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On-demand and live content from ViacomCBS
7.6 / 10  Review Rating

Farewell, CBS All Access, and welcome, Paramount Plus! The service formerly known as CBS All Access has re-launched under the Paramount Plus name, and the changes here are much more than just brand-deep. To find out what's new — and to determine if Paramount Plus is truly bigger and better than the old CBS All Access — read our all-new Paramount Plus review.
In testing Paramount Plus, I found it to be a sneaky good service with a few flaws. Paramount Plus lacks the name recognition and splashy debut that made Disney Plus an instant hit, but it has a nice blend of live TV and on-demand content that will appeal to fans of CBS shows and Paramount films. The lack of a few quality-of-life features hurt Paramount Plus's score, but don't let that deter you if you're a fan of what ViacomCBS has to offer. It's the content that makes or breaks this service. While CBS All Access was great for CBS super-fans and not worth much to anyone else, Paramount Plus is built on expanded content offerings that make it more interesting than its forerunner.

Paramount Plus Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Live TV options, including a live feed of your local CBS station (in most markets)
  • A beefed-up on-demand catalog that includes Viacom properties like Nickelodeon and MTV
  • Recently aired content available — no need to wait until the season ends
  • Early looks at Paramount movies that are still in theaters
  • Missing some basic quality-of-life features, most notably watchlists
  • Theatrical releases come along 45 days later (rather than right away)
  • Lacks exciting original content
  • Don't expect to find every CBS or Viacom show, much less every Paramount movie

What You Can Watch on Paramount Plus

Using Paramount Plus, I was able to watch two general types of content: on-demand content and live TV. On-demand content makes up the bulk of what you can watch on this service, but I felt like the live TV element — limited though it was — really added to the experience.

First, the on-demand content: Paramount Plus is run by ViacomCBS (the parent company of Paramount Pictures), so I wasn't surprised to find that the service's content library was chock full of CBS and Viacom content. ViacomCBS owns a lot of media, so the library is pretty impressive. Shows run the gamut from “NCIS” to “SpongeBob SquarePants,” and the film selection is similarly broad.

There's definitely an emphasis on shows that have already aired on networks that ViacomCBS owns. There are a few Paramount Plus original series that are exclusive to the platform, but even these tend to rely on existing ViacomCBS properties: the original series “The Real World Homecoming: New York,” for example, builds on MTV's long-running reality series “The Real World” by reuniting cast members from past seasons; “The Challenge: All-Stars” does something similar, bringing back MTV reality stars for another installment of a series that began on MTV. Then there's “SpongeBob” spin-off “Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years,” bonus-content program “60 Minutes Plus,” and several “Star Trek” shows, including “Star Trek: Discovery” and “Star Trek: Picard.”

There are a few interesting Paramount Plus originals — the “Star Trek” series, for example — that largely deliver on their promise, but it's always clear that Paramount Plus is built on the shows that ViacomCBS already has. Above all, this is a place to stream hits from CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, and other ViacomCBS channels.

The selection of on-demand movies is strong, but not overwhelming. There are some great films on this service, including “The Godfather,” but don’t expect a sprawling library the size of Netflix’s — this is much leaner, and is (as you might expect) confined to films from the ViacomCBS/Paramount family.

One nice thing about the movie selection is that it will include brand new films released to theaters. Paramount flicks will arrive on Paramount Plus 45 days after their theatrical debut, before they become available on other services (or on Blu-ray). That’s a nice perk, though Paramount Plus is being outdone here by HBO Max, which lets subscribers stream Warner Brothers movies the very same day that they’re released (Disney Plus has a same-day policy, too, but charges subscribers extra to stream each film).

Paramount Plus’ live TV on iOS.
Checking out Paramount Plus’ live TV on iOS.

On top of all of this on-demand content, Paramount Plus offers live TV content. Like its forerunner, CBS All Access, Paramount Plus will give you a livestream of your local CBS station (there are a few markets exempted from this feature, but Paramount Plus seems to have pretty good coverage).

Paramount Plus also comes loaded with live news content and sports content, including Europa League soccer matches. Paramount Plus would be a pretty good sports streaming service even without the extras, since plain old CBS already comes with NFL games and some great March Madness livestreams. With the extra live sports content, Paramount Plus really elevates its sports cred. This isn't a “sports streaming service” in the sense that ESPN Plus is, but I was impressed with the sports content I found. If you're a sports fan like me, I think you'll be pretty pleased.

Paramount Plus sports
If you like sports, you might like Paramount Plus.

How It Felt to Use Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus has some — though, somewhat surprisingly, not all — of the basic features you’d expect from a streaming service in 2021. You can create multiple user profiles, start watching content on one device and then finish on another, and mark viewing preferences in the form of a sort of “favorites” system. But while Paramount Plus will let you mark yourself as a fan of certain shows, it won’t let you queue up movies and TV shows into a “watchlist” in the way that most streaming services do. It’s a strange omission that also troubled us about CBS All Access. It’s not a deal breaker, but it is a mark against Paramount Plus.

Aside from little quality-of-life hiccups like the lack of a watchlist, Paramount Plus is pretty easy to use. Fans of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu know the drill by now, and Paramount Plus sticks pretty close to the tried-and-true formula: expect rows of movies and TV shows, with icons that look like the covers of Blu-ray cases. Content in each row will have something in common, which may be a genre but is just as likely to be an algorithmic selection “for you.” The latter doesn’t work quite as well here as it does in some larger libraries, in my opinion — with fewer titles, Paramount Plus just has less to go on than Netflix when it tries to guess my next favorite — but if you use this service for long enough, it’s sure to get to know your preferences.

Paramount Plus Browse
The “Browse” tab as seen in the Paramount Plus iOS app.

Paramount Plus’ app also lets you tab over from the home page to look at dedicated menus for things like “Live TV” (a simple vertical list of the few live TV options Paramount Plus offers), “Browse” (a screen that takes a tiled approach instead of the scrolling rows of the home page which I found less usable than the main page was), and “Search” (a tab that looks and works exactly as you’d expect). There’s nothing groundbreaking going on here, but I think you’d find that using Paramount Plus is stress-free and intuitive.

Paramount Plus Features and Streaming Quality

Paramount Plus has some 4K content available for premium subscribers, but the bulk of what you'll see will top out at 1080p. That's fairly standard for on-demand streaming, if not particularly spectacular.

More impressive is Paramount Plus' livestream quality. Most services top out at 720p for live TV streaming (and for good reason — when the content is live, that limits buffering and makes it harder to deliver a steady stream to begin with, a problem that only gets worse when you throw in the extra data you'd need for a higher quality stream).This is not the case with Paramount Plus, though: In many cases, it streams live content at up to 1080p and refreshes the screen at a rate of 60 fps (frames per second), which is a remarkable accomplishment for live TV. Not every CBS station gets this treatment — you'll have better luck if your local CBS station is wholly owned by ViacomCBS (some stations are owned by other companies and cut a deal with CBS to become an “affiliate”). Every station seems to at least reach the 720p industry standard for live streaming, though.

Due to buffering, you should expect all of the livestreams to operate on a delay. I didn't find this to be a big problem, though I did sometimes have to tell friends to stop texting me about a basketball or soccer game to avoid spoilers. (This sort of streaming delay, by the way, is an issue you'll find on every single live TV streaming service. All of these services have to build in a delay so that they can do the buffering that's necessary to keep your stream reliable.) In my tests, Paramount Plus' delay was typically about 45 seconds relative to my antenna feed. The longest delay I recorded in my trials was over a minute.

I tested Paramount Plus on a wired connection, a Wi-Fi connection, and a wireless network connection. I had no problems whatsoever streaming live or on-demand content over any connection type. Loading times were quick, streams were uninterrupted and in consistently high quality, and the only noticeable thing was the aforementioned live TV delay.

Paramount Plus Platform Support

Paramount Plus is a new service in most ways, but it's also a new iteration on ViacomCBS’s prior streaming service, CBS All Access. That seems to have given Paramount Plus a jump start on platform support. Right from launch day, Paramount Plus supported every major platform, including Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android, and web browsers.

For this review, I tested Paramount Plus on Roku, Fire TV, iOS, and Mac. I found the experience to be very consistent across the board. The Roku and Fire TV apps used the familiar rows of TV show and movie “covers” or title cards to organize content, and the mobile apps do a good job of translating that same sort of interface to smaller screens.

Paramount Plus web app
The Paramount Plus web app.

Paramount Plus Value

There are two types of subscriptions available through Paramount Plus: “limited commercials” and “commercial-free.” As you'd probably guess, the big difference here is that one of these has more commercials than the other — though the differences are slightly more complicated than that.

The premium “commercial-free” version of Paramount Plus has no commercials in the on-demand content. It will still, however, have commercials in the live TV content. This makes sense, to a degree: your local CBS station has commercial breaks, and there's no way for Paramount Plus to get around that. Still, it might have been nice to have a “Be right back” screen up during that break instead of the commercials, considering the extra cash spent on the supposedly commercial-free plan.

Another difference between the two plans is the ability to download content for off-line viewing. That's a privilege reserved for the pricier “commercial-free” tier. Also reserved for top-tier subscribers is the 4K content; with a regular subscription, your streams will top out at 1080p.

On either subscription plan, Paramount Plus’ pricing makes it a fairly affordable streaming service. Most streaming services we review fall either in the $5-$8 range (Hulu, Disney Plus) or the $13-$17 range (Netflix, HBO Max), and Paramount sits comfortably in the former. That's for the best, because this streaming service feels a bit “supplemental” to me — it's hard to imagine using Paramount Plus exclusively, but it's easy to imagine adding it to my other subscriptions and enjoying what it has to offer. Because the price is right, Paramount Plus offers some solid value as a role player in your streaming subscription lineup.

Paramount Plus Review: Our Verdict

Paramount Plus' forerunner, CBS All Access, was a tough service to evaluate. It was clearly designed to be supplemental to larger, pricier services like Netflix. But it was so locked into CBS content that, even at its affordable price, our CBS All Access review concluded that the service was “for CBS super-fans only.” With Paramount Plus, ViacomCBS took another crack at creating a service worth a few bucks a month — and, this time around, they've succeeded.

Like its predecessor, Paramount Plus is definitely not a one-stop shop for streaming. But it's not really trying to be, and — more importantly — it's not priced that way. For six bucks a month, this service will give you a nice selection of TV shows, movies, live TV, and sports. Paramount Plus is no superstar, but it can be a valuable part of your streaming starting lineup.

Paramount Plus will hold some extra appeal to folks who like European soccer, since it offers live matches from both Europa League and Europe's Champions League. This service is also a slam dunk for anyone who lives out of antenna range of their nearest CBS station. If you can't already use your antenna to get CBS free and watch NFL games, CBS dramas, March Madness, and more, then you've got a great alternative route to all of those things in the form of Paramount Plus.

There will be folks who won't find Paramount Plus to be worth it, and that's fine. If you already get CBS for free over the air — or as part of a live TV multichannel service like Hulu + Live TV — then that will limit the upside to Paramount Plus. And if you're not a fan of CBS, Nickelodeon, MTV, or Comedy Central, then you won't find much to love here. For the rest of us, though, Paramount Plus is a solid streaming option at a great price.

75 thoughts on “Paramount Plus Review

  1. Patricia says:

    I love CBS All Access. I have a digital antenna to watch TV and use CBS All Access all the time, especially when grandchildren want something. I can watch my show when they sleep. Cheaper than cable.

    1. Anonymous says:

      That’s wonderful, as long as you are not running windows 7. Then you get nothing.

  2. Mark Matthews says:

    I have a problem with the strategy/premise of this service, and to me, it looks like CBS is pretty greedy. I don’t have a problem, per se, with CBS offering an upgraded pay service like this (although 5.99 a month seems steep like the author states). But there also should be another baseline FREE CBS streaming channel for everyone paying for CBS already through their cable provider!

    For example, on my Roku, I have the NBC, ABC, Fox, and CW channels – all of them are free. Where is the CBS version of these channels?!

    They call it greed.

    1. JR says:

      Not very smooth. Loading issues, commercial freezes. Reboot.
      I wish the advertisers new how this device constantly has problems.

      1. Rhonda Mattson says:

        I agree. It is so painful to use commercial free and have it freeze. We exit out and, if lucky, we get resume button, select it and can get back in where we were. Usually it has watch button which means we have to manually find where we were.

        1. GREG says:

          Constantly get stuck on “Loading” on commercials only. Show work just fine. Can wait 3 to 5 minutes for commercials to load.

        2. Renee says:

          I hate how some series have all seasons but others don’t. Like Ncis, Ncis New Orleans has all the season but Ncis Los Angeles does not. Swat doesnt have all season. The reason I bought cbs all access was hoping to watch all these seasons from beginning to end. I will be canceling and not recommending this to anyone.

      2. Michael F Stewart says:

        I had cbs all access before and had free access to all programming. Now several of the shows require extra payment which is especially disturbing since I can record them off youtube tv. It s little deceptive to call this all access.

      3. Sharon Stone says:

        I continually have the same issues

      4. Deb says:


    2. Jeff says:

      CBS does offer free streaming of recent network shows. But it doesn’t work and they don’t care. A service ticket entered 10 days ago has not been acknowledged. I phone call resulted in an agent putting me on hold for 5 minutes and then telling me it was fixed. But it was not. I use multiple streaming services, paid and unpaid and CBS is the only one that:

      Buffers every 15 to 30 seconds.
      Goes back to the beginning unexpectedly and when repositioned, plays every commercial from the beginning to that point – sometimes more than once.
      Changes quality as it plays.

      1. Julie says:

        Same with me. Used Roku, Firestick and now Fire Tv. Restarted put ticket in. They tell you to delete and reinstall app. I still have trouble. Sometimes tracking is off. It is frustrating, especially when everything else works fine.

      2. Anonymous says:

        They don’t steam to windows 7 anymore either.

        1. Logan says:

          You really shouldn’t be using Windows 7 anymore. Microsoft doesn’t support it, which means no security updates. I, personally loved 7. It was a sad day when I sent my old laptop to the recycling center (sans the hard drive). I did download the Windows 7 Classic Start Menu Emulator on my new laptop. I don’t want my computer to look like a bloody tablet.

    3. Kristi Knudson says:

      I totally agree with you. they seem to like to take out money out of my account that they have no right to take and when I asked them about it they don’t answer me. I wouldn’t recommend CBS all access to my worst enemy to tell you the truth!

    4. Myles says:

      They actually do a version you can sign im with your tv provider. However, you get nowhere near the content you get with a subscription.

    5. Anonymous says:

      And remember if you have windows 7 you don’t get access.

    6. Anonymous says:

      Totally agree. This crap should be free to cable subscribers like peacock. With practically no original content they basically are trying to make trekkies pay $6 a month. Stupid

    7. Robyn France says:

      Tried the 7 day pass and what an ordeal to get Paramount+ to wok. Tried repeatedly to download and got a non-working app which sent me over to CBS–saw the Tonys–cancelling in the morning. Definitely not worth the hassle.

  3. Jeff C says:

    I would be more drawn to this service if they included all episodes of their current shows instead of just the last 7 episodes. Being able to watch ‘Big Bang Theory’ from start to finish would make worth the $9.99.

  4. SickOf MediaIndustry says:

    The appeal of streaming service is a very large selection of content. CBS does not have enough content to be worth $10 a month, or even $5 a month. The same applies to Disney.

    I cut the cord several years ago when Comcast jacked the cable TV bill up from about $55 to $140+ a month, while utility dropped. Content providers think they are going do the same with streaming, but if that happens I will continue to increase content on my own server, and simply drop streaming services.

  5. Kmmk says:

    REALLY! YOU ARE LOW LOW LOW. Just found out that the new Star Trek series is on this streaming service ONLY. RIDICULOUS. Thanks for trying to lure trekkies to buy your streaming service. I am very UPSET by the creators of this new Star Trek series for limiting viewing to many people who love/like Star Trek. You are being GREEDY. And, you are making hard for newcomers to Star Trek to continue the legacy of Star Trek with a new show. I won’t pay for it and – thanks for making me miss out the new series. I mean I pay enough for my Comcast cable. You say that it is “only $5.99/mo.” But $5.99 here and there adds up to a lot. So the people that I am MOST upset with – because they are uncaring and greedy to make money without consideration to people’s feelings – are the CREATORS of this show for limiting its viewing ability and selecting CBS All Access to air it on. REALLY! So, I will say that if this show isn’t good enough for NBC or ABC or another top network found on regular cable (which I already pay for), then this new Star Trek show must not be as good. I will not be manipulated to sign up for CBS All ACCESS or any streaming service just to watch this new show that is a bait to pay. AGAIN, RIDICULOUS. I don’t need to watch this new “STAR TREK” SHOW to still be a big trekkie.

    1. Jeff says:

      Episode 1 was made available free on YouTube. You can preview to see if the series is worth it. I thought it might be but even the free CBS stream does not work for me and many others, so they can keep the rest.

      1. Jeffrey pilus says:

        It buffers constantly. Impossible to watch.

    2. Myles says:

      I thought Piccard was pretty good. Havent watched Discovery yet.

  6. cribber says:

    Signed up for this so I can get a few shows and sunday football. Got an email from CBS today saying there is double header on. I sign in and get paid advertising. I pay a monthly fee and still have the paid hour long commercials.

    The service is really not worth it unless you take advantage of the old shows. Even then there are loads of commercials to deal with.

    Seems like greed to me.

    Oh, and try to find a way to contact someone… takes a long time to filter through.

  7. Leona says:

    Does the CBS soap operas play on Roku (The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful)?

  8. Tina says:

    Does anyone know how to get the Fire Stick to show the right local channels for CBS All Access? Our is showing the wrong local channels.

  9. Terry says:

    We purchased the 1 year plan with the hope of watching NFL games broadcast by CBS and a few other programs. The network programs have worked just fine but the NFL broadcasts have not. Three weeks we had no access and several others the broadcast had a horrible picture to the extent that we were unable to watch. I don’t understand the problem but we contacted CBS customer service informed them of the problem and nothing has come of it.
    They are really bad at streaming NFL games.

  10. Kim Hudson says:

    I am so mad, and I feel lied to. I cut the cord several months back, and recently got CBS All Access to catch up before the new seasons start. If you want to see the finales of your favorite shows, you’d better co firm they are here. Most are not. CBS All Access isn’t all access at all!

  11. Gaye Earlywine says:

    I just cancelled CBS All Access after a one month trial. I found it difficult to navigate, but the worst thing is that many episodes are missing. As another person said, it isn’t All Access at all. If it were free, it would be acceptable, but to pay for it is ridiculous.

  12. Tom Williams says:

    Just found out most shows that are currently on only have current season and not past seasons. False or incomplete advertising. No refunds on already paid subscriptions if cancelling. Of course, My annual fee was just posted a week ago. I hate CBS.

  13. Brent says:

    I agree with the previous review (Kim Hudson). If you want to be the victim of a classic bait & switch, try CBS All Access. About six weeks ago, I paid for one year of commercial-free service. I was able to finish the first season of one of my favorite programs, Seal Team. I then watched about half of season 2. When I signed on last night, seasons one and two were gone, and only episode one of season 3 was available. I called their support number, who blamed the issue on licensing regulations. I understand licensing, but this is a CBS original. After talking to a manager, I was able to get a refund for 85% of my service, despite their “strict no-refund policy.” When I asked where I might find Seal Team, the customer-service manager told me to try Amazon Prime. I just signed up for a 30-day trial of Prime, and what do you know? There is “CBS All Access on Amazon” for $5.99+ per month. The crooks at CBS just re-sold our subscriptions to Amazon. Caveat emptor.

  14. robizmo says:

    …Without doubt, CBS All Access is the WORST app, crashing, failing, halting, on a daily basis. There is no problem with Netflix, Hulu, and all others. To add insult to injury: it costs over $75 per year. Quality of service is horrible: and the content is not much better, just to get the local Sinclair station…NOT WORTH IT IN THE LEAST. Absolute crap.

    1. C barry says:

      I second that. The app is crap and i can barely get through an episode of anything. What junk it is.

    2. godfather says:

      I agree with you 150%. It is the worst app ever. If I am lucky, I can get the app to play so that I can watch a few episodes of Survivor. What a shame! I wish they would learn from Amazon Prime, Netflix, or even NBC.

  15. Joanne says:

    Word of warning to all contemplating CBS All Access: I have had the $5.99/mon plan for almost a year. 3 months ago advertisements began to freeze during play. No problem with the shows, just the advertisements, and was so annoying, sometimes would take 10 minutes for them to become unfrozen. I dreaded so much I’d avoid CBS All Access at all costs. The Customer Service at CBS All Access was completely NONexistent…they forgot to practice the “Service” in CS! They could only suggest I reboot my modem which I did at least a dozen times; called and emailed repeatedly and NOTHING. Just a bunch of condescending moronic suggestions that went nowhere. It’s still not resolved and unless they do fix it, I will NOT renew. There are too many other streaming networks from which to choose. I suspect it’s their way to try to convince you to pay more for the higher priced advertisement free version! Really low!

  16. Christopher Real says:

    Certain holiday shows won’t air on Live Stream. Not a big issue but I would like to know when certain programs won’t air in my area.

  17. Shawn says:

    Even though CBS and Viacom have merged, don’t expect much from older CBS TV Productions, Paramount Pictures, MTV, Comedy Central, BET, or Nickelodeon library. I just don’t get how you merge a company, and then refuse to air ANY material that would be beneficial for your fan base. Oh that’s right, like everyone else who has reviewed the service (that isn’t picking out a coffin for themselves), it’s just plain old GREED!!!

  18. Eileen says:

    We added CBS All Access last month when Blue Bloods was taken off Netflix because we were half way through the series. It is terrible. If you try to get out and switch to another episode of Blue Bloods it freezes and you cannot get into it or into anything else — really disappointing. Definitely not worth 10.99 a month.

  19. Jack A. Money says:

    The App functioned poorly the first time I tried it. It has gotten better. They offered me an extra free month trial, but then charged me for it. Disappointed they did this.

    1. godfather says:

      They did the same to me. Bunch of losers.

  20. Mary Omadigan says:

    Terrible streaming very fuzzy pic and all other apps I use are perfect. CBS sux!
    Using Amazon fire stick with high speed internet. Don’t waste your money on this.

  21. Carlene Thusgaard says:

    I have been on the phone with CBS All Access so called technicians for hours since November. The same issues as others have noted. The programs stop and go to a different show, or I get an error message saying “try again”. It doesn’t work to start over or fast forward to where it stopped. They keep telling me that they will “escalate” the situation, but nothing happens. I’m going to drop it and try Amazon Prime. I’ve missed the past season of most of my favorite shows.

  22. Greg says:

    signed up for a free week to watch Picard. Very disappointed that it froze every minute or so, and then started up again. I also signed up for the commercial free package, and they showed a commercial when I logged in for the first time! I’ll give it one more chance, but after reading these reviews I am going to drop within the first week unless it works perfectly next time.

  23. Isaac Lang says:

    I just subscribed for 1 year, $99, and watched 2 episodes of Picard. I am very disappointed in the use of foul language, especially the F bombs, then when I tried to navigate to watch an episode of ST Voyager, nothing, they only offer you what THEY want you to watch. This is my shortest subscription in my internet history. In less than 2 hours I cancelled. FAKE TV!

  24. Lorraine S Jarvi says:

    We are being forced to sign in with that ultra-irritating, neanderthal TV keyboard every time we want to watch Picard, then put up with the ‘technical difficulties’ message and have to start over. When we finally get in to the program, the damn thing is momentarily pausing every 15 or 20 seconds, triggering the pause lines in the middle of the picture and interfering with the dialogue.

    Note to Picard: Offer your work through a credible provider, please!

    1. Ron charuk says:

      Signed up to watch The Good Fight season 4.Says it can be seen but nowhere found on the app.

  25. Mark says:

    This application sssauuuccckkksssss!!!!! The performance is garbage. Streaming is frequently interrupted ( except for commercials. They seem to have no problem there) and it will crash your systems. If you’re thinking about getting it, DON’T!!

  26. Scott Manspeaker says:

    Pros and cons. I discovered that CBS All Access has eliminated the “Continue Watching” feature for Roku devices. So every time you go back to a program you have watched you have to remember what episode you were on. They said it was a planned feature reduction. How crazy is that. Subscribing within Amazon fixes that problem but you don’t see all the CBS shows without a lot of work. I would not recommend using the CBS app directly. The support has been terrible.

  27. Jeff says:

    When it works it’s fine but half the time I try to watch it, the app won’t load. Other times I get no sound only video, it’s really a pain in my A$$ trying to use the app. I’m thinking about dropping it. Not worth my trouble.

  28. Jennifer says:

    Streaming quality is awful. Sometimes only audio loads, sometimes it freezes and sometimes it takes forever to load. Not worth the price unless you’re in the free trial period and even then, the aggravation may not be worth the time.

  29. HNEB48 says:

    This is the absolute worst streaming I have ever experienced. Constantly freezing and YES we have enough WiFi juice to manage this small amount. No other options have issues (Netflix, Hulu, etc.). Just CBS!

    I seriously only subscribe to watch The Good Fight. Shame on you CBS! You are charging people to watch a show ONLY you air and it takes two hours to watch one episode due to the constant freezing. Get it together! It’s 2020!

  30. WLTRPAYTON34 says:

    Well a couple of things. The shows are good, that is the plus side.
    The down side – There is some buffering issues but is not to bad.
    There are a lot of commercials for a paid streaming service.
    And when they start the 1-4 commercials most of the time it is in mid sentence.
    If you are going to put commercials in, they need to be in the scene breaks.
    You would think that a “Broadcasting Company” would know that.

  31. Jessica says:

    It lags every 5 second. No matter what you do.
    Reboot, re-download app, shut off device and restart, NO MATTER WHAT, IT NEVER STOPS LAGGING.
    It is so unbelievably annoying. I pay for the TEN DOLLAR A MONTH VERSION OF THIS APP, and still have to deal with constant, nonstop, never ending lagging to the point where I don’t even know what the hell characters in the show are saying because of the cutting in and out constantly. EVEN IF YOU DOWNLOAD A MOVIE OR SHOW TO “watch offline” IT STILL STALLS AND LAGS. This app is by far the most disappointing thing I have ever purchased in my entire life and I AM BEGGING YOU ALL TO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THIS APP. IT IS A WASTE. DON’T EVEN GO FOR THE FREE TRIAL, IT IS COMPLETE AND TOTAL GARBAGE.

  32. Eric says:

    Close down the streaming service and bring Star Trek and Good Fight to CBS broadcast channel.

    Science fiction works very well on TV, contrary to certain Les Moonves flunkies.

    Most Science fiction worked fine on TV, even Babylon 5.

  33. Ash says:

    Only reason I got CBS all access was for Big Brother Live Feeds… Uncut, Uncensored. well that’s total BS. The feeds used to be so worth it. Now if anything gets good, they cut it, censor it and just flat out block you from seeing what really is happening. Liars!

  34. Dee says:

    Only reason I got CBS all access was for Big Brother Live Feed. Total BS. After dark which was free was SO much better. You get more music then live feeds. This is a joke and they CHARGE us. NOT anymore. Big bye bye.

  35. yaz says:

    how do i stream champions league?? i paid for the monthly subscription

    1. Stephen Lovely says:

      If you’ve paid for CBS All Access, you should be all set! Just download the CBS All Access app on whatever device you want to stream on and tune in when the match starts.

  36. Patrick says:

    Immediate cuts, mid-sentence in programming with no transitions.

  37. Ray Mac says:

    Had to spend Thanksgiving alone without my family, girlfriend, and dog due to being in quarantine and the only remaining vestige from the happy holidays of old was going to be watching some Turkey Day football. Sadly, CBS All Access, despite me getting a subscription, refuses to show anything but the news despite showing NFL Football as Live TV on my SmartTV CBS All Access app and won’t load at all when I try to view it on my phone. I can only assume this is due to CBS All Access disliking all customers on a personal level and there desire to frustrate as many people as possible. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  38. James says:

    Worst streaming service of all time! Constantly buffering, painful to try to watch a show.

  39. Junior says:

    I think too many people complain I have spectrum internet and CBS all access on Roku and I’ve never had a problem no freezes no buffing it’s always worked perfectly fine for me… Secondly CBS can only show full seasons of shows that they own… And they can only show the season that’s being aired on the CBS network… Because they only own rights to the season that they’re airing….

  40. clayton says:

    Was unable to hear joe or troy. Taped fan noise too loud.

  41. LCC says:

    I discontinued CBS all access because that is false. Paying for an “ALL ACCESS” should just be that, you are able to watch everything that is posted. I find for example NCIS LA you can’t watch earlier seasons unless you pay for it. I thought I was with a monthly subscription. The subscription is expensive when your limited on what your able to watch. Disappointed…..

  42. Hawkeye says:

    Apple TV user here.

    How did CBS AA get 8/10 here?!? Hands down the worst app available.

    – some shows have wonky audio narration that can’t be turned off or turned off with difficulty
    – loading issues
    – transferring from commercials back to your program issues
    – not loading
    – freezing
    – you can hear audio but only see a spinning pinwheel issues

    This is without even digging into the dodgy user interface.

    CBS AA has a long way to go before it is ready to play as an adult in the field.

  43. RickJo says:

    Yeah, they kind of missed one here. If you have the commercial free as I do, they do give you their commercials at the beginning of their on demand content. I’m sorry, but putting in a spot for your own programming is still an ad – not a message!

    Also, if you would like to read the description of an episode like you can with virtually every other service, they make this difficult. As they do not have a “My List” as any reasonable service would, you have to hunt down the show, and then go to episodes – then you can get a description. If you find a new episode in “Continue Watching”, it just takes you to the episode – after you have to sit through their ad for a different program. One of the worst interfaces as streaming services go.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Paramount Plus is not worth signing up for as the screen freezes up after a period of time for no apparent reason. There definitely something wrong with the app. Another app tested showed no problem with the screen freezing or the screen going blank. Television is correctly connected to the internet and there is no issue with my internet service. Tried all instructions from Paramount Plus to no avail. Everything is working properly on my end. Since Paramount Plus refuses to recognize the problem with the app would not recommend signing up for it until the problem is fixed. Not at all satisfied with Paramount Plus

  45. Carmen says:

    Paramount Plus is not worth signing up for as the screen freezes up after a period of time for no apparent reason. There definitely something wrong with the app. Another app tested showed no problem with the screen freezing or the screen going blank. Television is correctly connected to the internet and there is no issue with my internet service. Tried all instructions from Paramount Plus to no avail. Everything is working properly on my end. Since Paramount Plus refuses to recognize the problem with the app would not recommend signing up for it until the problem is fixed. Not at all satisfied with Paramount Plus

  46. Lingo says:

    We’ve had this service for a couple of weeks. The only reason we purchased it was so my husband could watch a little NFL football. However, the buffering is so annoying its hardly worth the money.

  47. Jean says:

    WHAT A JOKE! I tried the “Contact Us” to get assistance and 1) I got cut off when I tried calling the phone number provided, 2) there isn’t an email provided where I can contact them, 3) the chat feature is a “chatbot” and automated, which only links me to other articles (which doesn’t apply to my need to contact them), 4) VERY disappointed with the available football games to stream live (we’re in a remote area with very limited “local” stations – the closest being over 200 miles away), 5) UPSET that I’m not even able to communicate with someone at Paramount+. It should be called Paramount MINUS, and 5) I paid $9.99 for the Premium package, tried cancelling my subscription 5 minutes after signing up, and I got an “error” on their site when I tried cancelling! Again, WHAT A JOKE!

  48. Fsgvsvsvbh says:

    This service is frustrating…… however, this site is garbage. How come they have a star rating system on google but this just allows comments?

  49. Ann says:

    I am not happy with paramont plus! I already have an account was switched over when cbs all access was changed, got a new roku tv and paramont plus won’t let me sign in on it .kept telling it was wrong email/password! I don’t want to oay for 2 accounts as it’s being used in the living room etc. What can you do about it?

  50. LT says:

    Anyone try this with a Samsung TV? It’s a joke. You cannot have an HDMI cable plugged in to your TV from your cable box, xbox, or any device that has their app on it, that’s not allowed. Went thru Amazon Prime to try it there, went to Hopper and brought up Amazon Prime there, connect not allowed. You can keep the POS.

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