How to Get Local Channels on Fire TV

How to Get Local Channels on Fire TV

Amazon’s Fire TV is one of the best streaming boxes on the market. It’s perfect for use with Netflix and other streaming video on demand (SVOD) services, but that’s not all that it can do. It’s also a great tool for watching live TV, including local TV. Thanks to an increasing number of skinny bundle options, several ways to use over-the-air antennas with the Fire TV, and a few stand-alone apps, it has never been easier to watch local news, local sports, and other local programming on the Amazon Fire TV. In the guide below, we’ll show you everything you need to know about how to get local channels on Fire TV devices.

How to Get Local Channels on Fire TV

The major reason that we can now watch local TV on streaming boxes like the Fire TV is the increasing numbers and capabilities of skinny bundles. Skinny bundles are pay TV services that, in some ways, are a lot like cable or satellite: they bundle channels together and offer live feeds of familiar networks like AMC and ESPN. But they’re still cord cutting solutions, because they don’t use traditional methods to deliver their content. The live feeds a skinny bundle offers come in over the internet (“over the top” or “OTT,” in industry lingo), which means that you can watch them anywhere that you can get internet. With no regional monopolies and infrastructure concerns around to inflate prices, and with channel packages available in appropriately “skinny” sizes, it’s easy to get a skinny bundle for as little as $40, $30, or even $20/month. And since many skinny bundles now offer live feeds of local networks, they can be used to watch local TV on your Fire TV. We’ll list your skinny bundle options below, and we’ll also cover other non-skinny bundle methods for watching local channels on Fire TV.

Hulu with Live TV

Get local channels on Fire TV: Hulu with Live TV

Streaming video on demand (SVOD) service Hulu also offers a skinny bundle service, and it is available on the Fire TV. And since Hulu’s skinny bundle has live local feeds of major networks, that means it’s yet another way to get local TV on Fire TV. You can sign up for Hulu with Live TV’s free trial via the link below, and you can read our review of the relatively new skinny bundle here. As always, of course, availability varies by region. Hulu with Live TV costs $40 per month once the free trial ends.

Try Hulu with Live TV for free

Sling TV

Get local channels on Fire TV: Sling TV

Sling TV is a bit unique among skinny bundles in that it offers channel packages in a kind of à la carte format. After choosing one of the base packages, you can select small “add-on” packages to build out a custom bundle that suits your specific interests. The idea is to keep you from paying for too many channels you don’t want. Sling TV offers live local feeds (in select markets, of course) of NBC and Fox in their Sling Blue base package ($25/month). Read our review of Sling TV here.

Try Sling TV for free


How to watch local TV on Fire TV - fuboTV

fuboTV has always been a skinny bundle, but it didn’t always boast a whole lot of mainstream channels – much less local feeds of local networks. But after a stint as a soccer-focused skinny bundle, fuboTV broadened its mission to include all kinds of other channels. And while they still talk a big game (pun intended) about being the best choice for sports fans, they’re also a decent choice for fans of drama, comedy, news, and, yes, local programming. In select markets, fuboTV offers CBS, Fox, and NBC. Oh, and about those sports: they have regional sports networks and local sports, too. Check out what’s available in your region by giving fuboTV’s free trial a shot. And if you want our opinion, you can read our review of fuboTV here. fuboTV costs $44.99 per month (“fubo”) or $49.99 per month (the larger “fubo Extra” bundle), and offers discounts for your first month as well as that free trial.

Try fuboTV for free

PlayStation Vue

Get local channels on Fire TV: PlayStation Vue

Don’t be put off by the name: Sony’s PlayStation Vue isn’t just for gamers. It’s a regular old skinny bundle with support for all sorts of platforms, not just the PlayStation 4. Like many other skinny bundles, PlayStation Vue includes live major network feeds in select markets. You can check online to see if you’re included, or you can just sign up for PlayStation Vue’s week-long free trial using the link below. You might as well check it out for yourself and see if you like it. As for our own opinion, you can read our review of PlayStation Vue here. PlayStation Vue’s cheapest bundle costs $44.99 after the expiration of your free trial.

Try PlayStation Vue for free

DirecTV Now

Get local channels on Fire TV: DirecTV Now

AT&T’s skinny bundle, DirecTV Now, offers regional feeds of all four major networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC), though availability varies by region. You can do some research to find out if you’re covered, or you can take the easy way out and just sign up for DirecTV Now’s free trial using the link below. Even if your area doesn’t get live local streams, you’ll at least enjoy a week of free TV. You can choose from several different packages, but the cheapest ($40/month) is all you’ll need for the local stuff. For more on DirecTV Now, check out our review of the service.

Try DirecTV Now for free

Over-the-Air Broadcasts

Get local channels on Fire TV: over-the-air broadcasts

There’s no way to attach an antenna directly to a Fire TV device, but you can still use an over-the-air antenna in conjunction with your Fire TV to watch live local channels. One way to do so is to set up a Plex media server on a computer and combine Plex’s live TV feature with an antenna and a PC TV tuner to transform OTA broadcasts into live streams that you can access through the Plex app on your Fire TV. Another option is to use an OTA DVR like Tablo with an antenna and the relevant app (Tablo TV, in this case). Either way, you’ll be able to watch free over-the-air TV through your Fire TV, making it easy to catch live local broadcasts from the major networks, PBS, and other channels.

Check out free over-the-air TVPlex, and Tablo


Get local channels on Fire TV: NewsON

As the name suggests, NewsON is all about the news. Local news, to be exact: NewsON locates your nearest station and starts playing live and on-demand video for you. You can change stations to choose your favorite local one (or, for that matter, a station far from your current location). The trick is that not all local news stations have signed on with NewsON, so it’s not necessarily going to have the news station that you most want to watch. Still, you might as well download it and see – you may end up with a convenient and free way to watch your local news on Fire TV. Yep, we said free. Check out our review of NewsON here.

Check out NewsON

CBS All Access

Get local channels on Fire TV: CBS All Access

CBS has a streaming service of its very own, and it offers live feeds of local CBS affiliates in certain markets. To find out if you’re in one of the lucky markets, just check out the FAQ section of CBS All Access’ website or sign up for the free trial through the link below. CBS All Access is, of course, limited to live and on-demand content from CBS alone, but it’s priced at a relatively affordable $5.99/month. Read our review of CBS All Access here.

Try CBS All Access for free

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17 Comments on "How to Get Local Channels on Fire TV"

  1. I’m old enough to have used a telephone with a crank to get the operator. This article went completely over my head. We have faulty reception on our local stations. They fuzz out when it’s windy… or if a microwave is on downstairs. We received an Amazon Fire TV Stick as a gift and the gift giver thought it would fix that problem. Just go to an app and then watch any of our local stations and forget about our outdoor antenna we put up in 1954 for our old Arvin TV. Is there something that I can plug into the fire stick?

    • Yes, just get an HD antenna from Amazon or your local tech store, it is priced around $20 for one that gets signals from local channels with their towers broadcasting within 35 miles. Also one for 50 miles $5 more. Pin it to a wall near a window by the TV and now you can see all your local channels as they are airing live (live as opposed to “on demand”, i.e., watch a show that played earlier).

    • Did you get it figured out? If not, give me a call or text and I’ll try to walk you through it.

  2. Vickie E Stempson | February 11, 2018 at 8:06 am | Reply

    I currently have AT&T for Wi-Fi, TV, and land line for about $200-225/mo. Outrageous for a fixed income. I live in Bakersfield so choices are limited. Would a Fire Stick or Roku Stick work for two of my TVs so I can get rid of two boxes? Or is there a better idea? I really only watch NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox. I am not techie but will look for someone to pay to install if need be. I can install the Fire Stick. No I do not have Amazon Prime. Help… please.

  3. Hi! Help!!! We just got rid of cable, not Wi-Fi. We bought 3 Fire Sticks, and we cannot figure out how to get local stations and the channels we want. We thought it would be be fairly easy. It’s not. ? Can anyone help us?!

  4. Evelyn Turner | March 10, 2018 at 9:14 pm | Reply

    Help! We got two Fire TV HD since we already have Amazon Prime. We chose Hulu as our provider. Cannot get local stations to run live except for sports and cable news shows. We also got one HD antenna. Will that help, or should we choose another provider?

  5. Using Amazon Prime you can download channels using the app selection from the menu.

  6. Tammy Zlatovich | April 3, 2018 at 9:17 pm | Reply

    I currently have DirecTV. I pay around $100 a month. I enjoy all the local channels, but they are further away than 50 miles. We like Hallmark’s channels, Lifetime’s channels, AMC, FX, History, ID, Freeform, and a few others. All I want to know how much monthly I would pay to have this. I have 4 TVs in my home, so how much after I bought the 4 Fire Sticks and an annual subscription to Amazon Prime? How much for the above channels that I want? Currently I do not have Wi-Fi. I have DirecTV, so my total is $100. I don’t care about Wi-Fi, so I’m just trying to determine if getting Wi-Fi and the Fire Stick alone with above channels will be cheaper.

  7. I’m on disability. I only make so much a month. My spectrum bill is about $133 a month. I understand it’s going up more. Tell me Fire Stick better for me.

    • Same here, Mike. I’m on disability, too, and have Spectrum. I’m thinking of getting an antenna for local channels and streaming everything else. I’ve got to get my cable bill down, too, and the cable boxes use so much power.

      • Hi folks! Order a HD antenna from Amazon. Read the reviews and buy one. That will cover your local TV needs.

        As for movies, etc., look at Hulu, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, Netflix and see which one best suits your needs. You can always get one, watch the heck out of it and rotate to another in a month or so.

  8. Folks, it looks like this article caused some confusion. Fire TV is NOT a solution to get local TV. It’s just a way to run the apps that can provide local TV, as listed above. Any of these “solutions” is something that can be set up without Fire TV using just about any other smart TV operating system (Roku, LG, Samsung, etc). Fire TV by itself won’t get you local TV.

    Local TV can possibly be available using one of the streaming services (YouTube Red, Sling TV, Vue, etc), but check if it’s supported in your area. Locations that have independent local affiliates for Fox, ABC, NBC, etc, aren’t typically supported by these products, so be sure to find out before ordering.

    For the over-the-air (OTA) solutions like Plex, you need an antenna, and you could just as easily hook the antenna right into your TV so long as it has a tuner in it (if not, you’d need an external HDTV tuner, which you can find on Amazon). The nice thing about a Plex setup is everything is then inside of Fire TV, Roku, etc, so you don’t need to ever change Inputs on your TV. If you have a bad signal, it might be worthwhile to look into local antenna installers. For a one-time fee, they’ll visit you, figure out which antenna you need for the local signals you want, and install it exactly where it needs to be. Might be a bit more money up-front but your TV watching experience will be a lot better later.

    Just some ideas and clarifications. Have fun and happy watching!

  9. I cut the cord with my cable provider and have had a Fire Stick before and did the jail break to get Kodi. I did know how to use the Fire Stick now and have Wi-Fi at home. I want to use the Sling Orange only but some of these articles make it sound awful. I live in a 3 story apartment, I have an antenna in the window and it brings in 16 channels. I understand what channels are free and some aren’t, but how is Netflix? I know very little about it. I want to get some local channels, Food Network, TBN, Hallmark and football channels.

  10. I just hooked up Fire TV, went to ABC, “Live TV”, fired it up and was able to watch local news – live in Philadelphia area – got Action News live – don’t even have no other package except out of the box Fire TV – I’m an Amazon Prime user.

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