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What if you caused Santa Claus’s accidental death through a series of unfortunate events? And what if that meant it was your turn to don the big red suit and carry on in his name, literally? That’s precisely what happens to Scott Calvin, the somewhat self-obsessed toy executive and divorced father in “The Santa Clause” movie. Scott begrudgingly accepts only after fighting with all his might against the sudden big round belly, generous amounts of facial hair that won’t stop growing, and propensity to be drawn to the color red.

This hilariously unique take on the staple Christmas holiday family comedy continued to find blockbuster success with The “Santa Clause 2” (2002) and “The Santa Clause 3” (2006). So, what makes this movie so unique that it became a three-movie series? The everyday, relatable characters and life circumstances of “The Santa Clause” capture just how deeply the Christmas spirit can transform our lives in the most positive of ways. Ready to watch? Here’s a complete list of cable-free viewing options:

Here are a few of our favorite ways to stream ‘The Santa Clause':

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Where to Watch ‘The Santa Clause’ Online

Thanks to live TV streaming services, often called “skinny bundles,” your favorite holiday movies are just a click away, even if you don’t have cable. These services allow you to watch the most popular TV channels online over the internet, bypassing the need for cable or satellite service altogether. Better yet, on-demand specific platforms like Netflix allow you to watch your favorite movies whenever you want, without the need to tune in to a particular network. This year you can find “The Santa Clause” on-demand on Disney Plus. You can also watch it on the freeform channel via multiple live TV streaming services. Here’s where to watch:

Who Stars in ‘The Santa Clause’?

Every worthwhile movie has a strong leading character, comedian, and actor. Tim Allen (best known for his “Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor” character in the popular 90’s sitcom “Home Improvement”) does not disappoint. Here’s the rest of the talented lineup you’ll find in “The Santa Clause.”

  • Eric Lloyd as “Charlie Calvin”
  • Wendy Crewson as “Laura”
  • Judge Reinhold as “Neal”
  • David Krumholtz as “Bernard”
  • Paige Tamada as “Judy the Elf”

More Christmas Favorites You Should Stream Next

The “Santa Clause” should be just the start of your holiday movie-watching adventure. Need some suggestions? We think you’ll be ho-ho-ho-ing with laughter over these Christmas faves:

  • Elf – A magical journey with a grown man raised as an elf in the North Pole who then travels to find his human father in a primarily innocent and comedic fashion.
  • A Christmas Story – Easily one of the top five Christmas movies of all time, full of childhood nostalgia and the quest for the perfect Christmas gift.
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – In the heart of the 80’s fashion flubs and pre-digital technology, one man sets out on his overambitious goal of hosting the entire extended family this year for Christmas, only to end in bittersweet calamity.
  • The Grinch – From directors of the Minions, it’s a classic tale about the power of Christmas and how it touches everyone, even those who think they're too cool for sentimental holidays.

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  1. Mele K. says:

    Cord cutting? Why recommend movies that can only be viewed through subscriptions like Hulu which costs a whopping $64.99 a month? Cord cutting implies freeing oneself from the clutches of greedy cable companies…just to cuddle up the the “new” cable companies like Hulu, HBO Max, YouTube and Amazon? They nickel and dime the consumer with “add ons”, “rental charges”, and in Amazon’s gazillion different channels each with a different cost. Please, cord cutting doesn’t mean jumping out of the frying pan into the fire…does it?

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