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Cord cutting is about two things: getting all the content you want, and saving money. At the intersection of those two goals lie the cord cutter's best friends: free video streaming services. Even if you already subscribe to a paid service like Netflix, you'll find that smart use of free services can expand your streaming options by leaps and bounds!

We've listed some of our favorite free streaming services below. If you're not using all of these, now's the time to start. If we left out any of your favorites, sound off in the comments!

Editor's Pick
Best Overall


  • Price Range: $0 per month
  • Channels: N/A
  • Free Trial: N/A
Image of DIRECTV Stream

Tubi TV works a lot like Crackle, streaming free TV shows and movies while supporting itself with periodic ads. Tubi TV streams well on a variety of platforms. It’s library isn’t all that robust just yet, but there are some gems in there, and we expect the selection to grow (Tubi TV is still a relatively new service).

Runner Up


  • Price Range: $0 per month
  • Channels: N/A
Image of Paramount Plus Screen

Crackle is gaining traction fast, and we’re not surprised. The streaming service is totally dedicated to the free membership model, but that hasn’t stopped them from securing really top-notch content. Crackle has major films like Insidious and original series like Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Best for User-Generated Videos: YouTube

Everyone knows about YouTube, of course, but not all streamers are using it to its fullest potential. Thanks to channels like the Paramount Vault, you can actually find a fair number of feature-length films on YouTube. If you love the experience, you can even upgrade to YouTube Red.

Best for Channel Surfing

Pluto TV

  • Price Range: $0 per month
  • Free Trial: None
Image of DIRECTV Stream

Pluto TV is one of our favorite new streaming services. Pluto TV attempts to emulate the cable experience by giving you a “TV guide” kind of interface – except that in the place of familiar channels, Pluto TV has its own channels full of content curated from around the web. Pluto TV even has licensed content like Hulu shows and classic MLB games (though some of this content is only available on the web app, not in mobile versions).

Best for Classics: Internet Archive

If it's in the public domain, you'll find it on the Internet Archive. Browse their selection of classic films, news clips, and more! You can even access the content on your Roku by adding the Nowhere Man's private channel. If you don't know how to add a private channel, check out our helpful how-to.

3 thoughts on “The Best Free Video Streaming Services

  1. Michael says:

    Check out Intenu too. It’s similar to Pluto TV but allows users to curate their own channels too.

  2. Peter says:

    Some of these free services you mention are loaded with ads. For great streaming apps with limited or no ads, try PBS, Sky News, and Vimeo, among others.

  3. Edward Ryder says:

    Comcast data caps cause extreme stress in my household. Now I have to police TV and internet use or pay the consequences. Why should we pay twice for one service? At this point the FCC doesn’t care and won’t do anything to stop Comcast. If I moved over the county line (10 miles in my case), Spectrum serves that area and says no caps ever. If they can do that, then the only reason Comcast is doing it is to gouge its customers and prevent us from streaming and to be forced to use their services. Personally I will not be held hostage by Comcast and I am actively seeking alternatives. Comcast’s days are numbered. It’s a sad state when your cable bill is higher than your car payment. I got a price list yesterday and about fell to the floor with a heart attack looking at their prices and that doesn’t even include taxes, fees and equipment. I got rid of extra set top boxes and we are using the Roku app in which I was informed as soon as the Xfinity app on Roku comes out of beta, they will charge you to use the app also. Comcast does everything to keep finding new ways to steal money from us. This will soon be Comcast’s downfall, just wait.

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