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Paramount Plus, previously known as CBS All Access, has been given a new name and a new expanding library of content and exciting features. With so many other streaming services around, it might be difficult to figure out if you really need Paramount Plus in your life. That’s where a free trial subscription comes in handy. Keep reading and we’ll tell you if there’s a free trial option for Paramount Plus.

Does Paramount Plus Have a Free Trial?

Yes, Paramount Plus offers a free trial for new subscribers. It’s a commitment-free way to check out the content and decide if you’re comfortable paying for it. It also allows you the opportunity to test out a wide range of services and features.

How long Is the Paramount Plus Free Trial?

All new subscribers are offered a free one-month trial for a limited time. The offer ends on March 31.. Starting in April, the free trial will last for just one week. You can use the coupon code “MOUNTAIN” for a discount. In order to sign up, just head to Paramount Plus’ website or use other supported devices.

Does Paramount Plus Bill You Automatically After the Free Trial?

Yes, if you don’t cancel by the last day of your free-trial period, your account will automatically be charged with whatever subscription rate you chose. Like the vast majority of streaming services these days, Paramount Plus expects you to opt-out if you’re not enjoying the service. You give them your payment information when you sign up for your trial, and they’ll charge you if you don’t cancel. They’ll keep charging you until you tell them to stop. If you don’t have a credit card, Paramount Plus will also accept PayPal.

The good news is that Paramount Plus tells you the exact date that your card or PayPal account will get charged. If you don’t want the service after your free trial, simply cancel before your days of gloriously free content are done.

What does Paramount Plus Cost After the Free Trial?

How much Paramount Plus costs after your trial expires depends on which plan you pick when you sign up for the free trial.

Paramount Plus offers different rates and lets you choose between monthly or annual payment options, with the annual saving you over 15 percent off the monthly price. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind limited commercials, you have the choice of $5.99 per month or $59.99 annually. If, on the other hand, watching content uninterrupted is important to you, you can pick the option of $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually for commercial-free access.

Keep in mind that Paramount Plus will discontinue the $5.99 limited commercials option and introduce a new $4.99 per month plan that will not have access to the live CBS station. If you sign up then, you will only be able to choose between the new $4.99 per month plan that excludes the live CBS station, or the existing commercial free plan. This change will not affect those who sign up prior.

Do I Have to Sign a Contract With Paramount Plus?

No, there is no contract to sign with Paramount Plus. You are free to cancel anytime you want, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a refund. Instead, you’ll have access to Paramount Plus through the end of your current billing cycle. If you’re on a monthly billing cycle, that means you’ll have it until the end of that month. If you’re on the annual plan, you’ll have it until the end of your 12-month term.

How Do I Cancel Paramount Plus?

Cancelling the service is already pretty easy, and we’ve made it even easier with our guide on how to cancel Paramount Plus.

Can I Get a Free Trial as a CBS All Access Subscriber?

If you're already a CBS All Access subscriber, you might be wondering what this transition to Paramount Plus means for your account. Whether you're on the CBS All Access $10-a-month ad-free tier, or the $6-a-month tier with ads, all you have to do is sign in at with your CBS All Access credentials where you will find that your membership has transferred over to the new service. Your CBS All Access apps will automatically update to Paramount Plus, and you will have access to stream everything on Paramount Plus.

What Else Should I Know About Paramount Plus?

Out of all the services on the market, Paramount Plus might not be at the top of your list, but there’re a few things to consider. Paramount Plus is without a doubt going to stream things you will be interested in seeing. On March 7, they streamed the now infamous Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, which garnered 17.1 million viewers and gave Paramount Plus an incredibly successful first weekend — a pretty impressive feat for live TV. They also streamed The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards where Beyoncé made history for having the most Grammy wins ever by a female artist. Paramount Plus will also give you access to must-see summer blockbusters like “A Quiet Place II” and “Mission Impossible 7,” making it worthy of at least a free-trial run.

Still not ready to sign up for a Paramount Plus free trial? We’ve got more information to help you make up your mind in our most recent Paramount Plus review.