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Pixar is responsible for some of the best and most beloved kids movies of all time: Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles — you know the list. Pixar has been making hits since the 1990s, but the days of those Disney clam-shell VHS cases are long behind us; streaming is king now! So: Where to stream Pixar movies online? Never fear, because is here to show you how to watch Pixar movies without cable (and without VHS tapes and DVDs, too).

Here is our favorite way to stream Pixar movies and TV shows:

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Below, we'll tell you about all of the different ways you can watch Pixar films sans cable and sans DVDs. We'll cover everything from on-demand subscription services like Disney+ to one-off rentals and digital purchase options. We'll also cover Pixar's short films and TV series.

How to watch Pixar movies online

When it comes to specific movies and TV shows, there are usually a few different options for watching without cable or physical media like DVDs and VHS tapes. The most obvious are subscription streaming services, which offer unlimited viewing for a monthly fee. If their libraries include Pixar films, you'll find them below! Another option for watching Pixar films is to rent or buy digital copies. Our list includes the major online marketplaces that have Pixar films available. Finally, Pixar movies sometimes appear on live television and among the pay-per-view options you'll find through pay TV subscriptions. True to our website's raison d'etre, we've skipped cable and satellite options, but we have included some live TV streaming services that offer Disney-owned channels and pay-per-view options — between those two things, you're sure to find some Pixar films on these services.

Got all of that? Great! Let's kick off the list, shall we?

Stream Pixar movies and TV shows for free with Disney+

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Disney owns Pixar, so it's no surprise to find Pixar films on Disney+. In fact, Disney+ will eventually be the “forever home” of every Pixar movie ever made and every Pixar movie yet to be made, making this the best answer to the question of where to stream Pixar movies online.

With that said, Disney+'s Pixar library is still coming together. As of this writing, Disney is waiting on some old contracts to expire before it reunites the Pixar family, so there will be a few missing titles here for a bit. This makes Disney+ the best bet for Pixar fans, but not the only on-demand option, at least for now.

Netflix (for now!)

Netflix is the biggest competitor that Disney+ has. But, before Disney+ came around, Netflix partnered with Disney to stream some of the media giant's biggest films — including some Pixar flicks. As of this writing, there are still some Pixar titles on Netflix, making it worthy of inclusion on this list. Just be aware that Netflix will lose these titles as their contracts expire and Disney brings them home to Disney+.

Amazon Video (rent or buy)

Pixar films can't be found on Amazon Prime Video's on-demand menu right now, and — given Disney's investment in Disney+ — there's no reason to expect them to ever show up. But Amazon also has a video marketplace where fans can rent or buy digital copies of films, and you will find Pixar movies here. Buying a film will add it to your Amazon Video library and allow you to watch it from anywhere; renting will give you similar flexibility, but only for a short period of time (you have 30 days to start your film and can watch it, rewind it, and otherwise use it as much as you want for 48 hours beginning the moment that you start it).

Apple TV (rent or buy)

Apple's streaming video on demand service won't have any Pixar films on offer, but its video rental and purchase marketplace will. Just as with Amazon, you can hop onto Apple's iTunes — sorry, Apple TV (Apple is killing off iTunes in favor of separate video and music apps and marketplaces) — and seek out your favorite Pixar movies to add to your collection temporarily or permanently.

Google Play (rent or buy)

Want to grab a Pixar movie for your digital collection or rent a Pixar movie to stream for family movie night? Then you could consider Google Play Movies & TV, the video marketplace within Google's Google Play Store. Buying a Pixar movie on Google Play will allow you to watch it through the Google Play Movies & TV app or Google Play app (depending on the platform) on any compatible device.

Can I watch Pixar movies and TV shows on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

It's great that you can stream Pixar movies, but the fate of your movie night hinges on whether you can stream Pixar movies on your favorite devices. You're probably not hoping to have the whole family gather around the computer screen, so that begs the question: How can you watch Pixar movies on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast? Happily, the answer is yes!

Let's start with the Disney+ app, since that's your main option for watching Pixar movies and TV shows. Disney+ has apps available for Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV. It also works with Chromecast via its mobile or in-browser apps. Speaking of those, Disney+ is also an option for users of iOS, Android, or desktop and laptop computers (via an in-browser app). You'll even be able to watch Pixar movies and TV shows on Disney+ using your Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

What about those other options for watching Pixar movies? Let's tackle them platform by platform.

Roku users, you can enjoy Pixar movies on Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Video, and Google Play (in addition to the aforementioned Disney+).

Fire TV fans, you can get Netflix, Apple TV, and Amazon Video.

Android TV has apps for Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Video, and Google Play (in addition to the aforementioned Disney+).

On mobile, you'll have lots of options for streaming Pixar movies and TV shows: Android and iOS users can get Netflix, Amazon Video, and Google Play (plus Disney+, of course). iOS users will also have access to Apple TV (as of this writing, it's unclear if Apple TV is coming to Android).

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