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Philo vs FuboTV

Last updated: June 18, 2021

Starts at $25.00/mo
Starts at $54.99/mo

If you are thinking about cutting the cord on cable TV — or if you already have, — you should consider the merits of Philo and fuboTV.  Both Philo and fuboTV are streaming video services that give you high-quality content at an affordable price. However, fuboTV and Philo have some important differences as well. You’ve come to the right place to find out about these streaming video services. We have all of the details of each service neatly organized below for you.

Philo: A low-cost video service with popular TV networks

Philo Pros: Philo Cons:
  • One of the most affordable live TV streaming services on the market
  • Unlimited DVR storage in the cloud lasts upwards of an entire month
  • 10 accounts per membership
  • Channel lineup includes the top cable channels such as Comedy Central, AMC, Discovery Channel, A&E, and the History Channel
  • Lacks compatibility with smart TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, and other video game consoles
  • No local channels
  • No sports or news

fuboTV: A live TV streaming service with 90+ channels

fuboTV Pros: fuboTV Cons:
  • Both sports channels and local news are included
  • Compatible with smart TVs as well as PlayStation, Xbox and other gaming consoles
  • Four package options available, including 200+-channel Ultra package
  • Limited cloud DVR space
  • More expensive than most other streaming services
  • Tops out at 720p resolution

What’s the Difference between Philo and fuboTV?

Philo and fuboTV set out to do the same basic thing: Deliver live streaming TV. These are both subscription services that give us multiple live TV channels — kind of like cable! But there are differences, too.

As we’ll talk about later, the key difference is the price. With Philo, you’ll pay less — but you’ll also miss out on sports and local news.

These two services both offer cloud DVRs that let you record live TV, but they have different amounts of cloud DVR storage. fuboTV’s DVR storage tops out at 500 hours, while Philo provides unlimited DVR cloud storage for 30 days.

Philo only offers one main package, but you have the option to tack on an add-on. Philo’s primary package provides 58 channels. If you would like 12 more channels, this add-on increases the monthly bill by $4.

fuboTV provides several packages at varying price points: “Standard,” “Family,” “Family With Showtime” and “Ultra.” Ultra runs $80 per month and provides around 200 channels along with on-demand content. fuboTV features 35 sports channels, while Philo does not have a single sports channel.

What You Can Watch on fuboTV vs. Philo

fuboTV screen
fuboTV dashboard

Though Philo doesn’t offer sports, news, or local channels, it provides a wide array of the top cable channels, such as A&E, VH1, ID Discovery, Comedy Central, and Cartoon Network. fuboTV provides some of the most popular cable channels, too, but — in contrast with Philo — it also gives us major networks, sports, and news channels. If you are interested in sports channels and premium channels such as Showtime, fuboTV will suit your interests. Examples of fuboTV’s cable channels include:

fuboTV sports channels include:

  • NFL Network
  • NBC Sports Network
  • Big 10 Network
  • NBA TV
  • CBS Sports network
  • Eleven Sports

If you want even more sports channels, you can pay $9 more per month for the fuboTV Sports Extra add-on pack, which includes NFL RedZone, Fight Network, FNTSY Sports Network, Fox College Sports channels, and more.

How Much Will You Spend on Philo vs. fuboTV?

Philo dashboard

These streaming video services are quite different in terms of price. Philo provides a single package along with the option of an add-on. Philo’s primary package has 58 channels and runs $20 per month. Customers who would like another dozen channels will pay an additional $4 per month. All of this is very cheap for a live TV service!

Alternatively, fuboTV has several package options available. The Ultra package runs $80 per month and provides nearly 200 channels. The Family Plan with Showtime runs $74.99. The basic Family package runs $65 per month, providing 114 channels.

If cost is your primary concern, Philo’s $20 monthly fee for basic service is appealing. If getting sports and local news is more important to you, it might be worth paying $55 or more per month for fuboTV.

Philo Vs. fuboTV: Which Should You Choose?

Choosing between these two services comes down to what you want to watch. There’s no need to make a commitment to either fuboTV or Philo right now. Each streaming service provides a convenient 7-day free trial period that doesn’t require any type of contract or commitment. As long as you have a sustainable web connection, you can stream either of these services.  However, there are meaningful differences between fuboTV and Philo that will ultimately shape your decision.

If you watch a lot of local channels, sports, and/or news, fuboTV is optimal — Philo offers no such channels. However, if you are partial to cable channels such as Discovery, FYI, A&E, AMC, and Cartoon Network and aren’t interested in watching much else, Philo TV is perfect for you. If you want to watch movies and series on Showtime, check out fuboTV — Philo doesn’t offer Showtime, HBO, or similar premium channels.

However, if cost is your primary concern, you will undoubtedly favor Philo, as it costs a mere $20 per month. If you are willing to limit your channel options to reality TV and lifestyle shows along with other content commonly featured on the top cable TV channels, you’ll be more than happy with Philo. However, Philo’s content doesn’t extend outside of these genres.

Philo also provides a superior resolution (1080p) and the ability to stream content with ease while traveling. Unfortunately, Philo doesn’t stream content on smart TVs and gaming consoles.  Opt for fuboTV and you’ll be able to stream content on any such device, making your viewing experience that much more convenient. Take your time, review the merits and weak points of both fuboTV and Philo and you’ll be able to make a truly informed decision.

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