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This Is Us is designed to give your tear ducts a workout. If it doesn’t make you cry, you’re doing something wrong. Seriously, though, if you want a show about families that gives you a cathartic sob every week or so, This Is Us is probably already on your watchlist.

This Is Us has racked up both Emmy nominations and wins since its debut in 2016. But it’s not going to be one of those shows that goes on for more than a decade like Grey’s Anatomy did. In fact, it will most likely end after its sixth season in 2022. So watch it while you can, This Is Us fans — and remember that you don’t even need cable to do so. That’s right: We’re here to talk about how to watch This Is Us without cable, so keep reading (assuming you can see the screen through the tears in your eyes, that is).

Here are a few of our favorite ways to stream This Is Us:

  Price Channels Free Trial  
$5.99 – $85.96 68 – 88 7 or 30 days

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$54.99 – $86.96 100+ 7 days

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How to Watch This Is Us Online or Over the Air Without Cable

So you want to watch This Is Us without cable. If you’re a fan, you probably already know that This Is Us airs on NBC. NBC is a broadcast network. What does that mean, exactly? It means shows on NBC are accessible to a wider audience of people than shows that only air on premium cable channels (like HBO) or regular old cable channels (like TBS). We’ll talk more about how broadcast networks do that in a bit.

First, though, we’re going to talk a bit about how live TV streaming services work. To get live TV at home without cable, you need to use your internet connection. The service is delivered via the internet. But what, exactly, are you buying? In most cases, you’re buying something called a skinny bundle.

A skinny bundle is still a package of channels that you buy at one time. But as you might have guessed from the name, there aren’t as many channels as you get in a typical cable subscription. This is good news, because it means you aren’t paying as much as you would to a cable company. You also have more control over what channels you want to watch.

Is NBC available on skinny bundles? It sure is, but it’s subject to your local market availability. Think of local market availability as a bit like the football games you watch on Sundays. The game you get depends in large part on where you live. For instance, fans in Dallas are going to get Cowboys games, while fans in Kansas City will get Chiefs games. If your local NBC affiliate made a deal with your preferred skinny bundle, you’ll get NBC on that service. If not, you’ll have to keep looking. You can check and see what local channels you get by going to each service’s website and entering your zip code. The good news is that most people are covered.

Watch This Is Us on Hulu

Watch This Is Us

We’ve all seen those weird deep fake Hulu ads, but Hulu + Live TV has more than just live sports: In the majority of markets, they also have NBC. That makes Hulu + Live TV a very good option for watching This Is Us without cable. Speaking of sports, a lot of the people in This Is Us are big Pittsburgh Steelers fans; we’ll let you decide if that makes them more or less sympathetic. While you’re mulling that over, click on our link to snag a free trial of Hulu + Live TV.

Watch This Is Us on fuboTV

Watch This Is Us

We’re not 100 percent sure how fuboTV got its name, but you could probably say that about most of the skinny bundles on this list. But more important than the name is what fuboTV offers. Many customers can use fuboTV to watch their local NBC affiliate, which means you can also watch This Is Us through a fuboTV subscription. If you’d rather start with a free trial, click on the free trial link on this page.


AT&T TV Now has a good variety of channels. Yes, we’re talking about the same AT&T that provides internet and phone service to a lot of people. They also have a stake in the live TV streaming market, which is where AT&T TV Now comes in. Formerly known as DirecTV Now, this service gives you a good shot at streaming This Is Us online.


YouTube has come a long way, baby. Its corporate parent, Google, also has a live streaming service that trades on the YouTube name. Not surprisingly, it’s known as YouTubeTV, and you can get tons of spiffy channels on it. That includes NBC and This Is Us. We wrote a review of YouTubeTV if you’d like to read more about the service.

Free Over-the-Air TV

Don’t sleep on free over-the-air TV. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s not good. In fact, we’d argue over-the-air channels are better than ever now. You can get more of them than ever, and you can even view them in crystal clear HD. Antennas are not expensive, and they’re not hard to set up, either.

In fact, we’ve got a full guide that will help you better understand over-the-air TV. Read it and you’ll be one step closer to watching This Is Us without ever getting near a cable company.

Can I Watch This Is Us on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast?

If you’d rather watch This Is Us while sitting around your TV on Tuesday nights, you definitely can. But that’s not the only way to watch This Is Us without cable. When it comes to devices, you’ve got more options than the Pearson family has terrible towels. You can watch This Is Us with a Roku box. You can watch This Is Us with a fox. You can watch it on a train, or on a plane. With apologies to Dr. Suess, you can stream This Is Us in lots of places: just check out the chart below to see all your device options.

Roku Fire TV Apple TV Chromecast iOS Android Web/
Hulu + Live TV
YouTube TV

Watch What You Want, This Is Us Fans!

This Is Us is one of the best recent examples of a watercooler show. It’s a program that knows how to get people talking. But what do you talk about once you’re all caught up on This Is Us?

Fast-paced comedies stuffed with jokes are a great way to lighten up after watching a meaty drama. We like big, expansive dramas, but we also love shows like 30 Rock and Superstore. Both of those also air on NBC, which means you can find them on Peacock, NBCUniversal’s brand new streaming service. We’ve reviewed Peacock and like it, especially since it has a free plan. Head to our Peacock review page to learn more.

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