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YouTube TV (which isn't the same thing as YouTube or YouTube Premium) includes a lot of great channels. With a YouTube TV subscription, you can enjoy live streams of the same channels you could watch with cable — but at a fraction of the price. There are no long-term contracts, and everything streams online on your favorite devices. Sold? Before you subscribe, you should check out YouTube TV's channel list. Is your favorite channel on the list below? If so, YouTube TV might be for you — and if not, you should check out our live TV streaming service channel comparison list, which includes details on channels from Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, Philo, and other great services.

Complete List of YouTube TV Channels

YouTube TV Sports Plus add-on Add-on Networks
Price $64.99 $10.99 varies
Promo price (if any)
ABC News Live
ACC Network (“ACCN ESPN”)
BBC America
BBC World News
Big Ten Network (“BTN”)
Cartoon Network
CBS Sports Network
CNBC World
Comedy Central
Court TV
Cozi TV
Discovery Channel
Food Network
Fox Business
Fox College Sports
Fox News
Fox Soccer Plus
Fox Sports 2 (“FS2”)
FX Movie Channel (FXM)
Golf Channel
Gol TV
Investigation Discovery
MLB Network
My Network TV
Nat Geo WILD
National Geographic
NBC Sports (NBCSN)
NBC Universo (Universo)
NFL RedZone
Paramount Network
SEC Network
Sundance TV
Tennis Channel
Travel Channel
TV Land
USA Network
RSNs (multiple channels)
Add-on subscription services
Acorn TV
AMC Premiere
Local Now
NBA League Pass
Olympic Channel
Sundance Now
UMC (Urban Movie Channel)
YouTube Originals
YouTube TV Sports Plus

136 thoughts on “YouTube TV Channel List

  1. Avatar jacbec says:

    Still looking for a DVR, something like the TiVo Roameo but better. Wish they would upgrade. I never watch “Live” TV.

    1. Avatar Laurie says:

      I can set it up to record all the shows I want to watch on you tube just like I did on my direct tv dvr.

      1. Avatar Judy says:

        How do you record with YouTube thanks

        1. Avatar Peggy says:

          I see many comments about no hallmark and you neglect to respond to whether or not they will ever get it. Please respond. Also what about PBS will they ever get that too? Thanks so much

          1. Avatar Stephen Lovely says:

            Hi Peggy, thanks for reading. We don’t know if YouTube TV has any plans to add those channels — your guess is as good as ours! Live TV streaming services do add (and remove) channels all the time, though, so it’s worth keeping an eye out.

          2. Avatar Kathy Cook says:

            Sounds great except non of the channel’s I watch are lusted . If tv , to ,discovery ,all the crime tv channels .paramount an the list goes on .

          3. Avatar dennis says:

            wish you offered the hallmark channels—–

            Do you plan on offering it soon?

          4. Avatar says:

            I too am looking for the Hallmark channels. Sling TV offers all as 3 as a $5 add on , but no live local networks. ABC. NBC. CBS. FOX.

            Does anyone know if this will be a UTube option

          5. Avatar Matt says:

            PBS is on YouTube tv in my area but not mynetwork tv

          6. Avatar Fred Buford says:

            You don’t want PBS. That’s a liberal indoctrination station, just like NPR, CNN, MSNBC etal.

        2. Avatar Daryl says:

          Just add the shows you wish to record into the library. Once they are listed there they will record automatically. Then just go back into your library for viewing.

        3. Avatar Brenda says:

          Select what you want as favorite. It will record the show.

      2. Avatar MARY says:

        Can you get TLC channel..I do not see it listed

        1. Avatar Mihele says:

          Yes, TLC is included in the youtube tv channel line up

    2. Avatar Zane says:

      YouTubeTV should add Weatherscan and The Weather Channel and NFL RedZone and NFL Network and ESPN Goal Line & Bases Loaded.

    3. Avatar Ben moreno says:

      Creen que en algún tiempo tendrán progracion de la cadena de Univisión

    4. Avatar Anonymous says:

      YouTube ch


      1. Avatar Nick Schwartz says:

        Can you please get Fox Sports North back. Baseball will be starting in a couple months and hockey is going on right now. Come on why did you drop it.

  2. Avatar John Dixon says:

    Can I get YouTube TV in Ontario, Canada?

  3. Avatar Rho says:

    Not one channel with black content. That is awful. BET, OWN, nor TV ONE. Smh.

    1. Avatar B says:

      Those channels are owned by Viacom. Viacom also owns MTV, VH1, Logo, Comedy Channel, TV Land, and Nickelodeon, none of which are carried by YoutubeTV. I suspect this more of an issue with Viacom and Youtube not reaching an agreement than it is an issue of racism, if that’s what you were implying.

      1. Avatar JH says:

        Well said. I hope it’s not what Rho was implying. I’m tired of people’s first thought being racism rather than a knowledgeable answer like yours. The term is too serious and accusatory to be used so randomly as of late….smh

        1. Avatar Ringo says:


        2. Avatar Leon Niicoghossin 11.1.1968 says:


    2. Avatar Major Tomm says:

      When everything is racist nothing is racist.

    3. Avatar JASON says:

      Try ESPN

    4. Avatar Anonymous says:

      Quit being racial… all of the other channels also have black content… You simply pick and choose what you want to watch thats all. To many black people only care about black people when they should be caring about ALL PEOPLE. We are the human race… we are all humans… and I’m sure You tube simply tries to get the channels that all the people seem to want to watch the most .

      1. Avatar Anonymous says:

        No one is being racial, facts is facts. If you were to get pulled over by the Police and I got pulled over, who do you think will get a ticket or go to jail.You go tell the Police that they shold be thinking about the human race.

        1. Avatar Anonymous says:

          What a horrible ignorant comment. Education is key. In other countries like in Latin America nobody stops for police and it looks that what the ignorant want.

        2. Avatar Yellow fruit says:

          You 😂😂😂😂

    5. Avatar YourMom says:

      Viacom has the monopoly on black content channels

  4. Avatar Sheila Hicks says:

    Will you get vh1

  5. Avatar allen tumberg says:

    rfd channel

  6. Avatar Joe Setzer says:

    I live in southern Maine and 35-40 miles north of Boston, Mass and get all of the Boston, Mass stations. Can I still get Youtube TV ?

    1. Avatar Stephen Lovely says:

      Hi Joe, thanks for reading! I’m not sure, but there’s an easy way to find out — just head to YouTube TV’s website and see if you can sign up!

  7. Avatar Therbert2653 says:

    A lot of buffering thinking about canceling espically during Prime viewing hours ,commands slow to respond. Hoping service improves as they get mature.

    1. Avatar sleezydeezy says:

      its your internet not the service.
      you pay for what you get
      30 mbps seem to be enough, but pay for more

    2. Avatar Sheila says:

      Need better internet speed, we’ve had no issues with ours buffering. Connection is only as good as your internet speed.

  8. Avatar Karen Hart says:

    Will YoutubeTV ever get the Hallmark Channel and MTV?

    1. Avatar Richard A Brown says:

      Will you tube tv ever get the Hallmark Channel?

    2. Avatar John Szost says:

      Please get Hallmark and Lifetime.

    3. Avatar NA2NE1 says:

      Philo has the Hallmark and Lifetime channels as well as a host of others for $21 Per month. It’s a good alternative to that $49.99 price tag.

      1. Avatar Anonymous says:

        Thanks. I I just cancelled my comcast cable (another price hike, this time $68 more) and am looking for something to replace it.

  9. Avatar Pat says:

    I’m ready to leave Dish but I need “BeIN Sports” so I can watch Moto GP and World Superbike races. Is it possible to get this channel on YouTube TV?

  10. Avatar Ginger Sterling Spies says:

    Cannot fast forward through commercials in DVR. Bummer.

  11. Avatar mike mangan says:

    before I would consider YOU TUBE TV I must find out abour=tTHE HALLMARK CHANNELS.I mentioned You Tube to my wife and she said where is Hallmarks.

    1. Avatar Lisa says:

      No there is no Hallmark or lifetime channel on YouTube tv. I think you can pay 3.39 a month to have lifetime added. Which brings it to about 54.00 a month.

  12. Avatar Liz says:

    Does Portland, ME receive the Hallmark & Lifetime channels on you tube tv?

    1. Avatar Stephen Lovely says:

      Hi Liz, thanks for reading! Unfortunately, YouTube TV does not carry Hallmark or Lifetime right now. But has posts on how to watch both of those channels: and

      1. Avatar Anonymous says:

        Weblink doesn’t work

  13. Avatar ROBERT H GAFFORD says:


    1. Avatar Marty Armstrong says:

      What happened to our regional sports channels… Foxsports ohio and foxsports south?

      1. Avatar Sheila says:

        That had contract negotiations.

  14. Avatar Joe Gallagher says:

    can I get One America News?

  15. Avatar DJ says:

    Any idea how to get MSG? I can’t live without the NY Rangers. The NHL app and NHL.TV packages still black out local games.

    1. Avatar Stephen Lovely says:

      If you’re local, fuboTV is your best bet for MSG. Right now, I think that’s the only live TV streaming service with MSG. Thanks for reading!

  16. Avatar Ken says:

    Looking for PAC12 network!

  17. Avatar Bob Peluse says:

    I have a Samsung Smart TV with Amazon Fire Sticks. Am I able to subscribe to YouTube TV? If so how many devices are included in the monthly fee? I currently use Play Station Vue.

    1. Avatar Stephen Lovely says:

      Hi Bob, thanks for reading! Yes, you should be able to use YouTube TV with a Samsung Smart TV. According to YouTube TV’s website, you can stream on up to three devices at once. Hope this helps!

  18. Avatar chris says:

    is there an on demand feature available

    1. Avatar Stephen Lovely says:

      Yes, YouTube TV has some on-demand content! What’s available varies by channel, but it’s usually stuff that has recently aired. If you’re looking for a more extensive on-demand library, you might want to consider Hulu + Live TV. Thanks for reading!

  19. Avatar Brian says:

    Please add the History channel and the CW channel. i know you have a couple shows from a app you have on here from the CW but would much rather have the whole CW channel.. And WGN channel too.. thanks

  20. Avatar Linda Ramsay says:

    Will YouTube TV add Boomerang , Science Ch. and the Hallmark Channels?? Really want these networks too. Otherwise YouTube TV has all the channels I need all in one place! But do have volume problem on Roku. Ty

  21. Avatar Robert Kay says:

    History Channel and NFL network?

    1. Avatar Anonymous says:

      NFL network and Tv Land !!!!!

  22. Avatar Abbey Akande says:

    I wanted to switch to YouTube TV, but I would like to know when are they getting VH1 and TV One

  23. Avatar Chris Keller says:

    Any access to PBS?

  24. Avatar Al says:

    Do you have sports net channel?

  25. Avatar jamesbuie says:


  26. Avatar Brian Duncan says:

    We are wanting to keep the “MeTV” in our area…Will we be able to keep this channel?

    1. Avatar Sheila says:

      Go to, out in your zip code and all channels available in your area will pull up.

  27. Avatar Cindi Ryan says:

    No ID channel? Got to have my true crime shows! ID is a staple in my house so as soon as that’s added I’ll be looking to switch. Kind of bummed it’s not already included as I was hoping to switch sooner than later. :/

    1. Avatar Lisa says:

      It is on there. I watch it too.

    2. Avatar Sheila says:

      They absolutely have ID channel, I watch it all the time,

    3. Avatar Sheila says:

      ID channel is available, I watch it all the time.

  28. Avatar rick wright says:

    Where do I purchase a good DVR?

  29. Avatar Pearl Paden says:

    Tried to read carefully but I am interested in Fox news channel. Is it extra with the initial $40 fee. If so how muc h? And do you have a firm contract with them?

    1. Avatar Sheila says:

      Fox News is included

  30. Avatar John says:

    Could I trade CNN for something else

  31. Avatar Pat Chadwell says:

    Please tell me that a channel can be added. The only thing holding us back is we really watch the paramount channel on Direct TV it is channel 241. If you could give me that channel I will be your customer tomorrow. Please reply as soon as you can. Will be waiting for your answer.

    1. Avatar Stephen Lovely says:

      YouTube TV doesn’t have Paramount Network right now, unfortunately. Whether YouTube TV will add it is hard to say — it’s up to them and the folks at Paramount to work out a deal. You could email YouTube TV to let them know how you feel, or you could try one of its competitors — Philo, fuboTV, and Sling TV all have Paramount Network right now:

      1. Avatar Pat Chadwell says:

        Thank you will do more checking.

    2. Avatar Sheila says:

      This channel is going to be added sometime this summer, no exact date yet.

    3. Avatar Anonymous says:

      It does have paramount channel. The Wolf of Wall Street is on right now in my area.

  32. Avatar Pat Chadwell says:

    Can the paramount channel be added please. That’s the only thing keeping me from getting YouTube TV.
    Can I get a reply please.

    1. Avatar Stephen Lovely says:

      Hi Pat, thanks for reading, but we’re not part of Google or YouTube. You’ll have to take this up with them!

  33. Avatar Barbara Nelson says:

    No RFD tv which is a real bummer

    1. Avatar jim says:

      is it coming anytimr soon

  34. Avatar Willie D Hill says:

    Can this streaming media work with the Fire Stick?
    Is OWN and the NFL NETWORK on your channel list?

    1. Avatar Sheila says:

      To see all channels offered, all you have to do is go to and put in your zip code and it’ll pull everything up available in your area

  35. Avatar Doug says:

    I am hoping that the DIY channel will be added soon

  36. Avatar Angela McCoy says:

    Do you plan on getting the Hallmark Channel? I mostly watch it for the Christmas movies and occasionally a few shows from time to time.

  37. Avatar Mark S. Budesheim says:

    I am “cranking up” YouTube TV soon. Please add the Paramount channel to your run

  38. Avatar Marlin Lile says:

    I am only waiting for Hallmark, And i will make the switch from Cable to YouTube.

    1. Avatar spark says:

      there is a platform called FRNDLY that is a minimum of channels for less that $10 a month that has all the hallmark channels, uptv and QVC and a few others that you could use for hallmark, that is what we do…

  39. Avatar Donna Paulson says:

    i would like to see youTube add the Paramount Channel. i want to see “Yellowstone”.

  40. Avatar Joan Kennedy says:

    After serious comparisons of streaming services, we have chosen YouTubeTV. Armed with a list of favorites, YouTubeTV was the only one that offered everything we were looking for – including our local channels. History Channel (live programming) was the only missing one for us, but we believe that is the fault of the History Channel – not the YouTubeTV Service. (The History Channel seems to demand separate payment). We have not regretted chosing YouTubeTV Service. It is quality given at a fantastic price. Finally cut the cord from Direct TV.

  41. Avatar Rick White says:

    high my name is Rick and I am 71 and trying to get off this page. Can someone tell me how to do that. I have been stuck here for 3 days

  42. Avatar John Lazur says:

    Why does not You Tube offer the Pac 12 Network. People in Phoenix need that!

  43. Avatar Sue V says:

    What about the religious programs? Daystar, TBN, EWTN?

  44. Avatar Mary says:

    pleassee offer Hallmark and EWTN to your line up.

  45. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Does you tube tv also have free access to movies like netflix?

    1. Avatar Stephen Lovely says:

      YouTube TV has a decent library on on-demand content, and it lets you DVR movies. The movies are the TV broadcast versions, though.

  46. Avatar Kenn says:

    Are there plans to add OAN Network?

  47. Avatar Tom says:

    Does U-Tube any Packages with NO Sports ?
    NEVER watch them.

  48. Avatar Brenda Elk says:

    I don’t see Animal Planet or TLC so it is a deal breaker for me. I would definitely choose it if not for those two not being in the mix.

  49. Avatar David says:

    I have two TV’s. Will YouTube TV be accessible to both TV”s with one membership?

    1. Avatar Stephen Lovely says:

      Yes, you’ll just need to log into the service on each TV. You can do that on the TV itself, if it’s a smart TV. Otherwise, you’ll need something like a Roku device to attach to the TV.

  50. Avatar Renee Wethington says:

    How do I prioritize my channel list for quick access to my favorite channels?

  51. Avatar LG says:

    Your price for Youtube is months out of date. I only wish it were still $49.99… sigh.

    1. Avatar Stephen Lovely says:

      We wish, too! Thanks for your feedback. We’re working on a big overhaul of our channel lists for YouTube TV and other services, so stay tuned — we’ll be back up to date soon! 🙂

  52. Avatar Carol Ann King says:

    I wish YouTube TV had Game Show Network!

    1. Avatar KC says:

      YouTube plus FRNDLY (3 Hallmark Channels, Weather Channel, Game Show Network, plus more).

  53. Avatar Clarence says:

    Sad that YouTube TV DOES NOT Also have these channels ME TV, Get TV, Heroes And Icon(H&I), ION, ION Plus, Localish, Laffy, Qubo and all of the big cities own local channels that are not connected to a big Network. Especially the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange Country CA, Orlando FL, New York, Seattle WA, Las Vegas NV and Washington D.C.. IT VERY IMPORTANT TO ALSO HAVE THOSE CHANNELS ALSO. FOR ONE THING NO ONE WANTS TO MISS ANY OF THEIR LOCAL CHANNELS THAT ARE NOT CONNECTED TO ANY NETWORKS, BESIDE THE OTHER NETWORKS.

    1. Avatar Clarence says:


  54. Avatar Linda Ramsay says:

    Need the 3 Hallmark channels, History & Boomrang for me to co e back.

  55. Avatar Linda Ramsay says:

    Was YouTube TV Subscriber, but canceled. Need the 3 Hallmark channels, History & Boomrang for me to come back.

  56. Avatar Brian Duty says:

    The sad truth about streaming is that it was revolutionary with HULU. Now you have every network in the world vying for attention. That comes in the way of streamers fighting for popular channels. Cord cutting is still the best way to go, for now. Over saturation of services maintains exclusives will push prices higher- welcome to capitalism. We all love USA, but to play you pay.

  57. Avatar Dieter Hinkelmann says:

    I pay $72 w tax and services for 2 hopers and 200 hours DVR with Dish and all channels and all local channels are the same as the 64.99 package that don’t have local channels and no DVR, so not really a good deal or savings, not sure what youtubetv means by savings, no equipment to rent, so it is very expensive using youtubetv

  58. Avatar Dieter Hinkelmann says:


  59. Avatar Graham Brown, ( says:

    We start each day off by watching the EWTN channel, but none of you guys carry it. I would change over tonight if you did. So we will just continue on with DirecTV. Sorry, You win some and you lose some.

  60. Avatar Alyson says:

    Can I get Fox Sports North (FSN) on YouTube TV?

  61. Avatar Danny DeRico says:

    I see alot of Question on here, where are the answers to these questions ???

  62. Avatar Karla Nacion says:

    I still want a service that I can choose the line up – I definitely don’t want any money gong to Fox. When are we going to have choice by corporate responsibility?

    1. Avatar Stephen Lovely says:

      I agree with you, Karla! It’s a tough situation because a lot of channels are owned by the same companies, and they know they’ll make more money when they bundle them. I wish we could all subscribe to channels one at a time, but “skinny bundles” are the closest thing we have to that right now.

  63. Avatar Robert Rousselle says:

    What happened to nesn channel

  64. Avatar Daisy says:

    The same run around as Cable, sign up for 49.99 to save over Cable and here we are at 64.99. Just went to Xfinity and they can beat you again! I believe you were making at 49.99 and adding stations! Take Fox off and you really lose! The Fox haters have every other news channel but Fox, Newsmax and OAN, which, by the way I would appreciate you carrying along with Hallmark. Cable has these. Don’t fall into the censorship trap.

  65. Avatar Al says:

    No History channel? I need it!

    1. Avatar Jimmy engles says:

      History channel has changed so much I have not watched in over a year. Used to be pretty good!

  66. Avatar BCB says:

    you can get all the Hallmark channels and other channels that are missing on you tube from Philo tv for $20/month.

  67. Avatar David says:

    Can you get MLB games on YouTubeTV like you can on Dish with their Extra Innings package ? I watch MLB and the season starts in April so trying to see if I can get that

    1. Avatar Stephen Lovely says:

      No, but you can get the same thing from MLB TV! It will be in a separate app that way, but it’s easy to switch back and forth between the YouTube TV and MLB TV apps on a streaming device like a Roku or Fire TV.

  68. Avatar says:

    Why do you not have the History Channel. Thinking of changing to another streaming channel. I believe you once had History in your line up

  69. Avatar Rick says:

    will NFL network ever be added?

  70. Avatar John Lazur says:

    Why am I not getting the Tennis Channel, it says I can get it?

  71. Avatar Dee says:

    Please add the regular Hallmark Channel and LifeTime. Thank you.

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