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Philo and Sling TV offer live streaming of the most popular television channels. Philo offers 58 channels that are mostly found on cable with no local channels available. Sling TV, on the other hand, offers both live streaming cable channels as well as those local to the subscriber's area. Both offer basic packages that are somewhat affordable, but Sling TV offers multiple packages and can even include specialty channels for an extra fee per month. When it comes to viewing, Philo is only available on certain devices and won't work when used with popular platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, or Chromecast.


Both Philo and Sling TV Blue offer multiple channels (Philo 58, Sling TV Blue 49) for less than $30 a month. Each one offers three simultaneous streams so you can watch on multiple devices. Both Philo and Sling TV also offer the DVR option and at least 50 hours of storage. They also include mobile apps that allow you to watch your programming from anywhere as long as it's on a supported device and there is adequate Wi-Fi connection to support the continual streaming. When it comes to resolution, both offer 1080p.

When it comes to how the services work, there are no contracts or professional installation options. You can cancel and restart your service at any time.


One of the major differences between Philo and Sling TV is the type of channels each one offers. Philo doesn't offer local channels or sports channels. There are only a few news channels to choose from. Sling TV offers both local and sports channels, as well as several of the most popular news channels. Philo also offers unlimited storage with its DVR, while Sling TV only allows for 50 hours. Sling TV also offers three primary packages, Sling TV Orange, Sling TV Blue and the combo package that includes channels from both. Philo simply charges a monthly fee and adds additional channel selections on an a la carte basis. It's also important to note that Philo is not compatible with smart TVs at this time, although they are working to make their list of accessible devices more complete.

Costs & Monthly Plans

Philo's basic package starts out at $20 a month and includes 58 channels and unlimited DVR storage. You can add an extra dozen channels by paying another $4 per month. When you sign up you get a 7-day free trial.

Sling TV offers three different packages. Sling Orange and Sling Blue are both $15 a month and offer different channels. The Orange & Blue package costs $25 a month and is a combination of all the channels in both the Orange and Blue packages. You can add sports channels, additional news channels, and different movie packages for an additional cost each month per package.

Original Series

Neither Philo nor Sling TV offers any original series options or movies.

Live TV

Philo offers over 58 live channels including many of the most popular music channels. This includes CMT, MTVLive, A&E, IFC, AMC, TLC, and TVLand. They also offer many of the movie channels for an additional fee every month.

Sling TV offers many of the same channels as Philo but includes local channels as well. They also offer live news and sports channels so subscribers can watch their favorite teams and stay up to date on news around the world. Sports packages are available for an additional fee each month that cover several different games on a daily basis.

Summary: Philo vs Sling TV

Philo is a good choice if you want affordability, unlimited DVR storage, and aren't overly concerned with the lack of news or local channels. It is a good way to have live, streaming TV while you're on the go. As long as you have an internet connection, you can view Philo from almost anywhere.

Sling TV is a better choice if you want live streaming TV for your home as well as your devices. For the extra cost, you get local channels, news, and sports, with the option to purchase additional sports and movie packages for an extra fee.

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  1. R O says:

    If anyone is a fan of multiple college basketball teams with overlapping schedules (ACC in my case), then watching them on Orange/ESPN seems to limit the viewing to only ONE game on ONE device. The other ESPN’s, – 2, 3, U, News, are not used to “spread the load”. It seems that having all those ESPN subchannels, and on Sling Orange is no help at all. Back to Hulu for us, despite the higher cost since it seems to really be a matter of getting what you pay for.

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