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Oprah Winfrey’s talk show was simply legendary, and always ahead of the curve. If it were still on today, we wouldn’t be surprised if “The Oprah Winfrey Show” taught loyal watchers how to cut the cord on their cable subscriptions and get a skinny bundle instead. We imagine Oprah sending everyone in the audience home with a new skinny bundle — after all, OWN is one of the many popular channels you can now watch without a cable subscription. Learn how you can watch it using any of the following providers.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to stream OWN:
  Price Channels Free Trial  
$69.99 - $82.99 85+ none Watch Now
$69.99 - $159.99 140+ 5 days Watch Now
$74.99 - $94.99 220+ 7 days Watch Now
$25 60+ 7 days Watch Now

How to Watch OWN Without Cable

A lot has changed since Oprah’s talk show went off the air. Back then, you still needed those pesky cables in your living room to watch your favorite shows. Almost everything has gone wireless since then, including television.

Having a skinny bundle lets you stream your favorite live TV shows without hassle. Think of it as using Hulu or Disney Plus, except you’ll find real-time content you get from cable. Your selection may be narrower, but you aren’t losing any of the important stuff. Skinny bundles just focus on giving you the shows you actually watch.

If you're looking to watch OWN, you can catch it on the following streaming services:

Can I Watch OWN on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

The other perk that comes with skinny bundles is that you can watch them wherever you want on all kinds of devices. We did some research and discovered what kind of equipment is compatible with OWN and your skinny bundle. You can catch OWN on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast through the services listed above.

Most Popular Shows on OWN

OWN offers an extensive range of programming. From reality television to cooking shows, it has something for all stripes of people. Some of our favorites include:

  • “All Rise”
  • “The Great Soul Food Cook-Off”
  • “Put a Ring On It”
  • “Family or Fiancé”
  • “Girlfriends Check In”

More to Stream for Fans of OWN

One of OWN’s distinguishing features is that it showcases a lot of female talent, and Lifetime is very similar. “My Killer Body With K. Michelle” lets you shadow a brilliant plastic surgeon as she fixes botched surgeries and helps people live happy lives again. If you want something other than reality television, then you can watch “Whitney” for an intimate portrayal of the late singer Whitney Houston or “Girl in the Basement” if you want a different kind of true drama. Check out our guide to watching Lifetime without cable for more information.

The E! network mirrors a lot of OWN’s content and similarly follows popular trends. Shows such as “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” are front and center in pop culture, and network specials such as “Paris in Love” will keep you updated on celebrity drama. But it’s not all about the stars. Shows such as “Jason Biggs’ Cash at Your Door” feature families working together for a $25,000 check. And, just like OWN, you can also watch E! without cable.

26 thoughts on “How to Watch OWN Without Cable in 2024

  1. Tiffany Lane says:

    This info is life changing, thank you! I had no idea what I could do on my Roku. Subscribing to you guys stat!

    1. says:

      Thanks, Tiffany! It’s so nice to hear that our content has been useful.

  2. RHM says:

    Sadly, no one takes the hard of hearing or deaf individuals into consideration regarding the cord-cutting phenomenon. I’ve done that recently and to my chagrin, there isn’t streaming with subtitles available. I stumbled upon one movie that allowed me to do so.

    1. Scott Thurman says:

      That can be difficult, I do have subtitles an several of the ROKU shows I watch.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Subtitles are usually on your actual television through the menu

    3. Scott says:

      There is a function in the menu of your tv to be able to turn on closed captioning so you can get subtitles.Some are harder to find than others depending on the tv,but the function definitely is there☺️

  3. Ahsha Reyes says:

    Does Sling TV carry the OWN network?

    1. says:

      It doesn’t, unfortunately.

  4. G Robinson says:

    I will give this free trial a chance for my Roku, and if all goes well, good bye Cable Provider.

    1. says:

      Sounds good!

  5. Karen Marsh says:

    I have cut the cord and I love it. I have Fire TV and Roku and use DirecTV Now, Netflix and Hulu… Love it!!!

    1. says:

      Great to hear, Karen!

  6. Sharon Henderson says:

    How can I get OWN and Lifetime Movies on Sling and how much more a month on bill?

    1. says:

      Unfortunately, OWN isn’t available on Sling TV currently. Though, Lifetime is.

  7. Barbara Baldwin says:

    Thanks you. I cut the cord 6 months ago and I was trying to decide which streaming service to use. Thanks for this article and helping me make up my mind. I will be signing up for DirecTV Now.

  8. Michael Nessa says:

    Does Philo have all of the shows on OWN or just a few?

  9. LaShaun says:

    I went down to basic on 1 TV to keep unlimited internet. My bill runs @84 a month. I have Fire Sticks and watch shows on those most of the time. I would love to find an option cheaper than that 84 dollars.

  10. Tony says:

    I keep hearing that DirecTV always go in and out so tell me is that true? What have you heard?

  11. Laura Haven says:

    I am not a tech-savvy person, and cannot afford Xfinity/Comcast. I want to try Roku+, Roku Ultra, or Amazon Fire TV Stick but don’t know where to begin. Could someone please advise me on which is the easiest of the sticks to use? Also, I am wondering if there is a DVR that records live programs when you aren’t at home?

  12. Mary Ann says:

    I will start a graduate program soon, so I limit my expenses. I don’t watch a lot of television mainly because of the content, so I want to watch OWN. I called the local cable company, but the cost to watch OWN is over $50 a month. Therefore, a free trial for Philo, and $16 a month fits my budget! Thanks! I almost passed on this article because I thought cord cutting was illegal. 🙂

  13. Allen Sims says:

    I want to cut the chord, but I am afraid that my wife will not be able to watch her shows on OWN. I have fire stick amazon prime and netflix. Which service should i use to get my local channels and own??

  14. Jennifer Marshall says:

    I downloaded OWN to my fire stick. It says free to watch but you need to provide a ode to your subscribed cable co. You do t have one with the firestick

  15. tonyt says:

    cutting the cord does not mean you can cut the internet cable cord, which can be same cost as basic cable tv so what is the point. add a few streaming services and you can end up paying more than the original cord you cut, and get less channels?

    1. Marlene Baker says:

      I agree I want to cut the cord but I’m afraid I’ll be paying more than what I’m paying now with DirecTV. What do you do to cut cost?

  16. Dawn says:

    I have a Samsung TV. Can I get the OWN network?

  17. Donna says:

    I just read that OWN is taking on the show ALL RISE which I absolutely loved and was so bummed out when it was cancelled- now it’s coming back and in order to watch it I have to pay an arm and a leg to watch it- Cutting the cable cord is beginning to get just as expensive….Hulu plus TV is the same price as cable…IS there anyway of watching ALL RISE for free? Will anyone ever consider making that happen? One of the best shows to come along on TV and it costs so much to be able to see it..why not do Hulu like most shows and being able to view it the next day instead of making a bunch of money off of the loyal viewers ( I don’t get it)

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