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Disney+ is Disney's on-demand streaming service, and it's an absolute must-have for fans of Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars. But can you get Disney+ for free? As it happens, you can: There's a Disney+ free trial, and everything that you need to know about it is right here. Read on for every detail of the Disney+ free trial, including the length of the Disney+ free trial, when to cancel if you're going to, and whether or not a Disney+ free trial locks you into a long-term contract.

Does Disney+ have a free trial?

Like many of its streaming competitors, Disney+ offers a free trial. That's great news for anyone who wants to enjoy stuff like Star Wars and Marvel movies — as die-hard fans will already know, these franchises are heading home to Disney+ for the duration. While a few stragglers are still streaming on Netflix on legacy contracts, all of Disney's media properties will eventually stream solely on Disney+. There is also brand-new stuff to watch, like The Mandalorian.

How long is the Disney+ free trial?

Disney+ may be shaking up the streaming world, but they're keeping some standards unchanged. The seven-day free trial has long been a staple of the streaming marketplace, and Disney is fitting right in. The Disney+ free trial is seven days long — or one week, if you prefer.

Does the Disney+ free trial automatically renew?

It's probably safe to say that the Disney+ free trial doesn't exist out of the kindness of Disney's big, corporate heart. It exists to help Disney+ find new customers! To that end, the Disney+ free trial automatically transforms into a Disney+ subscription when the seven free days are up — provided that you don't cancel it first, of course. If you cancel your free trial, you won't ever be billed for Disney+. But if you don't, you'll get to keep enjoying Disney+ at the cost of a subscription fee.

What does Disney+ cost after the free trial?

When you first sign up for Disney+, you'll enjoy the free trial that we've been discussing. But, after that free trial is up, you'll be a paying Disney+ customer. Which begs the question: How much does Disney+ cost after the free trial is up?

Good news: Disney+ is quite affordable! Disney+ costs $6.99 per month.

The monthly subscription isn't your only option. You could also opt for an annual subscription, which will cost you $69.99 per year. That's pretty much the same thing as getting two months free on a monthly subscription, except that you will have to pay the annual fee up front (which, as we'll cover in the next section, has implications if you want to cancel before your year is up).

Disney also offers Disney+ as a part of a bundle of Disney-run streaming services. For $12.99 per month, you could get Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ together. That's three services for the same price as Netflix's most popular plan costs on its own.

Do I have to sign a contract with Disney+?

A big part of the reason to cut the cord is to get away from those awful cable and satellite contracts. But what about streaming services like Disney — do they have contracts of their own for you to worry about?

The answer is no, at least as far as Disney+ is concerned. Disney+ does not lock its viewers into a long-term contract.

There are some caveats to mention here, though. While you can cancel any subscription at any time, you won't get back money that you've already paid — instead, you'll just get to keep enjoying Disney+ for the rest of the covered pay period, after which your cancellation will be complete. On a monthly payment schedule, this isn't really a big deal: In the worst-case scenario, you'll go to cancel and realize that your next monthly payment went through yesterday, meaning that those seven bucks are gone and you have a month of Disney+ service ahead of you that you don't really need. With the annual plan, though, the cancellation policy is worth keeping in mind. An annual plan has you pay up-front for your year of Disney+, meaning that you'll be out $70 even if you decide after six months that you don't want to watch Disney+ anymore. Just like the monthly service, you'll be able to cancel at any time, enjoy Disney+ through the end of the current pay period, and never be charged again. But when the current pay period is a whole year and your prior charge was $70, this isn't a whole lot different than signing an annual contract.

How do I cancel a Disney+ subscription?

As we just discussed, you can cancel your Disney+ subscription at any time. But how do you do that?

It's pretty easy to do. Just log into your Disney+ account on Disney+'s website. Then, starting from the drop-down menu that you'll see when you hover over your account icon, navigate to Account > Billing Details > Cancel Subscription. You'll have to confirm your decision to cancel once, and then you'll be home free.

Where can I get a Disney+ free trial?

The best place to get a Disney+ free trial is right over on Disney's website. You'll find plenty of other links to the Disney+ free trial all over, including in guide to watching The MandalorianMonsters at Work, and the many other popular shows and movies on Disney+. Just sign up for the free trial and enjoy watching Disney+ for free. And if you have any questions, you know where to go: right back here!

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  1. Avatar jay says:

    Will Disney Plus include the old TV shows and movies such as Dr Syn Alias The Scarecrow, Texas John Slaughter? Thank You

    1. Avatar Stephen Lovely says:

      Hi Jay, thanks for reading! I don’t see those titles on Disney’s list of Disney+ streaming titles, unfortunately.

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