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A couple lying in bed together in this photo from AgX.
“Love Me” has received the cash-awarded Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize. (Image: AgX)

Previously held exclusively in person with an attendance of mostly film industry insiders, the Sundance Film Festival is opening its screenings to the public through online streaming this year. Founded in 1978, the event is one of the world’s most prestigious celebrations of independent film. It includes 10 days of screenings, awards, and competitions, and ample opportunities for newly released independent films to secure distribution deals. The festival has been known to launch the careers of prominent directors and actors, with renowned films like “American Psycho,” “The Blair Witch Project,” “Little Miss Sunshine,” and “Reservoir Dogs” finding their beginnings there.

The opportunity to be the “first viewer” of these kinds of films is something cord-cutters don’t want to miss out on. Here’s all the information you need to stream some of the best films of the 2024 Sundance Film Festival from the comfort of your home.

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How to Stream the 2024 Sundance Film Festival

The 2024 Sundance Film Festival is running from Thursday, Jan. 18 until Sunday, Jan. 28 with new films streaming daily. In order to access the films that are available to stream as part of the event, you first have to purchase a ticket on the Sundance Film Festival’s website. Tickets can be purchased for single films or for a package of screenings, with on-demand access granted for specific days of the festival.

Packages include a 10-film access pass to the entire festival, the ability to stream eight award winners from the event, and an unlimited short film pass. The online portion of the festival runs for the final days of the event, Jan. 25 – 28, during which ticket holders can access their selected material. Online screening can be accessed on the Sundance Film Festival’s website on your browser, through your smart TV, or on the Sundance Film Festival Player, which can be downloaded from your device’s app store.

Feature Film Highlights Available to Stream Online


An old woman and young man look at a computer in this photo from Bandwagon.
Scammers have no idea what granny they’re messing with in “Thelma.” (Image: Bandwagon)

Ninety-three-year-old Los Angeles granny, Thelma Post (June Squibb), becomes an unlikely action hero after a phone scammer poses as her grandson, convincing her to transfer a big chunk of her life savings. Realizing she’s been had, Thelma mounts her motor-scooter and takes off on a treacherous quest across the city to confront the scammer and get back what’s hers. Meeting a colorful cast along the way, Thelma gets closer to the real person behind the scam who has targeted elderly victims for years. While she may have some mobility barriers, she comes to realize that her age, including all her life experience and street smarts, is actually an advantage when you’re out to con some cons.

With 94-year-old Squibb performing most of her own stunts and a supporting cast that includes recently passed Richard Roundtree (best known as Shaft) and Fred Hechinger from “The White Lotus,” “Thelma” is a hilarious and empowering testament to living life to the fullest at any age.

‘Krazy House’

A man in a bike helmet stands over a woman on a couch holding peas to her head in this photo from Kaap Holland Film.
The only thing “krazier” than this sitcom is real life. (Image: Kaap Holland Film)

Screening during the Midnight program of the festival — a notorious category known for reaction-provoking future cult films, including over-the-top comedies, gory horror, surreal drama, and explicit animation — “Krazy House” follows the absurd antics of a ‘90s sitcom family. Bernie (Nick Frost) and his family’s lives are turned upside down when a group of Russian construction workers arrives to renovate their home. Little do they know, the seemingly innocent workers are wanted criminals on the run. Getting suspicious of the hushed conversations, weapons, and hidden stashes of cash, Bernie decides to take matters into his own hands to protect his family. In true sitcom fashion, things get a little out of hand.

The film marks the English-language debut of Dutch filmmakers Steffen Haars and Flip van der Kuil, featuring a noteworthy American and British cast that includes Alicia Silverstone and Kevin Connolly.


Four teenage girls sitting on a front lawn in this photo from Freestyle Picture Company.
“Suncoast” tells a coming-of-age story with the added challenge of family illness. (Image: Freestyle Picture Company)

In the early 2000s, 15-year-old Doris (Nico Parker) and her family relocate to the small Florida town of Suncoast to seek specialized care for her brother who suffers from a rare condition. Caught between her brother’s illness and all of the drama and challenges of adolescence, she finds herself drawn to a charismatic activist protesting a medical case that has divided the nation. Joining him in the world of activism, they work tirelessly to get their message out about the need for ethical medical practices and informed consent, forcing Lily to confront her fears of challenging the status quo. Their efforts finally make an impact, sparking legal action in the case and helping them realize that no voice is too small to make a difference.

Starring critically acclaimed actors Woody Harrelson and Laura Linney, filmmaker Laura Chinn’s semi-autobiographical coming-of-age story is a snapshot of friendship, the pursuit of justice, self-discovery, and the idealism and strength that comes along with youth.

‘Exhibiting Forgiveness’

 A woman leans on a man’s shoulder in an art gallery in this photo from Homegrown Pictures.
An artist learns to forgive an addict father in “Exhibiting Forgiveness.” (Image: Homegrown Pictures)

Up-and-coming Black artist Tarrell (André Holland of “Selma” and “Moonlight” fame) is on the cusp of achieving his long-awaited dream of a solo exhibition at a prestigious gallery in New York City. Just when everything seems perfect, a disruption arrives in the form of Marcus’ estranged father (G.L. McQueary), a recovering addict desperate to rekindle their relationship. Still bearing the scars left by his father’s actions, Tarrell comes face to face with the lingering resentment and past demons still reflected in his art. As his exhibition draws closer, he begins to realize that he won’t be able to fully move forward until he lets the past go. Allowing his art to say all the things he was never able to, he exposes his vulnerabilities to the world and his father, who begins to realize exactly what he has done.

Emotional, artful, and relatable, “Exhibiting Forgiveness” will be screening as part of the U.S. Dramatic Competition.

‘Love Me’

 A woman and man about to kiss while doing a crossword in this photo from AgX.
Kristen Stewart and Steven Yeun team up in the post-apocalyptic romance “Love Me.” (Image: AgX)

In a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has vanished, a lonely buoy encounters a satellite floating aimlessly in space. Despite being worlds apart, they manage to forge a connection through a network of old satellites that still function. Virtual conversations become a love affair as the buoy dreams of leaving her tether on the ocean floor and the satellite longs for physical connection in the vast expanse. When a solar storm threatens to disrupt the network of satellites and sever their connection forever, the pair devise a plan to physically meet using the solar storm’s energy to propel the buoy into orbit.

The unlikely but universal lovers are inhabited in various forms by Kristen Stewart and Steven Yeun (“Nope” and “Okja”) in this unconventionally beautiful love story that has already received Sundance’s Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize.

Full Sundance Film Festival 2024 Program

The festival’s full program features 91 projects in 12 categories, including international films, documentaries, episodic entries, and shorts. Below is a full list of everything included in the 2024 lineup.

Author’s Note: An asterisk* indicates titles available to stream online with a festival ticket.

U.S. Dramatic Competition

“Between the Temples”*

“Dìdi (弟弟)”*

“Exhibiting Forgiveness”*

“Good One”*

“In The Summers”*

“Love Me”*


“A Real Pain”*

“Stress Positions”*


U.S. Documentary Competition

“As We Speak”*


“Every Little Thing”*


“Gaucho Gaucho”*

“Love Machina”*

“Porcelain War”*

“Skywalkers: A Love Story”*



World Cinema Dramatic Competition

“Brief History of a Family” (China, France, Denmark, Qatar)*

“Girls Will Be Girls” (India, France, Norway)*

“Handling the Undead” (Norway)*

“In The Land of Brothers” (Iran, France, Netherlands)*

“Layla” (U.K.)*

“Malu” (Brazil)*

“Reinas” (Switzerland, Peru, Spain)*

“Sebastian” (U.K., Finland, Belgium)*

“Sujo” (Mexico, U.S.A., France)*

“Veni Vidi Vici” (Austria)*

World Cinema Documentary Competition

“Agent of Happiness” (Bhutan, Hungary)*

“The Battle for Laikipia” (Kenya, USA)*

“Black Box Diaries” (Japan, U.S.A., U.K.)*

“Eternal You” (Germany, USA)*

“Ibelin” (Norway)*

“Igualada” (Colombia, U.S.A., Mexico)*

“Never Look Away” (New Zealand)*

“A New Kind of Wilderness” (Norway)*

“Nocturnes” (India, USA)*

“Soundtrack to a Coup d’Etat” (Belgium, France, Netherlands)*


“Desire Lines”*

“Kneecap” (Ireland, U.K.)*

“Little Death”*

“Realm of Satan”*

“Seeking Mavis Beacon”*



“The American Society of Magical Negroes”

“And So It Begins” (U.S.A., Philippines)*


“A Different Man”

“Freaky Tales”


“Girls State”

“Look Into My Eyes”

“Luther: Never Too Much”

“My Old Ass”

“The Outrun” (U.K., Germany)



“Rob Peace”*

“Sasquatch Sunset”

“Sue Bird: In The Clutch”

“Super/Man: The Christopher Reeve Story” (U.K., U.S.A.)


“Will & Harper”



“I Saw the TV Glow”

“In a Violent Nature”

“It’s What’s Inside”

“Kidnapping Inc.”

“Krazy House” (Netherlands)*

“Love Lies Bleeding”

“The Moogai” (Australia)


“Better Angels: The Gospel According To Tammy Faye”

“Conbody VS Everybody”*

“God Save Texas”

“God Save Texas: Hometown Prison”

“God Save Texas: The Price of Oil”

“God Save Texas: La Frontera”

“Lolla: The Story of Lollapalooza”*

“The Synanon Fix”

“Your Monster”

Episodic Pilot Showcase


“La Mesías” (Spain)



“Àma Gloria” (France)

“Hit Man”

“How to Have Sex” (U.K.)

“The Mother of All Lies” (Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar)*

Family Matinee

“Out of My Mind”

“10 Lives” (U.K.)

Special Screenings

“War Game”

New Frontier

“Being (the Digital Griot)”

“Eno” (U.S.A., U.K.)

U.S. Fiction Short Films

“Bay of Herons”*

“Boi de Conchas” (The Shell Covered Ox)’ (U.S.A., Brazil)*

“Border Hopper”*


“Didn’t Think I’d See You Here”*

“Dream Creep”*




“The Heart”*

“The Looming”*

“The Looming Cloud”*

“The Lost Season”*

“Pasture Prime”*


“The Rainbow Bridge”*

“Say Hi After You Die”*

“Shé (Snake)” (U.S.A., U.K.)*


International Fiction Short Films

“Basri & Salma in a Never-Ending Comedy” (Indonesia)*

“Bold Eagle” (Philippines)

“Bye Bye, Bowser” (Austria)*

“Dreams Like Paper Boats” (Haiti)*

“Essex Girls” (U.K.)*

“Lea Tupu’anga / Mother Tongue” (New Zealand)*

“The Masterpiece” (Spain)

“Phoebe” (Greece, Cyprus)*

“Pisko the Crab Child Is in Love” (Japan)*

“Shalal” (Iran)*

“The Stag” (Taiwan)*

“Terra Mater” (Rwanda)*

“Viaje de Negocios” (Mexico)*

“Voice Ever” (France)*

Animation Short Films

“27” (France, Hungary)*

“Baigal Nuur – Lake Baikal” (Canada, Germany)*

“The Bleacher”*

“Bug Diner”*

“Dona Beatriz Ñsîmba Vita” (Brazil)*



“Martyr’s Guidebook” (Poland)*

“Matta and Matto” (Switzerland)*

“Miisufy” (Estonia)*

Nonfiction Short Films

“14 Paintings” (China)*


“Bob’s Funeral”*



“Object 817” (Belgium)*

“Salone Love” (U.S.A., U.K., Sierra Leone)*

“The Smallest Power” (Iran)*

“To Be Invisible”*

“Winding Path”*

40th Edition Celebration Screenings & Events

“Napoleon Dynamite”

“The Babadook” (Australia)

“Mississippi Masala”

“Go Fish”

“The Times of Harvey Milk”



“Three Seasons” (Vietnam)

More to Love for Sundance Film Festival Fans

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