Comedy Central is full of funny content, but there's nothing funny about high cable bills. That's why we're here to show you how to watch Comedy Central without cable. Turns out, it's laughably easy to get a Comedy Central live stream on your favorite streaming device, whether that's your mobile phone or a big-screen TV equipped with a Roku or Fire TV device. Thanks to the rise of a new type of streaming service, it's never been simpler to watch Comedy Central without cable. So read on if you're sick of paying an arm and a leg to laugh your … well, let's just say “other body part” off.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to stream Comedy Central:

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How to Watch Comedy Central Online Without Cable

Comedy Central is a cable network by birth, but we all outgrow things. Comedy Central never broadcast over the air like the major networks did (sorry, antenna fans), but the rise of the internet gave it more power than ever to reach viewers without having to go through the big cable and satellite companies. But the big breakthrough came with the rise of an entirely new type of service, one that let Comedy Central reach fans with more than just on-demand content and special short videos – a type of service that made it possible, even easy, to deliver a Comedy Central live stream over the internet.

Not to get anticlimactic here, but the service we're talking about has a pretty obvious name: we call it a live TV streaming service, though some people spice things up by going with “skinny bundle.”

We'll meet a few such services below, but let's first clarify what these things are.

Live TV streaming services are, of course, streaming services. They stream over the internet like Netflix does. But they offer live TV, not on-demand content, and they boast bundles of network television channels that cable subscribers (and ex-cable subscribers) will recognize. These services are your way to watch Comedy Central without cable, and because they are delivered over the internet, they can put your Comedy Central live stream on any device – your phone, your computer, or, of course, your big TV.

Big screen or not, these streaming service do tend to keep one thing small: the bundle. Recognizing that subscribers were sick of bloated and overpriced cable bundles, these new services slimmed things down a bit (hence “skinny bundle”) and offered a streamlined selection of top channels – for less money each month, of course. Nowadays, several live TV streaming services allow subscribers to choose from a range of options and get more channels in their bundle, but you will virtually always at least have the option to keep things trimmer – and cheaper – than cable.

Not all of these services make a good solution to that dilemma in our headline – how to watch Comedy Central without cable – because not all of them include a Comedy Central live stream. But some do, and, as luck would have it, you're about to read a list of them. Read on to find out which live TV streaming services will let you watch Comedy Central without cable.

Stream Comedy Central for Free with Philo

Free Trial

No kidding: Philo is one of the best ways to watch Comedy Central without cable. This up-and-coming skinny bundle service is among the most affordable services of its type, with a price tag of just $16 a month for its 40-channel skinny bundle. That's the bundle that includes a Comedy Central live stream, by the way, so there's no need to upgrade to the pricier of Philo's two bundles unless you want to. Another perk: Philo offers a free trial period, which you can take advantage of by clicking on the link above. You'll be able to check out the service for a week before you have to pay a dime, and that's plenty of time to see why Philo is generating some serious excitement in this space. Check out the Philo review to learn why everyone is so excited about it.

Stream Comedy Central for Free with Sling TV

Free Trial

Sling TV appeals to those of us who want a more customized TV experience. Sling TV recognized that consumers hated the bloated, inefficient cable bundle system. But a super-skinny bundle has problems of its own, because the consumer has no say in which channels make the cut and stay in the trimmer bundle. Sling TV solves this problem by offering subscribers their choice of one (or both) of two base packages: Sling Orange ($25 per month) and Sling Blue ($25 per month) (you can get both for $40/month), then allowing those subscribers to build out a custom bundle using small add-on bundles called “extras.” Comedy Central fans can feel free to customize as much – or as little – as they want, because Comedy Central is available in both Sling Orange and Sling Blue, meaning every Sling TV package possible works as a way to watch Comedy Central without cable. See our full review of Sling TV.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now may remind you of a legacy pay TV service, but it's a live TV streaming service – trust us. The AT&T-owned service is just more evidence that even the telecom giants can't ignore the rise of live streaming TV. DirecTV Now gives its subscribers a choice of bundles at different size and price points. The cheapest of these is “Live a Little,” which clocks in at just $40 per month. And that's all you have to spend to get your laughs, because your Comedy Central live stream is included in the Live a Little bundle. Want more channels? No problem – all of the larger bundles include Comedy Central, too. You can read our review of DirecTV Now, but don't take our word for you: you can test out the service yourself for free for a week.

Can I Watch Comedy Central on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

We mentioned that these live TV streaming services allow you to watch on all sorts of different devices. Does that include the popular streaming box you may use to watch streaming content on your big screen? You bet it does: DirecTV Now and Sling TV both work on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast. Philo, for its part, has great apps for Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV, and is working on adding new platforms. It's an up-and-coming service in this space, and we're used to seeing new skinny bundles add new apps pretty quickly, so you're going to want to keep your eye on Philo – they're going to get more appealing to fans of other streaming platforms as the weeks and months go by. One way or another, each of these services will work as a great way to watch Comedy Central without cable on your TV screen.

Would you rather watch on the go? No problem there, either. DirecTV Now and Sling TV both have mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices (iOS is Apple's mobile operating system, so this means iPhones and iPads, of course). Philo lags a bit here: it works on iOS, but it's still working on getting its Android app on the market. But, again, Philo is growing fast – it wouldn't be crazy to expect to see an Android app sometime in the near future.

Computers? Of course: DirecTV Now, Philo, and Sling TV all boast in-browser apps.

Sling TV also works on Android TV, which is the platform used by the popular Nvidia Shield as well as some smart TVs.

And even the gaming consoles get in on the action: Sling TV has an app for Microsoft's Xbox One system.

In short, if you have a streaming device that anyone has ever heard of, you can almost certainly use it to watch Comedy Central without cable. So why not take another look at the list above and sign up for a free trial offer or two? You'll find that skinny bundles can offer all of the same great live TV content that cable can, but for a fraction of the price. Who has the last laugh now, cable giants?

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  1. Manda says:

    You can also watch many Comedy Central shows completely free of charge (ad supported) via or their apps. Usually the last 5 Daily Show episodes are available, for example.

  2. Dwight Bobson says:

    So I have a bundle from Fios that provides Internet, TV, and phone. If I break the bundle to cut the cord, will Fios just raise my Internet or phone rate to accommodate their ability to charge a fee of their liking thus penalizing me for cutting the cord?

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