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Celebrity scandals make for good television, but the biggest scandal is still having a cable connection! Okay, not really, but is there any reason to entangle yourself in cables any longer? Ditch the cord, get a skinny bundle, and watch all your favorite TV channels, including REELZ, without having cable. You’ll be watching all the celebrity drama that REELZ has to offer — cord-free — in no time.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to stream REELZ:

  Price Channels Free Trial  
$54.99 – $134.99 140+ 5 days

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$35 – $50 30+ – 130+ 3 days

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$25 60+ 7 days

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How to Watch REELZ Without Cable

Life hack alert: When you buy a skinny bundle, you get to watch all your favorite cable shows without the cable subscription. A skinny bundle is a streaming service that provides the same live TV channels as cable but at a lower price. Many of these services allow you to customize which channels are included in your lineup, giving you a tailor-made subscription. If REELZ is at the top of your list, you can choose from these streaming services: DIRECTV STREAM, Sling TV, Philo, or YouTube TV. Check out all the details of these streaming services below.


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DIRECTV STREAM is one of our favorite skinny bundles, and for good reason. It offers an impressive channel selection that’s sure to have something for you, including REELZ. DIRECTV STREAM subscribers can enjoy some of the usual perks of TV multichannel services, including DVR. Read our review of DIRECTV STREAM to get all your burning questions answered.

Watch REELZ with Sling TV

Start Slinging

Sling TV is for all the picky eaters in the room. When you purchase this skinny bundle, you choose from different base packages and then build them from the ground up, adding only your favorite channels. Pretty convenient, right? Read our review of Sling TV for more information.

Stream REELZ with Philo

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Philo is one of the most affordable options on the market. Enjoy over 60 live channels for $25 per month. For just a few bucks more per month, you can enjoy REELZ as an add-on. See what else this skinny bundle offers by reading our review of Philo.

YouTube TV

Google is everywhere these days: on our laptops, phones, and even our TVs! YouTube TV is the tech giant’s bid in the skinny bundle game, and of course, it offers REELZ. Get the rundown with our YouTube TV review.

Can I Watch REELZ on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

Don’t forget; skinny bundles are streaming services, meaning you can watch them all over the place on all kinds of devices. We summarize all the devices where you can watch REELZ in the following table:

Roku Fire TV Apple TV Android TV Chromecast iOS Android Web browser
DIRECTV STREAM Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sling TV Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Philo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
YouTube TV Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Most Popular Shows on REELZ

REELZ used to be all about Hollywood, but it now features a lot of celebrity scandals and drama. Here’s a quick list:

  • “Gangsters: America’s Most Evil”
  • “Autopsy: The Last Hours of…”
  • “COPS”
  • “Jail”
  • “A Spy in the FBI”

More to Stream for Fans of REELZ

REELZ offers excellent content across the board, but it can’t hurt to give other channels a chance. Now’s your chance to give similar networks a try.

Like REELZ, Lifetime is a channel that’s wild about true crime, among other things. Sure, some of its content is fictionalized, but most of it is at least based on true stories – and you know those are the best movies! “Bound by Blackmail” and “Girl in the Basement” are among our favorites. For even more options, check out its channel and our guide on how to watch Lifetime without cable.

The History Channel is also a close option. Its programming on unexplainable mysteries mirrors the “How did they do it?” themes seen in REELZ. Shows like “The UnXplained” and “History’s Greatest Mysteries” are likely to interest you. And the best part is you can also watch The History Channel without cable.

7 thoughts on “How to Watch REELZ Without Cable in 2022

  1. Sandra Barnwell says:

    Getting ready to cut the cord on my expensive Spectrum account. I have decided to do my TV viewing on the Amazon Firestick, but haven’t decided which package to subscribe, in order to get local channels live. This website has been a wonderful help in answering questions that I have been unable to find anywhere else. Thank you for your wonderful insight.

    1. Stephen Lovely says:

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Bridget L Sipes says:

    Are there any plans to add REELZ to HuLu live TV? Thank Bridget

    1. BBagwell says:

      I’ve subscribed to Reelz through Roku on Hulu but it does not have updated shows. It’s a waste of money! I’m ready to just use Amazon Fire Stick. Hulu keeps going up in charges, can only use it on one ISP address. At least Netflix you can take it with you. HULU is just ripping people off, increase charges with no notification at all. Time for a change.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Same on amazon it only has a library of old reelz shows

  3. Carolyn says:

    Well we have the firestick, roku, and the smart box. You only need the internet not cable. You get a better deal if you go with the company that you have for your mobile carrier. Ours is about 60.00 including tx.

  4. Denise says:

    I would think at this point Reelz would want to make their current shows more accessible to all those who choose not to have cable (there are a lot). I’m very disappointed that the seasons I can see are 1,2,3,4 of anything!

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