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DIRECTV Stream is a live TV streaming service, which means it competes directly with cable and satellite services. With DIRECTV Stream (formerly known as AT&T TV), cord-cutters don’t have to give up live TV. But will you still save money cutting the cord when you sign up for DIRECTV Stream? To answer that, we need to know how much DIRECTV Stream costs per month.

DIRECTV Stream Price: How Much Is DIRECTV Stream Per Month?

DIRECTV Stream costs $69.99 per month for the Entertainment package — the cheapest bundle. Prices get higher with other DIRECTV Stream subscription plans, and add-ons such as HBO Max can raise the price even more.

Which DIRECTV Stream subscription plan should you choose? It’s worth taking a closer look at each plan. For details on what we like best about the bundles, check out our DIRECTV Stream review.

DIRECTV Stream Plans and Subscription Packages

DIRECTV Stream offers four basic plans: Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier. Each package is bigger than the last, with more channels and a higher price.

Plan Features Price
DIRECTV Stream Entertainment Package
  • 65+ channels
  • 40,000+ on-demand titles
$69.99 per month
DIRECTV Stream Choice Package
  • 90+ channels
  • 45,000+ on-demand titles
$84.99 per month
DIRECTV Stream Ultimate Package
  • 130+ channels
  • 55,000+ on-demand titles
$94.99 per month
DIRECTV Stream Premier Package
  • 140+ channels
  • 65,000 on-demand titles
  • HBO Max, Showtime, Starz, and Epix included at no extra cost
$139.99 per month

You can also add the DIRECTV Stream device to your plan for $5 a month for the first 24 months (or $120 up front), but it isn’t necessary. DIRECTV Stream also works on devices such as Roku and Fire TV.

DIRECTV Stream Free Trial and Deals

DIRECTV Stream does not currently offer a free trial. Although there may not be a DIRECTV Stream free trial, DIRECTV Stream does offer some discounts and deals from time to time.

One unusual option with DIRECTV Stream is the bundle: You can combine DIRECTV Stream with AT&T Internet service. This sort of offer used to be reserved for cable and satellite customers, and it’s still rare to see an ISP bundling situation like this in streaming. The reason it works here is that DIRECTV is owned by AT&T. (In fact, DIRECTV Stream used to go by the name AT&T TV.) Bundling is strictly optional, of course. You can still get DIRECTV Stream if you don’t have AT&T Internet. If you do have AT&T Internet, then DIRECTV Stream could be a very affordable option.

DIRECTV Stream Contracts

You do not need to sign a contract to get DIRECTV Stream. You can sign up for the service, pay by the month, and cancel at any time. Unlike most cable and satellite providers, DIRECTV Stream offers very fair pricing on contract-free plans.

If you want a contract, though, you may get a better deal by signing one, but this situation would likely come up only with a discount deal of some sort. We recommend hopping on the phone with DIRECTV Stream to make sure you’re saving money before you lock in anything long-term.

What Is DIRECTV Stream? How Does DIRECTV Stream Work?

DIRECTV Stream is a live TV streaming service. The idea is that DIRECTV Stream is a cable alternative — instead of signing up for cable or satellite TV, you can get DIRECTV Stream.

Why would you choose DIRECTV Stream over cable or satellite? For starters, it offers the same basic features. Just like cable, DIRECTV Stream comes with live network TV channels, including local channels, sports channels, news channels, and all the rest of your favorites. You can channel surf, record things on DVR, and do all the other good stuff you can do with cable. Just as with cable, the channels are bundled together and sold in big chunks.

Streaming services such as DIRECTV Stream have a few advantages over cable. Since they stream online, you can watch them on all sorts of connected devices — including mobile devices. You won’t have to worry about a cable box (or any pesky cable box fees), and you’ll be able to watch DIRECTV Stream on all your smart TVs and streaming devices. Since there are no contracts, you can call it quits at any time.

You may have heard of this service under one of its former names. DIRECTV Stream was originally called DIRECTV NOW, and it later rebranded twice under parent company AT&T — first as AT&T TV NOW and then as just AT&T TV. Through it all, the basic idea has remained the same: DIRECTV Stream offers a bundle of live TV channels streaming online. It competes with other live TV streaming services, such as Sling TV. DIRECTV Stream's competition doesn't vary too wildly — YouTube TV's prices are similar to DIRECTV Stream's, for example, and Hulu's channel list includes many of the same networks as DIRECTV Stream's does — but there are some important differences, which is why we review all of the options to rate them and rank the best streaming services.

DIRECTV Stream Channels: What to Watch on DIRECTV Stream

DIRECTV Stream has a very impressive channel lineup. Live TV streaming services like this are sometimes called “skinny bundles” because they tend to have leaner channel bundles than cable and satellite services. That nickname definitely does not apply to DIRECTV Stream’s channel list though. Only the smallest DIRECTV Stream bundle feels particularly skinny, and even then you’re getting more than 65 networks.

All of DIRECTV Stream’s subscription plans offer popular networks such as ESPN and USA Network, but certain types of networks are reserved for higher-priced tiers. You’ll have to get the Choice package or better to get regional sports networks such as NESN, MSG, or Bally Sports South. Premium networks such as HBO Max cost extra unless you opt for the Premier package, which includes them by default.

DIRECTV Stream's extensive channel selection includes some hard-to-find networks. For example. DIRECTV Stream is one of your few good options for watching RFD-TV without cable.

For more on which networks are available, check out our DIRECTV Stream channel list.

DIRECTV Stream isn't just about watching channels like Comedy Central, FS1, and Cartoon Network/Adult Swim without cable. DIRECTV Stream also offers on-demand content, including hit movies and popular TV shows.

DIRECTV Stream Local Channels

All of DIRECTV Stream’s subscription options offer the four major networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC), including — in most markets — their local feeds. That means you can use DIRECTV Stream to watch local channels without cable.

DIRECTV Stream Premium Channels

You can get HBO Max and other premium networks with DIRECTV Stream. You can add these networks to whatever plan you choose, or you can just grab the Premier package and have them included at no extra charge.

Premium Channel DIRECTV Stream
Entertainment Package
DIRECTV Stream Choice
and Ultimate Packages
Premier Package
HBO Max $14.99 per month Three months free, then $14.99 per month Included
Showtime $10.99 per month Three months free, then $10.99 per month Included
Starz $10.99 per month Three months free, then $10.99 per month Included
Cinemax $10.99 per month Three months free, then $10.99 per month Included
Epix $5.99 per month Three months free, then $5.99 per month Included

DIRECTV Stream On-Demand Content

Like many live TV services, DIRECTV Stream also includes on-demand content you can watch on your own schedule. The huge selection includes plenty of popular movies and previously aired episodes of top TV shows.

Are There Commercials on DIRECTV Stream?

DIRECTV Stream offers live TV, just like cable. Just as with cable, the live networks have commercial breaks with ads. That doesn’t change, but you can always turn to DIRECTV Stream’s ad-free on-demand content or use its cloud DVR feature to fast-forward through commercial breaks in recorded content.

DIRECTV Stream Devices: What Devices Does the DIRECTV Stream App Work On?

A big reason live TV streaming services such as DIRECTV Stream are so exciting is they don’t tie you to a cable box. You can use DIRECTV Stream on all sorts of smart TVs and streaming devices, not to mention smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Platform/Device Can I Get the DIRECTV Stream App?
Roku devices Yes
Fire TV devices (including Fire TV Stick) Yes
Chromecast devices Yes
Android TV (including Nvidia Shield TV) No
Apple TV devices Yes
Samsung Smart TVs Yes
iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) Yes
Android devices (Android smartphones and tablets) Yes
Web browser (desktop and laptop computers) Yes

Once you sign up for DIRECTV Stream, you can just download the DIRECTV Stream app on any compatible device and sign in. You can use the same account on multiple devices.

If you don’t have a device already, you may want to consider DIRECTV Stream’s own hardware. The DIRECTV Stream device uses a version of Android TV, so it will look familiar if you’re used to using an Nvidia Shield TV, a Sony smart TV, or one of the other devices that use Android TV. The DIRECTV Stream device has a voice remote and will run all your major streaming services, including Netflix and Hulu.

DIRECTV Stream Features

DIRECTV Stream offers more than just tons of live TV and on-demand content. You’ll find plenty of perks here, too, such as the impressive DVR feature and the ability to stream on multiple devices at the same time.

DIRECTV Stream Key Features

  • Cloud DVR
  • 1080p HD streaming
  • Home streaming device available


DIRECTV Stream’s cloud DVR can hold up to 500 hours of HD content, and you can record an unlimited number of shows at the same time. Since it’s a cloud DVR — meaning the recordings are stored securely online — you can watch your recordings anywhere, not just on the same device you used to record them.

DIRECTV Stream Accounts and Streaming Rules

DIRECTV Stream allows a lot of streaming on your home network. You can stream simultaneously on up to 20 devices, which is far more than DIRECTV Stream’s competition. If you’re on the go and not on your home network, then you’ll be limited to three simultaneous streams — a fairly typical restriction for this sort of service.

Since DIRECTV Stream offers local channels, your location matters. As with other live TV streaming services, you should expect to have location services enabled when you use DIRECTV Stream, and your access to some content may vary when you’re far from home.

DIRECTV Stream Specs and Streaming Quality

DIRECTV Stream includes HD channels. That may mean up to 1080p, but some channels top out at 720p. On-demand content also streams in HD, but it tops out at 1080p. There is no 4K content available on DIRECTV Stream.

How to Cancel DIRECTV Stream

Since DIRECTV Stream does not require long-term contracts, you can cancel at any time. The best way to do that is to call DIRECTV Stream’s customer service line.


How much does DIRECTV Stream cost?

DIRECTV Stream costs $69.99 per month for the cheapest of four packages. The most expensive package costs $139.99 per month.

Does DIRECTV Stream have contracts?

You can get DIRECTV Stream without a contract, but you can also get it with a contract by taking advantage of discount deals such as bundling the service with AT&T Internet.

Does DIRECTV Stream have a DVR?

Yes. DIRECTV Stream includes cloud DVR service.

What’s the difference between DIRECTV Stream and DIRECTV?

DIRECTV is a satellite pay TV service. DIRECTV Stream is also a pay TV service, but it streams online.

I already have a DIRECTV streaming app. Is this service the same thing?

Some cable and satellite services offer streaming apps that act a little like DIRECTV Stream and its competitors. DIRECTV has an app like this, and it may be what you’re thinking of. These apps are nice perks, but they’re not as impressive as full-fledged live HD TV streaming.