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If you’re a fan of conservative commentary, then you’re probably very familiar with Tucker Carlson’s popular Fox News show Tucker Carlson Tonight. But what you might not be aware of is the fact that you don’t actually need cable to watch Tucker Carlson deliver his takes on today’s news. With the right streaming solution, you can enjoy Tucker Carlson Tonight — along with all the rest of the Fox News programming, including Hannity — without paying for an overpriced cable or satellite package. Let us show you how to watch Tucker Carlson without cable.

How to Watch Tucker Carlson Online Without Cable

Fox News is home to Tucker Carlson’s popular program, and Fox News is a network television station — you know, the kind of TV channel that you have to pay a TV provider to get. You can watch regular old Fox for free over the air, but you won’t be able to pick up Fox News with an antenna — it’s only available as part of a pay TV package.

That’s the bad news, but here’s the good news: There’s no law that says you’re stuck with the cable and satellite giants you already know about. There are streaming pay TV providers, too. These live TV streaming “skinny bundles,” as they’re sometimes called, are leaner and more flexible than cable. They’re also cheaper! Though these services look and feel a lot like cable, they actually stream online (sort of like Netflix does, only these are for live TV). And some of these services have free trials, meaning you can watch Tucker Carlson free online — for a little while, anyway, until your trial runs out.

Not every skinny bundle has a Fox News channel stream, which means that not every bundle has Tucker Carlson Tonight. Luckily, we’re here to show you which ones are which. Here are the skinny bundle options that will help you watch Tucker Carlson Tonight without cable.

Stream Tucker Carlson Tonight on Hulu

Watch Tucker Carlson Tonight

In our review of Hulu, we were really reviewing two services at once. Hulu has an on-demand service (meaning one where you can start and stop movies and shows whenever you want, just like how Netflix works), but it also has a streaming bundle called Hulu + Live TV. Hulu + Live TV includes both the on-demand Hulu and Hulu’s skinny bundle live TV service — and the latter includes a Fox News live stream, meaning you can catch every episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, no cable required.

Stream Tucker Carlson Tonight on fuboTV

Watch Tucker Carlson Tonight

fuboTV has a lot to offer fans of live TV. It’s a particularly good option for sports, but it’s no slouch in the cable news department, either — especially if your favorite channel is Fox News, which fuboTV has a live stream of. fuboTV will let you stream Tucker Carlson online, and you can even stream Tucker Carlson free (for a little while, anyway) with fuboTV’s free trial.

Stream Tucker Carlson Tonight on Sling TV

Watch Tucker Carlson Tonight

Sling TV offers a lot of great channels, including a Fox News live stream that will give you every episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight. Sling TV has a unique pricing structure, but it’s worth taking a moment to figure out your options, because Sling TV’s setup gives you a lot of power to customize your bundle. You can start with a base bundle that includes Fox News, but you don’t have to stop there: You can keep adding small add-on bundles to customize your bundle without raising the price too much. The add-on system makes it really easy to get less common channels like RFD-TV without having to upgrade to some bloated and underpriced bundle, like you would with cable and some of Sling TV’s competitors.


You may have heard of AT&T TV, which is AT&T’s IPTV service. That service is a lot like cable, but we’re talking about something different: AT&T TV Now, which has almost the exact same name (watch out for the “Now” part!), but a very different purpose. Like Sling TV or Hulu + Live TV, AT&T TV Now is a streaming service that aims to keep TV cheap and make it available on any device. AT&T TV Now includes a live stream of Fox News, making it a great place to find Tucker Carlson online.

YouTube TV

If you’re looking to stream Tucker Carlson Tonight online, you could do a lot worse than YouTube TV. Careful, now — this is not the same thing as regular old YouTube. YouTube is a free service, but YouTube TV is a paid cable alternative. Luckily, the paying part isn’t too rough: YouTube TV is cheaper than cable.

Can I Watch Tucker Carlson on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast?

Cutting the cord is easy, but keeping the services and devices straight can be a pain. We’ve listed a bunch of services that you can use to stream Tucker Carlson Tonight, but you may still be wondering whether or not you can watch Tucker Carlson on your Fire TV, your iPad, or on another favorite device of yours.

Fear not: We’ve got a simple chart here that will break it all down for you. Remember, the devices (like Roku and Fire TV) run different apps (like Hulu and Sling TV), and it takes both to make the magic happen. To watch Tucker Carlson without cable, you’ll need a streaming service with a Tucker Carlson stream (like the ones we just listed) and something to watch it on.

Roku Fire TV Apple TV Chromecast iOS Android Web/
Hulu + Live TV
YouTube TV

Watch What You Want, Tucker Carlson Fans!

Being a cord cutter means being free of big cable bills. It doesn’t mean giving up on live TV, though, whether we’re talking about Tucker Carlson or any other program you love. Be sure to check out all of our coverage of the channels and shows that you care about. We can even tell you how to watch CNN without cable — you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

You should also know about Fox News’ own streaming service, Fox Nation. Fox Nation isn’t in the article above because it doesn’t include a live stream of the Fox News channel, and therefore doesn’t have any Tucker Carlson Tonight. However, it does have Tucker Carlson himself, who shows up on other shows and exclusive Fox Nation programming. If you can’t get enough of Tucker, you might want to check out Fox Nation.

6 thoughts on “How to Watch Tucker Carlson Tonight Without Cable

  1. Avatar Robert & Suzy Taylor says:

    The streaming services you show above charge between $50 and $65 per month. We quit Direct TV because of the $90 per month charge. We have an antennae for local stations and a smart TV with some streaming services. We miss the FOX news line up but we don’t want to start adding charges back to our monthly tv bill. We have LOTS of friends who have “cut” cable and high costs services who are in the same boat.. Does FOX Nation offer a streaming service with their news line up? I would pay for that.

    R Taylor
    Lehi, UT

  2. Avatar RT in UT says:

    At different times we’ve used and cancelled both Com Cast and DirecTV. Both were a little over $100 per month. With our antennae we miss getting the FOX news programs during the afternoon. However your solution isn’t much of a solution. Most of the options you mention are over $50 per month. I don’t under stand why FOX doesn’t add their news programs to FOX Nation. I would buy that in a New York second. This might be a great year to take a break from the news, so maybe it’s all for the best.
    RT in UT

    1. Avatar Jessica says:

      I was just saying this the other day! I would love to be able to just pay for FOX news and nothing else.

  3. Avatar C says:

    Fox Nation is an app that includes the Fox News Shows for 5.99 a month..but you would still be paying Fox News

    1. Avatar Virginia O'Connor says:

      I don’t think the Fox nation service for 5.99 includes Fox News at all.

  4. Avatar vicki smith says:

    Why can’t we just pay directly to FoxNews/FoxNation? If we have Roku or Fire Stick the app can be down loaded and then with a credit card we can go on line and pay for either or both. Such a smart network but why the customer can’t purchase alone makes no sense. Unless its greed by the other providers. I wish Fox would explain this issue to us. Can’t understand why a NY based company would turn down bucks….

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