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Disney Plus and Vudu are newcomers to the streaming services. Both offer on-demand streaming of both series and movies. Vudu offers numerous television series to choose from, while Disney offers only programming released by the companies it owns. Vudu allows individuals to create an account and watch a wide selection of programs for free. In order to watch more mainstream programming, you have to sign up for an actual subscription and pay the monthly fee. Both services are portable although Vudu is somewhat restrictive if you use the iOS platform.


In terms of packages, both Disney Plus and Vudu offer pay by the month options. Each service also allows you to download an app so that you can watch your favorite programs from any location that offers a sustainable internet connection. If you choose the bundle option for Disney Plus, the Hulu w/ads that is part of the package will allow you to watch current episodes of your favorite television series. Vudu also offers current television programs as well, although most are past seasons. Neither service requires an agreement or long-term contract and you can start or stop your service at will. You can stream either service over a wide selection of devices including cellphones, laptops, tablets, and smart TVs.


Disney Plus offers two ways to pay for your service. You can choose the month-to-month option or you can also choose to pay by the year. While both have an extensive library, Vudu allows many tiles to be viewed for free. A major difference that needs to be noted is that Vudu doesn't work well with the iOS platform in many respects. While most of its offerings are available in HD, they will revert to standard definition if viewed over the iOS platform. It may also be difficult to view certain items on iPads. Disney Plus, however, offers high definition streaming over all devices, including both Android and iOS platforms.

Costs & Monthly Plans

The cheapest option for Disney Plus is the basic plan when it is paid for by the year. It costs $6.99 a month when you pay by the month. When you pay for the basic plan by the year for $69.99, you actually get two months free. A bundled plan is also offered that includes Disney Plus, Hulu w/ads, and ESPN Plus. This plan costs $12.99 a month. As a pre-launch special, you can pay for a three-year subscription upfront and get a discount of almost $80.

With Vudu, there are no “packages” per se. Instead, you choose to rent or buy the title you want to watch. In most cases, rentals range between $1 and $6. Purchases can range from $5 all the way up to $30. You can rent many titles in SD for as little as $3.99. If you want to rent a movie in HDX, it can cost you $6 or more. Standard definition titles can be purchased for $14.99 while high definition titles can cost up to $19.99.

Original Series

The entire library offered by Disney Plus is considered to be original since all of the companies featured are owned by Disney. This includes offerings from Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

Vudu offers several original series, including Mr. Mom, Friends in Strange Places, Albedo and Blue's Clues and You.

Live TV

Neither Disney Plus nor Vudu offers live streaming of current television programs as they are aired. They do, however, offer past seasons and recent episodes depending on which subscription you have for each service.

Summary: Disney Plus vs Vudu

Disney Plus is a great option if you are a fan of Disney's program, both past and current. For the price, you get almost the entire catalog of Disney series and movies. Its portability makes it a great choice for entertainment while you are on vacation with the kids.

Vudu is a good choice if you want to pay as you watch. You have the option to rent or buy the titles you want or you can simply stay with the free version. It's also portable and can be watched from almost anywhere.

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  1. Tres Waters says:

    Vudu definitely isn’t a newcomer to streaming services. It’s been around for almost 16 years. And in the first paragraph you say there is a monthly subscription which is obviously false as you point out later they offer video purchases and rentals. This includes both physical (for purchases) and digital copies. It’s also a place to redeem digital movie codes from physical copies purchased elsewhere.

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