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Google’s Chromecast devices are fantastic tools for streaming video on your favorite TV. We already know you can watch a lot of good stuff without cable on Chromecast, including on-demand content and live network television. But do you know how to watch local TV on Chromecast?

Here are a few of our favorite ways to stream local channels on Chromecast:
  Price Channels Free Trial  
$7.99 - $82.99 85+ 30 days Watch Now
$69.99 - $159.99 140+ 5 days Watch Now
$74.99 - $94.99 220+ 7 days Watch Now
$40 - $60 30+ - 130+ 3 days Watch Now

How to Watch Local Channels on Chromecast Online Without Cable

The biggest breakthrough for cord-cutting local-TV fans since free over-the-air TV is the live TV streaming service. Also called “skinny bundles,” these services set out to beat cable at its own game. They offer bundles of live TV channels just like cable and satellite, but they have some small yet significant differences.

Skinny bundles are “skinny” — at least sometimes they are. The “skinny” bit means skinny bundles tend to offer slimmer channel packages than their cable counterparts, trimming the fat so they can also trim the price. It should be noted, though, that some live TV streaming services offer larger bundles too.

The real difference between skinny bundles and legacy pay TV services (i.e., cable and satellite) is that skinny bundles stream over the internet. That means skinny bundles work on a ton of streaming devices you can take on the go, including your Chromecast.

Skinny bundles have begun to offer local and regional channels, so they make a great solution to the problem of how to watch local channels on Chromecast. Many skinny bundles offer some or all of the four major networks — ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC — with live feeds of their local affiliates in select markets. That means local news, NFL games, and more.

Below is a list of all the ways you can stream local channels on your Chromecast today:

Watch Local Channels on Every Type of Device

16 thoughts on “How to Watch Local Channels on Chromecast

  1. James A Pesticci says:

    Great article. Thank you for the feedback on all The local channels I did not see sling TV. Does it not get local channels?

    1. Stephen Lovely says:

      Thanks for reading! Sling TV used to carry local networks in a lot of markets, but it has really rolled back support for those. Right now, Sling TV pushes a combination of its service and an over-the-air antenna to customers hoping to get local channels. It’s possible that Sling TV will cut some new deals and start streaming local networks again, but, for now, it’s off our list.

    2. Lori Lea says:

      My question disappeared.
      Local channels meaning other than CBS, NBC but includes Travel, ID
      And such as Direct minus the pay channels of course.
      Like crime shows – “CRIMINAL MINDS” (ID ch), or “THE DEAD FILES” (travel ch)
      Are those channels considered LOCAL?
      QUESTION #2
      Is HULU a good choice for those I’m asking about.
      If no one knows, I suppose I’ll just go for it and hope for the best.

      Anyone out there?

      Lori K.

  2. James A Pesticci says:

    Thanks again for all the help.

  3. James A Pesticci says:

    I keep forgetting to save my password. Sorry for another post.

  4. Peter says:

    Do I need an antenna for you tube live tv

    1. Stephen Lovely says:

      Nope, you’ll just need an internet connection and a YouTube TV subscription (or free trial).

  5. Lori Lea says:

    When I read Chromecast offers local channels, does local cover other channels as in – Travel ch, ID, etc.?

    1. Stephen Lovely says:

      This post focuses on local channels, but you can watch those other channels on Chromecast, too!

      Just keep in mind that Chromecast is only the device, not the service. A Chromecast can take a video you’re playing on your phone or computer and put it up on your TV screen for you, but the video itself has to be coming from some service. It’s a little bit like how your DVD player lets you watch DVDs, but doesn’t come with DVDs — you still need to go get some, or else there’s nothing to watch! So the Chromecast can make it easy to watch Netflix or another streaming service, but it doesn’t *include* any streaming services.

      Here are some services we recommend for live TV channels like Travel Channel and Investigation Discovery:

      Hope this helps. Thanks for reading!

  6. Lori Lea says:

    When I read Chromecast offers local channels, does local cover other channels as in – Travel ch, ID, etc.?

    My answer is saying “looks like I’ve already said that”. I have asked SIRI which brought me to this page. Maybe a stupid stick hit me but I still don’t know weather to click on HULU or the others offered. I’m trying to get ID and Travel off the phone and watch it on the big screen.
    Holding the phone in hand for a show is not for me.
    Anyone know my lengthy question?
    Otherwise I’ll click on HULU and hope for the best- I guess


    1. Stephen Lovely says:

      Hi Lori, I think I responded to you on another comment. Hulu is a good way to get local channels *and* lots of other networks, so that should be a good fit for you. Just remember that it’s Hulu that’s offering the channels, and Chromecast is just how you’re accessing the service. The services we listed here are our favorite ones that A) include local networks and B) work well on Chromecast. Thanks for reading!

  7. Gigi says:

    I have Xfinity for my wifi and the package includes streaming of local channels. But the Android TV box I bought says I must turn off mirroring to get Xfinity TV stations. I don’t know what that means and there’s no setting for mirroring. If I switch to Chrome astray, will it solve the issue?

  8. Jon Melia says:

    This is the first time I have seen this address and was directed to it from goggle. This seems to be an excellent service you provide.

  9. TC Woods says:

    Can you install the Locast App on a Chromecast device?

  10. Lc says:

    Sling does NOT support local broadcast television. ie. Local news. You can see world or national news. but there is no support for local TV STATIONS.
    Basic cable is not local television.

  11. Morris Jones says:

    I just added Sling’s “AirTV 2” device to my network. (It’s my second attempt, the first device had to be returned — it wouldn’t initialize.)

    The idea was to DVR over-the-air channels, and cast them from my phone’s Sling app to the Chromecast device on my TV.

    Surprise! “Casting over the air content is currently unavailable. Please use your Sling TV account to enjoy this program on your smartphone, tablet, or other streaming device. — OK”

    Not OK!!

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