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Hallmark’s feel-good movies can be as wholesome as its greeting cards — and sometimes as predictable (in a good way). You may look for Hallmark’s popular Christmas movies around the holiday season, but it’s the perfect pick-me-up for any time of year. From romantic comedies with feel-good endings to horror and mystery movies with still relatively happy endings, Hallmark knows what it’s good at—making highly watchable made-for-TV movies.

Thankfully for us cord-cutters, “made for TV” doesn’t necessarily mean “made for cable.” Hallmark Channel may be an archetypal cable movie factory, but it’s ahead of the curve on the streaming front. The Hallmark Channel is available from major streaming services as part of their channel options and also has its own on-demand service. Here’s how to watch the Hallmark Channel without cable:

A few of our favorite ways to stream the Hallmark Channel:
  Price Channels Free Trial  
$69.99 - $159.99 140+ 5 days Watch Now
$74.99 - $94.99 220+ 7 days Watch Now
$40 - $60 30+ - 130+ 3 days Watch Now
$25 60+ 7 days Watch Now

How to Watch the Hallmark Channel Without Cable

If you’re a cord-cutter in need of a cheesy-movie fix, here are the two main options to get access to Hallmark Channel content:

You can subscribe to a skinny bundle streaming service with live TV channel options including the Hallmark Channel. These services allow you to choose cable TV channels to stream online or on your favorite devices and don’t lock you into long-term contracts. They are leaner and cheaper than cable, letting you select only the channels you want, which is why they’re called “skinny bundles.” For the Hallmark Channel and its sister channel, Hallmark Mystery, these services are DIRECTV, fuboTV, Sling TV, Philo, and Peacock Premium.

Hallmark also has its own on-demand streaming service, Hallmark Movies Now. This is perfect if you don’t want to be tied to what the Hallmark cable channel is showing, like you would with a skinny bundle setup. On Hallmark Movies Now, you can scroll through their extensive library of movies and TV shows to select the perfect cheerful classic — like “Good Witch,” “4 Wedding Planners,” “Heartland, ” or “Touched by an Angel.”

Below, we’ll list all your options for watching Hallmark Channel and your favorite Hallmark movies online:

Can I Watch the Hallmark Channel on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

The services above work wonderfully on your favorite streaming devices and smart TV platforms such as Roku or Fire TV. Hallmark’s own app has great platform support too. For more on that, check out our guide to Hallmark Movies Now.

Compatible platforms include Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, iOS/Android, and your web browser.

More to Love for Hallmark Fans

We might be saying “bah humbug” to Christmas in July, but that doesn’t mean you have to. You can check out our definitive guide of the best Christmas movies of all time, including where to watch. For romance, we’ve got guides for the best rom-coms on Netflix and also on Hulu. If you’re craving mystery, check out these movies and shows similar to “Knives Out.”

75 thoughts on “How to Watch the Hallmark Channel Without Cable

  1. Brandon says:

    Same here Jennifer. Hallmark Movies Now isn’t the latest. We were after the Christmas movies too.

  2. Trina Hirst says:

    Can we talk about how this new Hallmark Movies Now is horrible?

    The movies are OLD (back to the early 80s), very few newer movies, and if you had Feeln it is really the same just a new name. There was a lot of hype about how AMAZING this was going to be, but it surely fell short. It is disappointing that the quality that Hallmark is known for fall’s very short when it comes to streaming.

  3. Cheryl D says:

    Ditto the comments about Hallmark Movies Now. Still on the free 7 day period but will cancel today. It’s just the old movies (and not really the good ones). I can check most of them out at my library on DVD. I thought it included Hallmark and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries show. NOT! Extremely disappointed in Hallmark Movies Now.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Agree with Trina and Cheryl. What good is Hallmark if it doesn’t have the new movies all year long by seasons like the commercials say!

  5. Myra Chevalier says:

    Is there a way to get all the new Hallmark releases when you are unplugged?

  6. Wend says:

    I canceled my Hallmark Channel on my Roku because it was not the same as the Hallmark Channel Movies & Mysteries. A huge disappointment… Most of the movies were old movies… Disapointing… If you try I suggest sign up for a monthly trial first… You can always upgrade…

    1. says:

      Wend, what service did you use? All of the skinny bundles listed here also include the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel.

  7. Donna Hill says:

    It’s very disappointing that Hallmark is not up to date on streaming. We cut our cable and have Hulu. We chose this because we can get all of our local channels with Hulu on our Fire Sticks. I miss my Hallmark channel. Hallmark needs to get in this century.

  8. Cher says:

    I would sign up for the streaming TV services. AT&T Watch streaming service has two out of the three Hallmark stations for $15 a month. Downside, no DVR, but it’s the cheapest option, plus includes other stations. If you have AT&T Unlimited service, it is free.

  9. Cathy says:

    Will Hallmark be coming to Hulu?

  10. Buffyfan2Billion says:

    How is “skinny bundle” any different than cable? I still have to pay for a bunch of stuff I don’t want, to get the one thing I do want. When is Hallmark going to name their price and let us buy the content a la carte? Movies Now is a bunch of old crap and Amazon has only a small percentage of Hallmark movies for purchase.

  11. Mark says:

    We dropped Comcast 6 months ago, including internet. We use cell signals and stream from phone to TV with a dex or a lightning cable device. Most streams allow such screen mirroring, but hallmark movies blocks picture even on Sling or Frndly. I don’t know how, but they do. Anyone know of a skinny bundle group that will let it work?

  12. Ron says:

    The Hallmark Channel is available on the streaming service FRNDLY.

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