Cable: who needs it? Thanks to a revolution in live TV streaming services, the answer is: almost nobody! Ditching your cable bill while still holding onto all the live TV broadcasts you crave is easy – and that's as true for fans of Nickelodeon as it is for fans of any of the other big network channels that have seen their fans migrate to web-delivered live streams. If you don't yet know how to watch Nickelodeon without cable, you've come to the right place: this guide has everything you need to know about the revolution in streaming TV and what your options for Nickelodeon live streams actually look like on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and other platforms.

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How to Watch Nickelodeon Online Without Cable

The key to watching Nickelodeon without cable is to invest in a skinny bundle. What's a skinny bundle? We're so glad you asked!

A skinny bundle looks a lot like cable: it offers a package (or a choice of several packages) of live network TV channels for a monthly subscription fee. But there are a few key differences at play here. First, as the name suggests, skinny bundles tend to be skinny: they trim out less popular channels so that they can trim the price you pay a bit, too.

Not every skinny bundle looks all that skinny these days (in fact, these days you're as likely to hear them called “live streaming TV service” or some variation on that phrasing as you are to hear “skinny bundle”). But all the ones we care about still have one even more important thing in common: they're delivered over the internet as streaming services.

And just as Netflix and the streaming video on demand (SVOD) services took out their legacy movie rental competition, these skinny bundles are starting to eat into legacy pay TV services' subscription numbers. Sign up for one and you'll see why: skinny bundles can save you money and allow you to watch your live TV anywhere.

Among the live network TV channels that skinny bundles can gain you access to is, of course, Nickelodeon. Unfortunately, right now your options for obtaining a Nickelodeon live stream are a little slim. But they're not non-existent, so you can watch Nickelodeon without cable. Here's how.

Stream Nickelodeon for Free with Philo

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One way to watch Nickelodeon without cable is Philo, an extremely affordable skinny bundle service. Philo offers two channel bundles, and the smaller and cheaper of the two includes Nickelodeon. How cheap are we talking? Very cheap: Philo charges just $16 for 40 channels. That's an incredible deal for a skinny bundle, so while you can complain that the options for watching Nickelodeon without cable are a little few in number, you certainly can't say anything bad about the pricing! And you can pay even less for the first week, because Philo also offers a week-long free trial (you can check that out via the link below). Philo is a fast-growing, up-and-coming skinny bundle that is already making a splash in the business space, so you should definitely consider checking it out via its free trial offer. You can read our review of Philo here.


There are not a ton of solutions to the problem of how to watch Nickelodeon without cable. But that's okay: one of those solutions is DIRECTV NOW, and it's fantastic. DIRECTV NOW is a great skinny bundle, and it includes Nickelodeon in every one of its several package options. That means that you can get your hands on a Nickelodeon live stream for as little as $40 per month (that's the price of DIRECTV NOW's smallest package, called “Live a Little”). If you want to pay more for more channels, you are of course free to do so – each larger package includes all of the channels from its smaller brothers, so you'll get Nickelodeon no matter which DIRECTV NOW deal you sign up for. The same packages include Nick Jr. and Teennick, and Nicktoons appears beginning with the $55-per-month “Just Right” package (more on these channels later). You can read our review of DIRECTV NOW here or can sign up for the free trial via the link below and check things out for yourself.

Can I Watch Nickelodeon on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

So you can watch a Nickelodeon live stream online – that's nice, and all, but you're not interested in watching live TV on your computer. You want it on the big screen, and that means that you want a Nickelodeon live stream that works on your streaming device: your Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, or whatever else it is that you use to watch live TV online.

Well, hey, good news: most of the skinny bundle services that we trust most are available on each of the major streaming devices. That means you have lots of ways to watch live TV on your brand-name streaming device – even if, as of this writing, not all that many of those live TV solutions include a Nickelodeon live stream.

As of this writing, DIRECTV NOW works on Rokus that aren't ancient, as well as on pretty much any still-functioning model of Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chomecast. DIRECTV NOW does not (again, as of this writing) have an Android TV app, which means that owners of Android TV devices like the Nvidia Shield are out of luck – but keep your eye out, because platform support for the major skinny bundles is always expanding. While we're on the subject, we should mention that DIRECTV NOW also does not have an app for Xbox One or PS4.

Speaking of ever-expanding platform support, we should say a word about Philo here, too. Of the major streaming platforms, Philo currently supports Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV. And we can likely expect more platform support in the coming months, as Philo is moving fast to take on its more established skinny bundle competition.

Okay, what about mobile devices? DIRECTV NOW has you covered here, with apps for both Android and iOS mobile devices (including iPads and iPhones). As for Philo, it has a great iOS app, so you iPad and iPhone users are still covered. However, as of this writing, Philo is still without an Android app. Keep in mind, though, that Philo is still a relative newcomer to the mainstream skinny bundle market, and that things could change fast. Keep an eye out for expanded platform support in the near future.

Both Philo and DIRECTV NOW will work great on a desktop or laptop computer, thanks to their in-browser apps.

What About Nick Jr., Nicktoons, and Teennick?

Nickelodeon is pretty hard to come by through skinny bundles. You might assume that the rest of the network's family are in the same boat – but, strangely enough, they're not!

We wrote a full post on how to watch Nick Jr. without cable, but here's the short version, along with the information you'll need to get a Teennick live stream and a Nicktoons live stream.

As we mentioned above, DIRECTV NOW includes Nick Jr. and Teennick in all of its packages, and throws in Nicktoons starting with the “Just Right” tier ($55 per month). That means that DIRECTV NOW is a great way to get the whole Nickelodeon family of networks without cable.

Another option is Philo, a service that we introduced you to above. Philo's $16-per-month package includes Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., and Teennick. For Nicktoons, you'll just have to step up to Philo's more expensive (but still insanely affordable) $20-per-month package.

Nick Jr. is also available through Sling TV's Sling Blue base package ($25 per month), and you can add the Kids Extra add-on package ($5 per month) to Sling Blue to net Nicktoons and Teennick. Want to check out Sling TV? No problem: just click on the link below and sign up for the service's free trial. You'll be able to test it out for a week before you have to pay a dime. You can also read our review of Sling TV here.

Stream Nick Jr for Free with Sling TV

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And there you have it: your complete guide to watching Nickelodeon (and a bunch of its sister channels) without cable. Skinny bundles make it easier than ever for us to cut the cord and still enjoy our favorite shows and live TV channels, so if you haven't check one out yet, now's the time to do so! Pick out one (or more) from our article above, click the link, and sign up for your free trial to see which service you like best. And stay tuned for, of course – we're always covering skinny bundles, free over-the-air TV, and other cord cutting techniques for the many folks who are sick of overpaying for cable.