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This summer AT&T Sports Network announced Root Sports would be rebranded into AT&T SportsNet. With a new name and new look, SportsNet will continue to provide the same quality of game coverage for more than 25 teams in three coverage areas: Pittsburgh, Southwest, and Rocky Mountain. ROOT SPORTS — Northwest will maintain its name. So what can sports fans expect from these new sports channels?

What teams are covered will not change, but the presentation will. This will include a new and improved graphics package that brings in a combination of photography and animation to replace the purely animated ones used before. In addition, the new AT&T SportsNet logo will include the iconic AT&T globe and signature blue. The new brand promises to keep the same authentic local sports coverage while pursuing more enhanced storytelling.

This name change is the second rebranding since the networks were obtained by DirecTV’s parent company Liberty Media in 2008. Since the merge of DirecTV and AT&T, the sports network has been operating under the AT&T name. AT&T SportsNet channels will be found on the DirecTV channel lineup in addition to other satellite and cable providers in the markets they serve.


Coverage for the Pittsburgh area can be found on DirecTV channel 659 and is available in Western, Central, and Northeastern Pennsylvania. Other areas receiving the network include West Virginia, Eastern Ohio, and western Maryland. The main contracts currently include all Pittsburgh Pirates live games, as well as Pittsburgh Penguins, live broadcasts. SportsNet covers the West Virginia Mountaineers under the Wild & Wonderful TV lineup.

From side-line reporting to play-by-play announcing, five sports experts give you an inside track to the scores highlights and big plays. Dish Network also carries Root Sports Pittsburgh on channel 428.

Rocky Mountain

Coverage for the Rocky Mountain is located on DirecTV channel 683 and 684 and features live Colorado Rockies baseball, Utah Jazz basketball, and Vegas Golden Knights hockey. Additionally, college action covers basketball and football for the Mountain West Conference, with teams such as BYU and Boise State.

SportsNet in the Rocky Mountain has a variety of experts bringing you everything you need to know about the major teams in the area.

Coverage areas include all of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Southern Idaho, and parts of Kansas and Nebraska. Dish Network carries the standard definition and HD versions of the SportsNet on channel 414.


SportsNet covers Southwest sports on DirecTV channel 674 and is anchored by the Houston Rockets basketball and Houston Astros baseball.

Coverage areas include Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and eastern New Mexico. Dish Network does not carry SportsNet Southwest.


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Root Sports Northwest is found on DirecTV channel 687 and has a coverage area spanning Oregon, Washington State, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. Seattle Mariner baseball calls the network home, as well as two MLS franchises – the Portland Timbers and the Seattle Sounders FC. Colleges covered by the network include Oregon State, Washington, Washington State, Gonzaga, and Oregon.

Root Sports Northwest uses a solid team of sports professionals to bring you the best coverage possible.

Root Sports Northwest can be found on Dish Network channel 426.

Now if you aren’t sure which Root Sports channel you will get with your DirecTV subscription, the best place to check is the regional sports network lookup tool, where you can enter your home zip code. You can also call a sales agent for local info. The best thing about AT&T SportsNet? If you live in the coverage area, these channels are included in all your DirecTV packages. Packages start at $50 per month for more than 150 channels.

Programming is delivered to you based on your location, so this will determine what regional sports network you will get with your DirecTV package. One option is the DirecTV Sports Pack, which gives you all regional networks across the country for $13.99 a month. The package also includes specialty channels, such as MLB Network Strike Zone and ESPN Classic The downside of this package is that live professional games are not delivered to those living outside of the home market.