basis. The channels for these two apps are not always available. Is there another way I can get live TV on a more regular basis? Thanks.

  49. Avatar Mark Trovato says:

    If you are looking for reliability and stability and value, it is PlayStation Vue. I, like you, did all research and just completed my 5 day free preview and for $54/month, I get over 90 channels, including all the NFL essentials, NFL Network, ESPN. For locals, I have a good indoor antenna. Works fine. You can stream up to 5 devices with Vue, nobody else offers that. In addition, they offer cloud DVR technology. The best part is: They also offer Red Zone channel for a separate subscription for only $39 for entire season. Sling does not offer Fox News channel.

    1. Avatar Blanca says:

      Sling does have the Fox channel, not for all areas, though. I have the Fox channel on Sling, I’m in Florida.

  50. Avatar Timy Haywood says:

    Is there an app or hidden channel to get Nascar, NHRA, and Indy Car? I have Sling and am sick of paying for Fox 1 and 2 and NBCSN. Anyone can help it would be appreciated.

  51. Avatar Trekker says:

    I just want to watch live NASCAR racing thru the year for free. Antenna TV has some shown on Fox and ABC, the rest are on cable channels?

  52. Avatar Jean says:

    I have a Roku and some of them say may need subscription. So how do you get HBO and all those premium channels? You also need to have an internet connection. So if you drop cable and keep the internet connection, are you limited to a certain amount of data usage? I mean I have Charter and Netflix and can watch as much as I want without worrying about data. My favorite channels are the sports channels, BTN, ESPN, etc., Hallmark Mysteries and Murders, Chiller, SyFy, and more like that. What is the best way to go?

  53. Avatar Sleem Feroze says:

    I wish to watch tennis, golf, and cricket on TV… Via Roku or Apple… Any help and direction welcomed.

  54. Avatar Mike says:


    Spectrum cable just raised my bill to $200 and I’ve had enough. I’m dumping cable TV Jan. 1st. Can I get all the live cable channels with a streaming device like Roku or another device? What is the best streaming device with the best rates?

    1. Avatar says:

      Here’s our list of the best streaming devices. For example, something like the Roku Ultra would be a good option. You could then subscribe to a live TV streaming service, such as DIRECTV NOW, PlayStation Vue, or Sling TV, and watch live TV via your Roku.

  55. Avatar Gary Wilkerson says:

    I have just got a Roku TV. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get local channels here in Jacksonville, FL? Do I need to get Hulu or Netflix to watch live broadcasts on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox.

    1. Avatar says:

      You could check one of the skinny bundles listed above. DIRECTV NOW, fuboTV, Hulu With Live TV, PlayStation Vue, and Sling TV all offer some combination of ABC, CBS, Fox and/or NBC in select markets.

  56. Avatar Jennifer Carslake says:

    An antenna is not viable where I live, I am in a 400 unit, concrete building that faces South, away from the TV towers here and the managers refuse to install an antenna on the roof for us to connect to. Any ideas?

    1. Avatar says:

      You could consider testing a live TV streaming service, such as DIRECTV NOW, PlayStation Vue, or Sling TV. Though, unfortunately, they aren’t as inexpensive as an antenna would be.

  57. Avatar Richard Allen says:

    My advice is to stay away from Roku TV. We got it with our home and now I understand why the seller didn’t want to take it. Every option is more expensive than replacing it with your average HDTV.

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