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When it comes to sports in America, no league is as popular as the National Football League, known by most simply as the “NFL.” Thanks to die-hard fans of the NFL, football is the biggest thing on TV. But it’s still easy to watch the NFL online — and even for free over the air — without cable. Here, we’ll show you how to watch NFL games without cable this 2024 season.


Here are a few of our favorite ways to stream NFL games:
  Price Channels Free Trial  
$69.99 - $82.99 85+ none Watch Now
$69.99 - $159.99 140+ 5 days Watch Now
$74.99 - $94.99 220+ 7 days Watch Now
$40 - $60 30+ - 130+ 3 days Watch Now
$4.99 - $99.99 N/A 7 days Watch Now

What Channels Are NFL Games On?

To watch the NFL without cable, you’ll first need to know how to watch TV without cable. We’re going to show you how to access the channels that have the NFL coverage you crave, so we should first figure out which channels those are.

On Sundays, the day games air on CBS and FOX. “Sunday Night Football” airs on NBC, “Monday Night Football” belongs to ESPN, and “Thursday Night Football” has a new home as of 2022: Amazon Prime.

We primarily have four channels to worry about. Watching CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN without cable is the goal. We’ll also look at NFL Network, which sometimes has exclusive games. Getting all those channels will ensure you can catch NFL games every week of the season, including the playoffs and the Super Bowl. So how can we watch all these channels — and therefore NFL games — without cable?

How to Watch NFL Games Online and Over the Air Without Cable

Whether you're following your favorite teams or you're being forced to watch the game, there are numerous ways to stream NFL games this season. Here is a list of our favorite ways to stream NFL games:

Can I Watch NFL Games on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

When you watch the NFL without cable, you aren’t limited to just one TV. The beauty of cord-cutting solutions (besides all the money you save) is that they empower you to watch what you want when you want — and on almost any device you choose, including multiple devices at once depending on the package you select.

Can you watch NFL games on Roku? What about Fire TV or Apple TV? Yes, yes, and yes! The services and techniques listed above will play nicely with your favorite streaming devices.

More to Watch for NFL Fans

There's no such thing as watching too much football, and cutting your cords means having plenty to watch. From “Thursday Night Football” to “Monday Night Football” and everything in between, all of the NFL action is available to cord-cutters.

You should now have a pretty clear idea how to watch NFL games without cable. But if you’re reading this in, say, March or April, then you’ve got a long wait until next season starts. What can NFL fans watch in the off-season?

Plenty, as it turns out. Baseball is a great sport for warmer weather — although if you’re following a team in, say, Florida, it’s pretty much all warm weather. Check out our How to Watch MLB Without Cable guide to find out everything you need to know about streaming America’s pastime.

Maybe you prefer sporting events that come around only every four years (or every five years in the case of this year’s pandemic-delayed edition). The Olympics are a source of national pride for many countries, and that’s especially true in the U.S. Our guide to watching the Olympics without cable can help you out.

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  1. Dennis says:

    This article was very good for those fans of a local area team. Is there any skinny bundle that will give you games outside your local area? I know DirecTV does, but it is way too expensive (NFL Sunday Ticket).

  2. T. says:

    The reason for cord cutting is to save money but over the past couple of years streaming services have raised their pricing to where the benefits of switching from cable to streaming is no longer a great deal.

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    Right now i am watching nflhdgamepass.

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