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CNBC is one of the most reliable financial news stations out there. Without a CNBC live stream, you might find yourself out of the loop on the latest stock market and business news — as well as without a way to watch certain NBC Sports broadcasts and other special NBC content. That's why we're here to show you how to watch CNBC without cable. Below, we'll lay out everything you need to know in order to stream CNBC legally and watch CNBC live, no cable required.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to stream CNBC:

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$5.99 – $85.96 68 – 88 7 or 30 days

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How to Watch CNBC Online Without Cable

NBC is a broadcast channel, which — as you may know — means that you can snag it for free with an antenna. But its sister channel, CNBC, is not a broadcast channel. So what can we do? Do we have to turn to cable in order to watch CNBC?

Well, since we called our article “How to Watch CNBC Without Cable,” you can probably guess that the answer here is “no.” There are ways to watch CNBC without cable. And all of them fall into one category of service: skinny bundles.

Below, we'll list every reputable skinny bundle that has CNBC in its channel lineup. But before we get into that, let's take a step back and define what we're talking about here. What is a skinny bundle?

A skinny bundle is a “multichannel” service, which means it offers multiple live network television channels, just like cable. But unlike cable, a skinny bundle in the sense that we're talking about here is an “OTT” service. “OTT” stands for “over the top,” and it means that these services come in via the internet.

That has big implications. Most obviously, it means that cord cutters have a way to watch live TV – including, of course, CNBC. It also hints at why you might want to cut the cord and go with a skinny bundle service instead of cable. Since skinny bundles are OTT, they have more competition to keep prices down – there are no regional monopolies here. And skinny bundles can also be viewed on a ton of different devices, from Rokus to smartphones. It's also worth mentioning that skinny bundles tend to offer slimmed-down bundles that are smaller than their cable counterparts. That's part of why they're cheaper, and it's also why skinny bundles are called “skinny bundles” in the first place.

With that all explained, let's check out the skinny bundles that actually offer a solution to the question of how to watch CNBC without cable. These are the skinny bundles with CNBC in their channel lineups that we trust.

Stream CNBC for free with Hulu

Free Trial

Hulu + Live TV is the skinny bundle arm of Hulu, which is a brand name you might already know: they are, of course, the company behind a very popular on-demand streaming services (“streaming video on demand,” or SVOD, is exactly what it sounds like — streaming video that lets you pick a show or movie and start it whenever you want to, Netflix-style). Hulu + Live TV offers lots of great channels, including CNBC. You can grab that free trial offer by clicking on the button above. For more on Hulu + Live TV, read our complete Hulu review.

Stream CNBC for free with fuboTV

Free Trial

Live TV streaming service fuboTV has CNBC and CNBC World on its roster. fuboTV sweetens the deals for its bundles by offering a week-long free trial offer. You can test this service out for yourself by clicking on the button above and signing up for the free trial, or you could hear more about what we think of it by reading our fuboTV review.

Stream CNBC with Sling TV

Try It

Sling TV works a little differently from most of its competitors. Rather than setting up tiers of skinny bundles, Sling TV has opted to make its service more a la carte. Here's how it works: subscribers start by choosing one (or both) of Sling TV's base packages. Once they have a base package, a subscriber can then add “Extras” — small add-on bundles of channels. The result is that Sling TV subscribers can get niche channels more affordably, because they don't have to scale up to super-large bundles full of channels they don't want to watch (or, more importantly, pay for!). It's easy to stream CNBC on a budget with Sling TV. For more on Sling TV, check out our Sling TV review.


Figuring out how to watch CNBC without cable using AT&T TV Now is easy: Just grab a bundle that includes it and start streaming CNBC online for a low price. You can even stream CNBC free for a limited time by using AT&T TV Now's free trial offer. For more on AT&T TV Now, read our review of AT&T TV Now.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is Google's skinny bundle solution, and it's a good one. We liked it a lot when we tested it, and said as much in our YouTube TV review. And YouTube TV includes a CNBC live stream in bundle. If you're a CNBC fan, you should definitely consider YouTube TV as a solution to your “how to watch CNBC without cable” dilemma.

Can I Watch CNBC on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

You sure can! Most of the services listed above are available for all of the platforms we mentioned in our subheadline, and all of them are available for at least a couple of them.

Specifically, you can watch Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, AT&T TV Now, and YouTube TV on Roku.

Fire TV users get Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, AT&T TV Now, and YouTube TV as their options.

Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, AT&T TV Now, and YouTube TV all have apps for Apple's streaming platform, Apple TV.

Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, AT&T TV Now, and YouTube TV all work well with Chromecast.

Android TV, Google's streaming platform, plays nice with Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV.

Platform support is great for mobile users: Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, AT&T TV Now, and YouTube TV all have apps for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, AT&T TV Now, and YouTube TV all also work on desktop and laptop computers via in-browser apps and/or desktop apps.

Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, AT&T TV Now, and YouTube TV also work on Xbox One video game consoles. Hulu + Live TV will also work on PlayStation 4.

All told, there are a ton of ways to watch CNBC without cable on all sorts of great devices. Check out the free trials above and start testing out your favorite solutions!

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    How do I get the Streaming Channel Crave (not 3D Crave)?

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    Cnbc is not on any of these

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    The only CNBC “Skinny Bundle” is $5 for the Extra News Channel Bundle on Sling, IF you get the Sling Blue Service!

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    You can get a CNBC Pro subscription which has all there broadcasts plus more.

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