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If you’re a fan of Amazon, then Prime Day is your big day. Prime Day is Amazon’s own version of Black Friday or Cyber Monday, and the e-commerce giant always pulls out all the stops with its biggest and baddest sales of the year. That makes Prime Day the perfect day to consider signing up for Amazon Prime itself. We’re big fans of Amazon Prime, in part because it includes a subscription to Amazon Prime Video, an on-demand service that competes with the likes of Netflix and Hulu. Amazon also uses its “Amazon Video” brand for its video marketplace, where Amazon users (including Amazon Prime members and non-members alike) can go to buy and rent digital copies of movies and TV shows. We’re expecting some significant sales on movies and TV shows on Amazon Video during this year’s Prime Day. Below, we’ll talk about Prime Day deals on Amazon Video purchases and rentals. We’ll also take some time to talk about Amazon’s on-demand streaming service, and why it might make you consider an Amazon Prime Membership — especially on Prime Day!

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Prime Day Deals on Amazon Video

This year, Prime Day is on October 13 and 14 (more like Prime Days, right?). That’s coming up fast, but don’t worry: Your friendly neighborhood streaming experts at all are over this. We’re tracking the biggest Amazon Prime Day sales so that you don’t have to. When we spot savings on Amazon Video products, we’ll add them to the list below. Look for deals on your favorite movies or TV shows, or use these low prices as an excuse to try something new! It’s hard to go wrong when the savings are this good.

We’ll also be keeping a lookout for discount deals on “Amazon Channels,” which are Amazon’s version of add-on subscription services. You can add favorites like HBO to your Amazon account and watch content from those services inside the Amazon Video app, right alongside the Prime Video content.

If we spot any deals on the Amazon Prime Video on-demand service, we’ll add those in, too. But you should remember that the on-demand streaming service Amazon Prime Video is actually built into Amazon Prime. If you’re an Amazon Prime member — and you’ll have to be if you’re going to snag any big discount deals on Prime Day — then you already have this on-demand part of Amazon Video. If you’re not already an Amazon Prime member, you can sign up on Amazon’s website.

  • Prime Day 2020 is over. Check back next year!
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Prime Day Savings Strategies for Amazon Video

There are a few different ways that Amazon’s streaming video products might go on sale, so make sure you know your options and what to look for. That way, you’ll be ready to pounce when the right deal presents itself!

First, and most simply, you should be preparing for sales on digital copies of movies and TV shows. That means rentals and (especially) purchases of hit Hollywood blockbusters, cult favorites, and episodes or seasons of top shows. Based on past experience, we’re expecting to see both individual titles on sale and bundles of videos. We might see bundles based around themes or series. For example, we might see all of the Harry Potter movies go on sale at once (and together) in a bundled deal. Or we might not — only time will tell which deals we’ll end up seeing on Prime Day! Leave the hard work to us, though, because we’ll be tracking all the deals and listing all noteworthy ones above. All you have to do is decide whether or not to act on the offer.

Next, get ready to snap up Amazon Channels subscriptions at discounted prices. Amazon Channels range from familiar favorites like HBO to somewhat lesser known options like CuriosityStream. Amazon Channels are add-on streaming subscriptions. Each Amazon Channel you add will add more content for you to access through the Amazon Video app. We’ll keep an eye out for deals on these for you. Remember that these are subscriptions that automatically renew — if you don’t want to pay full price, you’ll have to cancel before the regular fee hits. Your strategy here will depend on the specific deal in question.

Finally, we should talk about Amazon Prime Video, the on-demand video streaming service from Amazon. Amazon Prime Video is a lot like Netflix or Hulu, except that it’s built right into Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime, of course, is the premium customer subscription service that Amazon offers — the same one that you need to have in order to take advantage of those wonderful Prime Day deals. Prime Day is a good day to think about joining Amazon Prime, and we’ll certainly let you know if we see any discounts.

All of Amazon’s Amazon Video products are worth checking out, even when they’re not on sale. For more on the best of Amazon’s video offerings, be sure to check out our review of Amazon Prime Video. And don’t forget about Amazon’s streaming devices, either— we’ll be keeping track of Prime Day Fire TV Stick deals, too.

Happy Prime Day, Amazon Fans!

Prime Day is just days away, and that’s a big deal: Amazon sold more than 175 million items in last year’s version of the event. We can’t wait to see what kind of deals Amazon is cooking up for its video products this time around. We saw some incredible deals last time, so we’re expecting big things. You should, too, and you should track all of these deals by simply bookmarking this page. You won’t have to worry about a thing, because we’ll be doing all the legwork and adding every deal to our list. Just refresh the page once in a while to check in on the deals — but don’t blink, because the deals will be coming and going fast on Prime Day!

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