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Philo vs DIRECTV Stream

Last updated: November 24, 2021

Starts at $25.00/mo
Starts at $69.99/mo

There are plenty of streaming options to choose from. Philo and DIRECTV STREAM are two of the more intriguing options. Both provide live TV streaming service highlighted by network TV channels. However, there are some key differences between Philo and DIRECTV STREAM. Let’s take a look at what these two live TV streaming services are really all about.

DIRECTV STREAM: A live TV streaming service with familiar network TV channels and a wide variety of packages.

  • A cable-like experience without the high prices or long-term contracts
  • Mobile viewing and a cloud DVR
  • Comparably expensive
  • Large channel bundles lack flexibility
  • Can feel a little bit too much like cable or satellite

Philo: A live TV streaming service with network TV channels at an affordable price

Philo Pros: Philo Cons:
  • Popular network TV channels
  • Unlimited DVR storage across 30 days
  • Competitively priced
  • Optional premium channels
  • Almost no sports, news or local TV channels
  • Comparably few packages

What's the Difference Between DIRECTV STREAM and Philo?

Philo is more affordable than DIRECTV STREAM because the former doesn’t really provide news, sports, and local channels. Those providers who do offer them are generally the most expensive channels for carriers, and that expense gets passed on to viewers like us. So when they’re left out, we get lower prices.

By comparison, DIRECTV STREAM is more comprehensive, but also more expensive. Though DIRECTV STREAM costs more than Philo, it offers more livestreaming channels. If you’re interested in watching sports, news, and local content, then you’ll probably favor DIRECTV STREAM over Philo.

You can get unlimited storage on your DIRECTV STREAM cloud DVR service, but only if you pay extra; for an entry-level package, the cap is just 20 hours. Even the “unlimited” plan has some restrictions, as recordings expire after 90 days, and you can only record up to 30 episodes of a single TV series at a time. Philo now provides unlimited DVR storage that lets you hold onto recordings for up to a year.

DIRECTV STREAM offers four packages, whereas Philo only has one main bundle. The basic Philo package provides more than 60 channels. You can also opt for the add-ons in the form of Epix and Starz for $6 per month and $9 per month more, respectively. The options are a bit more complicated with DIRECTV STREAM, but there are plenty of DIRECTV STREAM bundles with lots of channels, including premium networks like STARZ.

What You Can Watch on DIRECTV STREAM vs. Philo?

Philo provides some of the most popular network TV channels. As of this writing, Philo provides more than 60 channels. Examples of Philo channels include:

  • A&E
  • AMC
  • BBC America
  • TLC
  • MTV
  • VH1

That’s a lot of good stuff! Philo will give you a lot of great entertainment. Just keep in mind that it’s missing sports, news, and local channels. Philo customers can add Epix and Starz for an additional fee.

DIRECTV STREAM also provides network TV channels. But, unlike Philo, DIRECTV STREAM's channel lineup includes sports, news, and local channels. The DIRECTV STREAM “Entertainment” package provides 65+ channels, including major networks like ABC and NBC, sports channels like ESPN, and news channels like CNN. There are also plenty of entertainment channels, like BET, Disney Channel, TNT, and USA.

DIRECTV STREAM’s CHOICE™ package includes 90+ channels including HBO Max and additional sports channels, plus:

  • ESPN U
  • ESPNews
  • FS1
  • FS2
  • The Olympic Channel

DIRECTV STREAM’s packages also offer regional sports networks (RSNs). For example, if you’re in New York, you can use DIRECTV STREAM to watch the Yankees on YES online.

Each of DIRECTV STREAM's packages has its own unique channel lineup, and you’ll get more channels with each step you take up the price tier. If this seems overwhelming, don’t worry: Our DIRECTV STREAM channel list breaks down these bundles nicely.

How Much Will You Spend on DIRECTV STREAM vs. Philo?

Philo is more affordable than DIRECTV STREAM. Philo costs $25 per month, and the company has done a good job of avoiding huge price hikes. (DIRECTV STREAM has not been as successful in this department.) Since there’s no contract to sign, you can watch, cancel and restart Philo livestreams whenever you want. If you want to add Starz to your Philo subscription, it will tack on an extra $9 to your monthly bill. You can also add Epix for $6.

DIRECTV STREAM is more expensive than Philo. We think this price difference makes sense because DIRECTV STREAM provides streaming sports, news, and local channels, which are unavailable on Philo. The DIRECTV STREAM Entertainment package provides over 65 channels for $69.99 per month. More bundles and options can increase your channel count to more than 140 — and your bill to well over $100 per month. You can pay extra for premium channels and services, including HBO Max.

The price differential is clear. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide: Do you want to pay more and get every kind of channel with DIRECTV STREAM, or are you willing to give up certain types of channels to save money with Philo?

DIRECTV STREAM vs. Philo: Which Should You Choose?

If you want to watch TV network channels at a low price, Philo is the best choice for you. If you want to watch sports, news and local channels, DIRECTV STREAM is the better of the two live streaming services for you.

If you simply want to be entertained with cable network channels that show movies, shows, reality TV, and more, then we think you’ll be happy with Philo’s offerings. If you’re not extremely interested in sports, news, and local content — and if you’re primarily concerned with the cost of streaming video services — then we think you should opt for Philo. Philo provides plenty of content at a very affordable price.

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    Can I get live streaming FOX TV national news on my Roku TV with Philo’s basic package?

    1. Stephen Lovely says:

      Nope, but you can get it with some other services! Here’s a guide:

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